Biden Attacks America, Lying About Books, Erasing Our History

Monday, January 8, 2024

Biden Attacks America


Joe Biden kicked off his reelection campaign with a speech at Valley Forge Friday afternoon. The media have breathlessly reported that Biden launched a broadside at Donald Trump, mentioning the former president 44 times in his 30-minute speech. Biden’s tough tone reportedly came at the urging of Barack Obama.


But Biden’s speech was much more than just the typical campaign criticism of your leading opponent. It was an attack on America. It was an attack on the truth.


Joe Biden had nothing positive to bring to the American people regarding his accomplishments in office. All he’s got is division. So, he’s trying to convince voters that Trump is a dictator and a Nazi.


Biden said that Trump told the crowd on January 6th to go to Capitol Hill and “fight like hell.” No, that’s not what Trump said. In that moment, he was speaking about the bigger, metaphorical fight for our culture and our country.


To clear up any confusion, here’s what Trump said to the crowd about going to the Capitol: “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”


He was not inciting a riot or an “insurrection.” And no one has been charged with insurrection because there was no insurrection attempted or completed.


But Joe Biden intentionally left all of that out of his speech. Meanwhile, his allies are trying to cancel elections and ban candidates from the ballot, and he has the chutzpah to claim that Trump is a danger to our democracy!


Any country that did this to leading political opposition figures would be flagged by the U.S. government for being at risk of becoming an anti-democratic nation. I say that because I served on the commission that did it!




Lying About Books


In another part of his speech, Biden suggested that conservatives were trying to “bury history and ban books.” He’s lying. While I’ve addressed this before, it must be repeated that no one is trying to “ban books.”


Biden is smearing the reasonable efforts of parents to protect their children from overly sexualized material in school. That’s what he considers “book banning.” But no books are being banned.


Any adult can buy these books online or at any book store and give them to their child if they unwisely choose to do so. But parents do not want their children exposed to graphic books in schools, and taxpayers don’t want to be paying for pornography in our public schools and libraries.


By the way, even the authors of some of these objectionable books claim they aren’t intended for children. (Here and here.) So, why are left-wing librarians, teachers and politicians pushing them on our kids?




Erasing Our History


While Biden was attempting to claim the mantle of George Washington with his Valley Forge speech, his National Park Service was announcing that it is tearing down the statue of William Penn, the founder of the Pennsylvania colony, and replacing it with tributes to Native Americans.


So, we’ve gone from love of our Founding Fathers to now erasing our Founding Fathers. We’ve gone from leftists attacking statues in 2020 to the Biden administration officially using the power of the federal government in 2024 to erase our history.


William Penn was a devout man who believed in religious freedom. Today, he would be labeled a “MAGA extremist.” That’s why his statue is being torn down.


South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem had better keep a close watch on Mount Rushmore. Leftists have repeatedly called for its destruction, and Joe Biden’s administration has repeatedly denied Noem’s requests to host July 4th celebrations at the famous monument.


Why? Because they don’t want the American people to be reminded of the four heroes on Mount Rushmore and what they accomplished.


And when they can finally get away with it, they will replace July 4th with a new holiday on January 6th honoring those who serve in government.


Our holidays have never celebrated government. They have celebrated freedom and the men and women who fought to preserve our freedom.


Americans still love America. They just can’t stand our government, and every day our government gives them more reasons why that is the case.


ACTION ITEM: The National Park Service is accepting public comments on its plans to “rehabilitate” Philadelphia’s Welcome Park by tearing down William Penn’s statue. 


Click here to tell the National Park Service that you oppose the destruction of historic monuments and that you want the National Park Service to preserve the statue of William Penn.




The Supremes Step Up


News broke Friday evening that the Supreme Court will take up an appeal of the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision banning Donald Trump from the ballot.


As we have reported, virtually every court has rejected the absurd argument that Trump engaged in an insurrection against the government and is, therefore, ineligible to hold elected office under the 14th Amendment.


It’s absurd because no one, including the former president, has been charged, much less convicted, under the federal insurrection statutes -- because there was no insurrection.


Unfortunately, that didn’t stop four left-wing activists on the Colorado Supreme Court or the left-wing Secretary of State in Maine from undermining free elections in America.


Oral arguments before the Supreme Court are scheduled for February 8th. Hopefully, a decision putting an end to this nonsense will be issued quickly.




Where’s Lloyd Austin?


Have you ever played the game Where’s Waldo? It’s a game where a little man, Waldo, is hidden somewhere, and whoever finds him first wins the game. It’s funny, and there’s often lots of laughter.


What isn’t funny is when it’s not Where’s Waldo, but Where’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin? That’s the game we were all playing last week, even though none of us knew we were playing.


The astonishing news broke over the weekend that the secretary of defense had gone to the hospital for routine elective surgery before Christmas. But something went wrong.


A few days later, Austin checked himself in at Walter Reed National Medical Center and found himself in the intensive care unit for several days. In fact, reports indicate that he was still in the hospital as of yesterday afternoon, with no indication of when he would be released.


We live in dangerous times with multiple wars around the world and all kinds of threats against the United States. And the secretary of defense told virtually no one that he was in the hospital.


While some people at the White House were eventually informed, they evidently didn’t tell President Biden that his secretary of defense was incapacitated. Why didn’t they tell him?


Some suggested that if a crisis erupted, Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks would take over. But she was out of the country on vacation and wasn’t called back to Washington.


It all reminds me of a press conference in the early days of the Biden administration. Biden referred to Secretary Austin but couldn’t remember his name. He eventually called him, “the guy who runs that outfit,” meaning the Pentagon.


Do we need any more evidence that Joe Biden is not in charge of his own administration? He’s all in on the leftist agenda, but he doesn’t know what’s happening around him!




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