Biden’s Document Scandal, Blue Anon Is Back, The Great Betrayal

Friday, January 13, 2023

Biden’s Document Scandal


Buried in all the news yesterday about more classified documents being discovered in Joe Biden’s garage was the admission that additional classified documents were also found in his home library


So, that’s a third location where Biden kept classified information from the Obama White House. There’s every reason to believe there is a fourth, fifth, sixth location and more.


If anyone is still confused by why half the country believes there are two systems of justice in America, let’s consider some facts.


  • Notice that all the searches for Biden’s documents so far have been conducted by Biden’s attorneys. This is even after Biden had possession of these documents for six years. 


  • Trump had disputed documents for about a year and a half. He was in regular negotiations with the National Archives. He had already turned over some documents, and he eagerly complied with FBI requests to better secure the documents. 


  • Yet even after these Biden disclosures, there’s been no FBI raid of any Biden office, much less his home. The FBI not only searched Mar-a-Lago, agents arrived at the break of dawn armed with automatic weapons as if they were raiding a criminal cartel.



  • Almost immediately, leakers in the FBI and the Justice Department released photographs of the Mar-a-Lago documents that they had spread all over the floor.  The intention was to embarrass Trump, making it look like he was really sloppy and careless with the documents. Biden even played up the photo in media interviews. But there are no photos of Biden’s documents strewn across the floor. 


  • There were endless leaks about what was allegedly in the Trump documents. Most of that turned out to be lies. But we’ve been told very little about Biden’s documents.


  • Then Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to investigate Donald Trump – even though he knew at that point that Joe Biden had done the exact same thing!


  • Of course, there’s the way Hillary Clinton was treated with kid gloves and eventually cleared by the FBI for her outrageous mishandling of classified information and deleting of 30,000 emails.


The double standard could not be more obvious. 


Blue Anon Is Back


Leftists and their media allies are always accusing conservatives of promoting conspiracy theories. In reality, we know the biggest conspiracy in modern years is the Russian collusion hoax that was promoted to great advantage by the left. 


But look at what’s happening right now.  


Joe Biden and his team are admitting that Biden kept classified documents in inappropriate places. Incredibly, those admissions are not stopping progressive politicians and left-wing commentators from claiming -- without evidence -- that somehow Trump or conservatives planted the documents.


They’re insane!




The Great Betrayal


A new study just confirmed what we already knew – Russian “meddling” had no impact on the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton lost fair and square. But the left lost its collective mind and spent four years engaged in a witch hunt. 


Even after Robert Mueller failed to find any evidence of Russian collusion, they still wouldn’t drop it.


At that time, Rep. Devin Nunes served as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. By virtue of his position, Nunes understood just how much of a fraud this was, and he was on to the FBI’s scam. 


He produced a report blasting the FBI for how it willingly allowed itself to be used to promote the Steele dossier and the fake Russian collusion conspiracy theory, and then further used this false information to get warrants in the FISA courts to spy on members of the Trump campaign and later the Trump Administration. 


The left couldn’t let the Nunes report gain traction, so it immediately attacked – with yet another false narrative. 


The neo-Marxists alleged that Devin Nunes was doing Putin’s work. He was undermining the FBI and our intelligence agencies, and he was promoting Russian disinformation.


Then left-wing politicians started leaning on Twitter, publicly claiming that the Nunes report was being circulated by Russian bots on social media in order to get it suppressed. Except there was no proof at all that Russian bots were involved.


Notice that everything the left did was to attack conservatives as unpatriotic for working with Russians to undermine our national security. That takes real chutzpah!


Well, thanks to Elon Musk, we now know that people at Twitter knew there were no Russian bots promoting the Nunes report. They knew they were being used by liberal trolls in Congress, but the leftists at Twitter were all in on the “get Trump” bandwagon, so they kept quiet.


And no one in the major media seems to care that liberal politicians lied to them and to the American people for years on end. You won’t hear about this latest revelation from the Big Media network news.


By the way, it was also revealed this week that Facebook was censoring “often true content” at the request of the Biden White House.


The bottom line is that the entire left-wing establishment – Big Government, Big Media and Big Tech – has been lying to us in order to advance its own radical agenda.


If we’re ever going to get America back on the right track, we must somehow convince more of our friends and family members about this great betrayal.




Speaking Of Betrayal. . .


Here’s the latest evidence of how the neo-Marxist left is betraying America: A majority (53%) of active duty military personnel believe our Armed Forces have become “too politicized,” and 68% say it is impacting their willingness to encourage their own children to join the military.


If you know anything about military recruiting, you’ll immediately understand just how serious this truly is. Military service is often generational. A recent survey found that, “Among new recruits, 30% have a parent in the military, and 70% report a family member in the armed forces.”


But radical woke agendas are threatening to deprive our military of its most reliable source of future recruits. Asked what issues were undermining their trust:


  • 80% of active duty personnel cited the unrestricted service of transgendered individuals.
  • 70% cited the lowering of physical standards due to “equity-based initiatives.”
  • 69% cited the growing emphasis on critical race theory.


It’s one thing for corporations to “go woke and go broke.” But America must not allow our military to “go woke and go broke.”




Other Headlines


  • The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to prevent the Biden Administration from selling oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to communist China.



  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is taking steps to ban communist Chinese interests from buying property in the Sunshine State. This action comes amid reports that Chinese interests are buying large amounts of farm land and property near U.S. military bases in other states.


  • The Idaho Supreme Court ruled there is no right to unnecessary elective abortions in the state’s constitution.



  • More states are moving to ban the communist Chinese-controlled social media app Tik Tok from government devices due to security concerns.