Biden’s Afghanistan Travesty, Liberal New York City Bans Blacks

Friday, August 13, 2021

Biden’s Afghanistan Travesty


I am not for endless wars. Trump had an organized plan to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan while keeping the Taliban at bay by the use of sustained U.S. air power. Biden has completely botched it, and the Taliban does not fear him. 


The situation is degenerating so rapidly that Biden this morning, before leaving on vacation, ordered thousands of fresh troops to help evacuate embassy personnel and other Americans. Separately, Great Britain is sending 600 troops to support British nationals leaving the country.


Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Afghans are fleeing provincial capitals and headed to Kabul while the Afghan army appears to have collapsed in several provinces. That means the Taliban is capturing massive amounts of U.S. military equipment we gave to the Afghan military. 


Biden's mishandling of the crisis is being watched by our enemies in Iran and China. To add to the message of weakness Biden's failure is projecting, several sources are reporting that the administration is telling the Taliban that they better not attack our embassy or they won't get U.S. foreign aid. I bet that has them shaking in their boots. By the way, there is no scenario in which the Taliban should get U.S. aid. 


It is time for Pentagon officials to step up and tell oversight committees in Congress whether they warned Biden that he was botching the withdrawal. Too many young Americans gave their all in Afghanistan. There must be accountability.




Liberal New York City Bans Blacks?


One month from today, on September 13, under socialist leftist Mayor DeBlasio, young black New Yorkers will essentially be denied services across the city. That is the date New York City will implement its vaccine passport. Unless you can prove you have been vaccinated against COVID-19, you cannot work in or go to NYC restaurants, gyms, and theaters. Welcome to segregation


The New York Times confirmed yesterday that while 52% of young whites between the ages of 18 and 44 are vaccinated only 28% of young blacks have received the jab.


Of course, young black New Yorkers can avoid being “segregated” out of public accommodations by simply getting vaccinated. But there is strong cultural resistance to doing so. The liberals who run the State of New York and the city from the top to the bottom have failed to overcome that resistance. By the way, these same politicians were warning New Yorkers one year ago that the Trump vaccine couldn’t be trusted.


Amazingly, even though New York’s Democrat leaders have failed, they did not hesitate to further disadvantage and marginalize young black New Yorkers from the daily life of the city. Can you imagine the outcry there would be if a conservative governor or mayor of a major city implemented a similar program that so disadvantaged and punished young black Americans?




A Ray of Hope?


We are facing the potential disaster of getting both the $1.1 trillion infrastructure bill that passed the Senate and the $3.5 trillion socialist wish-list bill pending in the House rammed down our throats. We can recover from the $1.1 trillion bill. But the $3.5 trillion bill is a disastrous expansion of big government, higher debt and higher taxes. 


Up until this morning, 100 members of the Progressive Caucus in the House were in the driver’s seat. They have made it clear they won’t vote for the $1.1 trillion unless they get the $3.5 trillion, too. Pelosi agrees with them. 


But this morning, a much smaller but still potent group of nine “moderate” House Democrats sent Pelosi a letter warning her that they are unwilling to allow the $3.5 trillion proposal to move forward unless the $1.1 trillion passes the House and is signed into law by Biden first. With her narrow majority of six votes in the House, this threat has some teeth.


Of course, we know what is going to happen next. Pelosi will try to “buy off” some of those nine moderates. Biden will do his part to “take care of them.” Some of them may get appointed as ambassadors to some cushy country. But this latest “glitch” in the left’s plan to transform America buys us time. 


The National Chamber of Commerce, which supported the $1.1 trillion infrastructure legislation, has come out strongly against the $3.5 trillion socialist legislation. We are working with multiple conservative groups to prevent its passage.