Biden Surrenders, America Last, Supreme Smackdown

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

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Biden's Ramblings


The White House announced yesterday that President Biden would address the nation at 1:00 PM. His statement was billed as an update on the withdrawal in Afghanistan.


More than four hours later, Biden began his remarks by trumpeting the socialist victory that Speaker Nancy Pelosi pulled off in the House yesterday, setting the stage for a massive, inflationary spending binge. 


Biden had just sent the CIA director to negotiate with a terrorist group.  The Taliban essentially spit in his eye and refused to give us "permission" to take any extra time to rescue our citizens from Afghanistan. 


But Biden's message to worried Americans was, "Don't worry about that stuff. Just think of all the roads, bridges and free pre-K classes we're going to create with an extra $4.5 trillion!" After he talked about his socialist "Build Back Better" plan, he then moved on to H.R. 4, the left's latest scheme to nationalize all voting laws in the country. 


Only after addressing his radical domestic agenda did Biden finally get around to saying something (and it wasn't much) about the most important issue of the day – his abject surrender in Afghanistan.


Of course, he once again turned his back on reporters, and by extension the American people, by leaving the room without taking questions, prompting a barrage of criticism, even from some in the media. Here's a sample:


"Biden refuses again to answer questions on Afghanistan." -- NBC reporter Jonathan Allen. 


"I hate to break this to @potus but he could spend 30 trillion on infrastructure and it still won't erase the stain of his surrender in Afghanistan." -- Bloomberg columnist Eli Lake.


"The White House can't feel the moment. They aren't in reality. . . Biden talking about infrastructure and climate change while Americans are trapped." -- Former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell.


Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) nailed it with this tweet: "Joe Biden is more dedicated to evacuating himself from his own press conferences than evacuating stranded Americans from behind enemy lines!"




America Last


Yesterday, the left-wing Washington Post warned that while Biden and other administration officials are rattling off all kinds of stats regarding the evacuations out of Kabul, they have been deliberately obfuscating the most important numbers: The number of Americans who have been evacuated and the number of Americans who still remain in Afghanistan, trapped behind Taliban lines.


We're finally getting some hard numbers, and the scale of this disaster is coming into focus.


According to a Pentagon briefing yesterday, nearly 64,000 people have been evacuated from the Kabul airport. Of those 64,000, just over 4,000 were American citizens. If you do the math, that means a little over 6% of the total evacuees out of Afghanistan are Americans. 


Biden took our troops out of Afghanistan before he secured the safety of American civilians.  Then he was forced to send troops back in. Now he's taking Afghans out before he gets Americans out!


This is what an "America Last" policy looks like. 


Our media talking heads, leftist professors, the Hollywood crowd and some GOP elites got really upset over a president who dared to put "America First." I guess they prefer an "America Last" policy, and clearly Joe Biden is their man.


Steel yourselves, my friends. The Daily Caller reports that "internal government figures" suggest as many as 5,200 Americans could be stranded in Afghanistan after August 31st.


That sad fact was confirmed by a "secret mission" recently conducted by two members of Congress, Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) and Peter Meijer (R-MI). 


As veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Moulton and Meijer were stunned by Biden's surrender to the Taliban and shocked by the images we have all seen on TV. So, they secretly flew to Kabul to see firsthand what the situation truly was. 


Here's an excerpt of a statement they released after they returned:


"As Members of Congress, we have a duty to provide oversight on the executive branch. There is no place in the world right now where oversight matters more. . . Washington should be ashamed of the position we put our service members in. . .


"After talking with commanders on the ground and seeing the situation here, it is obvious that because we started the evacuation so late, that no matter what we do, we won't get everyone out on time, even by September 11. Sadly and frustratingly, getting our people out depends on maintaining the current, bizarre relationship with the Taliban."




Biden's Hostage Crisis


Former National Security Adviser Gen. H. R. McMaster reiterated a point I made last week -- we were already in a hostage crisis. During an interview yesterday, McMaster blasted Biden's "capitulation agreement" with the Taliban, saying:


"We're gonna leave Americans behind. We're creating a hostage crisis. We're creating maybe even potential for losses greater than 9/11 on our way out. And nobody's talking about that. . . Sadly, I think we lack the will to do what's necessary to get our own citizens out."




Inconclusive Intelligence


While the crisis in Afghanistan is consuming all the attention, the U.S. intelligence community delivered its report on the origins of COVID-19 to the White House yesterday. As we predicted, it is "inconclusive."


This "conclusion" was totally predictable because the Biden Administration does not want to confront Communist China over its role in the ongoing pandemic that is afflicting the world. 


The intelligence community was certain that Donald Trump colluded with Moscow in 2016. That was a ludicrous charge, debunked by common sense and the Mueller investigation. 


But now our intelligence experts can't come to a conclusion about a virus that hasn't been found to exist in any animal species before it was found in the Wuhan lab workers who got infected in 2019.


Here's the bottom line: Communist China still refuses to allow a thorough examination of the Wuhan lab and all the data it possesses. That tells you all you need to know.




Supreme Smackdown


Last week, we noted that Biden's open borders policies were being aggressively challenged in the courts, including Biden's attempt to repeal Trump's "remain in Mexico" policy. 


This successful policy eliminated the scam of illegal aliens claiming asylum but never showing up for court dates by requiring them to remain in Mexico while their asylum claims were adjudicated. The Biden Administration, however, canceled the program.


Several states, overwhelmed by record illegal immigration and COVID outbreaks along the border, sued in federal court to keep the program in place. A judge issued an injunction against the Biden Administration's efforts to repeal the policy while the merits of the case are argued before the court.


The Biden Administration appealed the judge's injunction all the way to the Supreme Court. Last night, the high court issued a 6-to-3 ruling upholding the injunction and ordering the Biden Administration to keep Trump's "remain in Mexico" policy in place.


Needless to say, this victory for common sense (even if a temporary one) has the open borders left spitting nails.




More Plummeting Polls


The latest Gallup poll has more bad news for the Biden Administration and its progressive allies. Satisfaction with the direction of the country has fallen 13 points since May. 


Just 23% of Americans are happy with the way things are going in America. Even among self-identified Democrats, satisfaction with the direction of the country is down 24 points.


The bottom line according to Gallup: "Biden's honeymoon is over."