Betrayal, Bad Apple, California Crazy

Wednesday, November 30, 2022



Americans have gotten used to Washington politicians lying to them.  But even by Washington’s standards, the lie that prevailed in the Senate yesterday was a whopper. 


Forty-nine out of 50 Democrat senators and 12 out of 50 Republican senators voted “yes” on the misnamed “Respect for Marriage Act.” 


As soon as the legislation passed, Joe Biden issued a statement saying he was eager to “promptly and proudly sign it into law.”  I hope those 12 Republicans are happy they made Joe Biden’s day.


The proponents of the bill argued that they were merely trying to protect same-sex marriages, but same-sex marriage is under no threat.  Instead, the bill struck a dangerous blow against Americans’ fundamental right to religious liberty.


The senators knew exactly what they were doing.  There was a concerted effort by every leading conservative, pro-family, faith-based organization to either amend or stop this terrible legislation. 


Senators received a letter from more than 80 conservative and Christian organizations, including the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute, warning that this unnecessary legislation was putting religious liberty at grave risk. 


Moreover, there were votes on three amendments last night to safeguard religious liberty.  Sadly, all three amendments were defeated because virtually every Democrat voted against them.  (Here, here and here.)  And yet the 12 Republicans still voted for final passage of this dangerous law anyway!


The implications of last night’s vote go way beyond what happened on the Senate floor yesterday.  We knew that one political party was owned lock, stock and barrel by the gay rights movement on this issue. 


Not long ago, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama claimed they were against same-sex marriage.  They supported religious liberty legislation. 


But no Democrat could take those positions today and rise to prominence in their party.  Elected Democrats do not want to get on the wrong side of their own base.


Unfortunately, within the GOP there has always been and continues to be a “surrender caucus,” a minority of elected officials who pander to conservative voters back home during election years but who are embarrassed by us the rest of the time they are in Washington. 


I haven’t forgotten how we had to beat on George W. Bush’s White House to get him to resist same-sex marriage, even at a time when every state in the union was voting the right way and by wide margins.


I haven’t forgotten the games that Mitt Romney played, acting like he was on our side, but never actually doing anything to ensure our values prevailed.  We couldn’t even get Romney to defend Chick-fil-A from the radical left!


Sadly, we saw the “Surrender Caucus” in action once again last night.   As Christians prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ, the Son of God who defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman, 12 Republicans decided to play the role of Judas by betraying Christians.  Those 12 Republicans are:


Sen. Roy Blunt (MO)

Sen. Richard Burr (NC)

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (WV)

Sen. Susan Collins (ME)

Sen. Joni Ernst (IA)

Sen. Cynthia Loomis (WY)

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (AK)

Sen. Rob Portman (OH)

Sen. Mitt Romney (UT)

Sen. Dan Sullivan (AK)

Sen. Thom Tillis (NC)

Sen. Todd Young (IN)




Bad Apple


As the protests in China make headlines and focus the world’s attention on the evil of that oppressive communist regime, another evil is coming into focus.  Apple, an iconic American corporation, is cooperating with the Chinese Communist Party to silence dissent and to stifle free speech.


Under the direction of CEO Tim Cook, Apple is restricting its AirDrop feature in China.  It was one popular method for Chinese protesters to share information and spread the word about their resistance to Beijing’s brutality.  This was obviously done to help the Chinese Communist Party smash the current rebellion against its rule. 


In communist China, if the choice is Tim Cook’s profits or basic human rights for the Chinese people, Timmy picks his profits.  But it gets even worse.


As I noted in yesterday’s report, free speech is under attack in America.  Elon Musk took over Twitter for exactly that reason – to combat the intolerant left’s war on free speech. 


Apple suspended its advertising on Twitter, which is a significant part of its ad revenue.  Now Apple is threatening to knock Twitter out of its app store, which would be a deadly blow to Twitter.


So, whether it’s totalitarian forces in communist China trying to crush dissent or totalitarian forces in America trying to silence free speech, Tim Cook and Apple are firmly on the side of oppression.


If the current uprising in China continues and the tanks start rolling in circa 1989, I have a strong feeling that in his private moments, Tim Cook, along with many other American entities like the NBA, will be rooting for the tanks.


Mr. Cook is reportedly in Washington to meet with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and other top Republicans in Congress.  I expect them to forcefully confront Mr. Cook over his cozy relationship with Chinese communists and American advocates of censorship.


We must remain vigilant in the defense of our rights!




California Crazy


The headlines out of California continue to shock and disappoint.  The once “Golden State” is now making news for the early release of thousands of convicted sex offenders


I know you may be tempted to say, “So what, Gary!  It’s California.  That’s what happens when liberals dominate everything.”  I get it.


But I’m bringing it up because there’s a reason we’re dealing with gender insanity in the schools.  There’s a reason drag queen story hour is a thing at all.  There’s a reason a recent ad campaign featuring children has caused so much outrage.


America’s elites are rapidly moving toward the open promotion of sex between adults and children. 


Don’t tell me I’m nuts.  Everything Dr. James Dobson and I have predicted in the culture wars over the last thirty years has played out just as we warned.


Thirty years ago, people laughed at the idea of men “marrying” other men.  Now, Disney is pushing LGBTQ+ themes on children, and we’re fighting to keep boys out of girls’ bathrooms. 


We’re fighting over pronouns and whether men can get pregnant.  We’re fighting over the insane idea that children should be allowed to mutilate their bodies to “change” their gender!


The left’s insanity knows no bounds.  If society refuses to draw firm lines, the left will keep pushing and pushing and pushing.


We must fight back!




Texas v. Biden


Joe Biden’s open borders agenda was on trial in the Supreme Court yesterday.  The specific policy in question was the Biden Administration’s attempt to limit the deportation of illegal aliens through so-called “prosecutorial discretion.” 


The Biden Administration claims that it is trying to target limited resources toward removing the worst criminal offenders.  The result, however, is a de facto amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, many of whom have criminal records, who are effectively ignored by immigration authorities.

As Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton noted, the Biden Administration is fighting to keep some criminal illegal aliens in the country because it claims there are just too many to deport. 


Remember that the next time there is a major debate over amnesty or border security and someone on the left or in the corporate wing of the GOP tries to argue that there is no relationship between illegal immigration and crime.


Thankfully, Texas and Louisiana sued in federal court, arguing that the Biden Administration did not have the authority to essentially ignore the law by so severely limiting its enforcement.  The court’s conservative majority seemed to agree that the law did not permit such extreme flexibility. 


In fact, even Biden’s own appointee, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, had difficulty with some of the government’s arguments yesterday.  A final decision from the justices is expected in June.


Meanwhile, the incoming House majority must focus the nation’s attention on the growing border crisis.  Joe Biden’s open borders policies are the result of a deliberate refusal to enforce our immigration laws.  He is willfully violating his oath of office and the consequences are deadly.