Biden’s Fascist Speech, Biden’s Crime Crisis, Remembering 9/11

Friday, September 9, 2022

Biden’s Fascist Speech


Hillary Clinton chimed in this week on Joe Biden’s remarks declaring “MAGA conservatives” threats to our freedom and “semi-fascists.” She said Biden’s comments were “strong and necessary.”


It’s no great surprise that the woman who labeled conservatives “deplorable and irredeemable” endorses Biden’s comments. Nor is it surprising that she offered her thoughts during an appearance on The View, that preeminent left-wing echo chamber.


But I’m revisiting Biden’s speech because it would be a terrible mistake to simply dismiss it as mere rhetoric. It is the continuation of a disturbing pattern of demonization from the intolerant Marxist left, and it signals a return to the left’s pattern of government abuse.


As I argued at the time, Lois Lerner didn’t need a memo from her IRS superiors to target conservative Tea Party groups. She took her marching orders directly from the top – from Barack Obama’s public comments attacking the alleged “extremism” of his Tea Party opponents.


Well, it’s happening again. We saw it when Biden’s Justice Department and FBI started targeting concerned parents at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.”


Since then, Biden has continued to deliver a steady message, loud and clear, to hundreds of thousands of government bureaucrats that they can “earn their spurs” by going after these “semi-fascists” who are standing in the way of his “fundamental transformation of America.”


Here’s the latest example. 


After Alabama banned transgender surgeries on children, the Biden Administration sued the state in federal court to block the law. But they’re not just arguing against the constitutionality of the law. They are also going after a conservative public policy group that lobbied on behalf of the law. 


This is yet another attempt by a hyper-politicized Justice Department to chill free speech and intimidate its political opponents, in this case concerned parents and citizens who are rightly trying to prevent the physical mutilation of children. The Justice Department should be aiding them, not fighting them!


My friends, it’s not just Biden’s words. Far worse, it’s also government actions.


While Joe Biden is ratcheting up his rhetoric of demonization and rails against phantom fascists, his political apparatchiks are engaging in tyrannical government oppression!   




Media Malfeasance


I’m not the only one deeply disturbed by the left’s efforts to silence debate. Journalist Glenn Greenwald – a self-described liberal – is sounding the alarm on what he calls a “regime of censorship.” 


This regime is the growing complex of Big Government, Big Media and Big Tech working together to smash any dissent and to regulate all information – just like the old Soviet Union and Pravda. 


Our Founding Fathers believed a free press was essential to the preservation of freedom by acting as an independent check against government abuses of power. But today, our left-wing media are enabling left-wing government abuses of power.


They lecture us endlessly about threats to democracy. But, because of their censorship and intolerance, it is now nearly impossible to question the official state opinion on the pandemic, the last election or the latest bizarre left-wing gender fad. 


It is an ongoing message to every American that no dissent will be allowed or you will be destroyed if you resist.


That’s Nazi Germany. That’s Soviet Russia. That’s communist China.


My friends, we must resist. We must fight back. We must reclaim our country!


Please stand with me as we fight for faith, family and freedom!




Biden’s Crime Crisis


There is a level of barbarism and brutality happening in the streets of America that will destroy the country if something isn’t done quickly to regain control of our cities. 


Yesterday in Georgia, two Cobb County sheriff’s deputies were killed in a vicious ambush. This is a growing phenomenon. It’s not the same thing as a criminal getting into a shoot-out with a cop. 


These are assassinations of police officers! Every elected official should condemn this violence every time it happens, especially law-and-order conservatives.


Memphis, Tennessee, has been terrorized this week by a shocking murder and a mass shooting. Both crimes were committed by serial thugs released early from prison. 


By the way, why wasn’t the Memphis shooting spree big national news? A major city was paralyzed. Schools were closed.  Seems “newsy” to me. And why doesn’t Big Media care about the 55 people shot in Chicago last weekend? 


Far too many Americans are living in fear, and women in particular are the victims.  They are being raped and murdered in record numbers because of the policies of the left. 


Are college educated women so ignorant that they will vote for more of the same just because they so desperately want “the right” to destroy preborn babies? (Well, maybe so. A shockingly large percentage of them evidently think men can get pregnant.)


Stores all over the country are closing down because of one reason. It’s not inflation. It’s crime – and specifically crime caused by left-wing policies. Just one more way the left is hurting the economy and ruining lives.


Meanwhile, Biden has appointed a new “Monkeypox Czar.” Monkeypox has killed exactly two people in the U.S. Not 20,000. Not 2,000. Not 200. Two. But we have a new czar for this scourge. 


Fentanyl, however, is killing hundreds of Americans every day, and the Biden Administration is AWOL. It won’t lift a finger to secure the border and stop the flow of deadly drugs pouring into our country.


How’s that for progressive priorities? 




Remembering 9/11


Sunday marks the 21st anniversary of the barbaric attacks on 9/11. Please take a moment to remember what happened on that day -- the heroic sacrifices that were made that day, and the heroic sacrifices made in the years that followed. 


Evil is real. There are evil people who mean to destroy our country and our way of life. This is nothing new. But like generations past, we must find the courage to defend our values and defeat that evil.


Meanwhile, as the world mourns the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the queen won my heart when, in the aftermath of the vicious 9/11 attacks, she broke with tradition and ordered the playing of our national anthem at Buckingham Palace. 


It was a testament to her character, her faith in Judeo-Christian values and her appreciation for the alliance of English-speaking people in the cause of freedom around the world.




Other Headlines


·     The mayor of Washington, D.C., has declared a state of emergency because Texas and Arizona have sent roughly 11,000 illegal aliens to her “sanctuary city.” Other liberal D.C. politicians are now complaining the nation’s capital has become “a border town.” 


·     A federal judge ordered Dr. Anthony Fauci and White House officials to produce records related to their efforts to coordinate the censorship of COVID news with Big Tech companies.


·     A federal court ruled that New York state could not force private, faith-based adoption agencies to place children with unmarried or same-sex couples. This is a victory for religious liberty.


·     The Virginia Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a special grand jury investigation into the Loudoun County School Board’s coverup of sexual assaults committed by a transgender student could continue. This is a big win for transparency and parental rights.


·     Recent changes at CNN have some on the left fearing the media outlet is “shifting right.” CNN executives insist they are simply pursuing “objective journalism.” Either way, that’s good news!


·     A liberal TikTok user went to a Trump rally expecting a fight.  He walked away with dozens of new friends.


·     Polling data indicates that in spite of his efforts to change the subject, most voters still see the 2022 elections as a referendum on Joe Biden. The data also suggest that conservative men, not liberal women, are the most enthusiastic voters.


Oberlin College has finally paid a $36 million judgment after the college falsely accused a local bakery of racism in 2016.