Biden Attacks Election Reform, Biden Is Radioactive, Rubio vs. Intel

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Biden Attacks Election Reform


President Biden didn't give the people of Georgia much time to celebrate their first college national football championship in 40 years.  (Congratulations to the Georgia Bulldogs!)  Biden went to Georgia today and delivered a disgusting speech that divided Georgians, divided Americans and bashed democracy.


He attacked the commonsense election reform law that Georgia's elected representatives approved last year, and he accused the state of suppressing minority rights. 


The same administration that regularly accuses Donald Trump and conservatives of attacking democracy is hellbent on blowing up democracy by allowing non-citizens to vote, and blocking every reasonable measure to prevent voter fraud.  They oppose every major election reform that is overwhelmingly supported by the American people. 


Why would they do that?  Why is the left so committed to keeping dead people on the voter rolls, to not requiring ID when you vote and to letting elections go on for weeks, instead of having an Election Day?  The reason is because they are committed to cheating.  (Here and here.)


In addition to opposing these reforms, the legislation Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are demanding also forces every state to adopt same day voter registration.  Same day voter registration with no voter ID?  That's a prescription for fraud!


What's even worse is that Biden and his enablers are willing to throw gasoline on the fire of racial division in America.  Insisting that these simple, popular, commonsense reforms are an effort oppress minorities is outrageous and immoral.  It jeopardizes our constitutional Republic more than anything that happened during four hours on January 6th.


There is a legal theory that you can't yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater to cause a panic when there is no fire, i.e., words matter.  Of course, it goes without saying that you should not set the theater on fire to begin with.  But that's what the progressive socialist left is doing.  They are using rhetoric that risks setting the country on fire.




Biden Is Radioactive


Rising leftist star Stacey Abrams did not attend President Biden's speech today, allegedly due to a prior commitment.  Call me skeptical.  (Was she getting her tires rotated?) 


This is her "signature" issue!  She lost the 2018 race for governor of Georgia by 55,000 votes, and she refused to concede.  She started this hoax that commonsense voting reforms are "voter suppression."  


The president went to her state to champion her main issue, and she couldn't rearrange her schedule?  This is the kind of photo opportunity and press coverage that politicians move heaven and earth to accommodate.


So, what's going on? 


Well, one recent poll found that only 31% of Georgians approve of Biden's job performance, while 59% disapprove.  Abrams doesn't want to be saddled with Biden's baggage.  But there's more.


While the media will downplay it, there are huge divisions on the left.  Several progressive groups, including Black Votes Matter, essentially told Biden, "Don't waste our time.  Don't come to Georgia just to make another speech."  Representatives for the groups announced that they were boycotting Biden's appearance.


Stacey Abrams was forced to choose between the radical fringe left and the president, and she choose the radical fringe left.




Rubio vs. Intel


Kudos to Florida Senator Marco Rubio!  He just "shamed" Intel, America's iconic semiconductor company, as "cowardly."  And he was right to do so. 


In a recent communication, Intel assured everyone that their supply chain in communist China was not tainted by slave labor in the Xinjiang province.  When the Communist Party bosses in Beijing saw the report, they went ballistic. 


Intel immediately apologized and issued a new statement that scrubbed all references to Xinjiang province and communist China.  Pat Gelsinger, Intel's CEO, explained the change by saying it was wrong to single out communist China as "many regions in the world are having issues of such a matter."


That's a lie.  "Many regions in the world" are not accused of state-sponsored genocide.


We know that the Chinese communists suppress the free speech rights of 1.4 billion Chinese.  But the amazing thing is how easily Beijing can also limit the speech of American CEOs.  Could any other country on earth make Intel's CEO grovel like that? 




McCarthy's Majority


House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy recently sat down for an exclusive interview with our friends at Breitbart News.  He made a number of pledges about what a conservative House majority under the leadership of "Speaker Kevin McCarthy" will do in 2023.


He vowed that under his leadership there would be no votes on amnesty for illegal immigrants or legislation to restrict your Second Amendment rights.  And he promised to strip Representatives Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell and Ilhan Omar of their committee assignments.


I was also pleased by his tough comments aimed at increasingly woke multinational corporations.  McCarthy said:


"The Chamber of Commerce left the [Republican Party] a long time ago. . . Our responsibility is to the American public. . .  The thing I see that's happening in the corporate world is they're becoming woke."


McCarthy is certainly right about that!


The business community loves lower taxes and less regulation.  That should make them natural allies with the GOP.  But for many years now, Big Business has been in bed with communist China, shipping our manufacturing jobs to China and gutting our heartland communities.  That's not putting America first.


And when it is not kowtowing to Chinese communists, corporate America is working overtime to flood our country with more cheap labor, undercutting the wages of American citizens.  That's not putting American workers first.


And when it's not lobbying for communist China or amnesty legislation, corporate America is taking orders from radical leftists on values issues and embracing critical race theory