Biden v. Holt, Another Warning, Concerned Consumers

Friday, February 11, 2022

Biden v. Holt


President Joe Biden recently sat down for an extended interview with Lester Holt of NBC News.  Inflation hit a record high this week, so Holt reminded Biden that he said months ago inflation would be temporary.  He then said to the president, "I think a lot of Americans are wondering what your definition of temporary is."


Biden wasn't amused.  He snapped, "Well, you're being a wise guy with me a little bit, and I understand, that's your job."  He then went on to blame the supply chain crisis, which he still hasn't fixed.


But, again, we see how even the most restrained question sets him off.  Donald Trump would have given anything to have the Lester Holts of the media world be that reasonable in their interviews with him.  But even a normal question seems too much for Joe Biden. 


Is this another sign of his advanced age?  Is it because he assumed Holt was on the same ideological "team" and would just lob softballs at him? 


Unfortunately, this wasn't Biden's only bad moment.  While discussing foreign policy, Biden seemed confused and struggled to articulate which nation he was talking about. 


This is why dozens of members of Congress are demanding that Biden do what Trump did -- take a cognitive test. This isn't partisanship.  This is necessary for the sake of our country. 


But perhaps the most troubling answer of all came when Holt brought up the Army's report on the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan.  Asked if he recalled any the Pentagon's warnings, Biden said, "No, no. That's not what I was told."


Holt pressed again, asking, "I just want to clarify, are you rejecting the conclusions or the accounts that are in this Army report?"


Biden answered, "Yes, I am.  I'm rejecting them."


Let me remind you that all the top military chiefs have testified under oath that they warned Biden against his strategy.  But the commander-in-chief just said our generals are all liars. 


Something big should happen at the Pentagon today.  They should resign in protest of Biden's incompetence and lies.  But I'm not holding my breath.


By the way, Biden is now sending our troops in harm's way to bail out feckless Europe.  What could possibly go wrong?




Another Warning


After 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security would issue alerts periodically warning of increased risks of terrorism.  Often these alerts were focused on major events like the Super Bowl or holidays like July 4th celebrations that might temp terrorists to commit acts that could lead to mass casualty events. 


As we noted yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security is issuing alerts that aren't focused on threats from radical Islamists.  Instead, they reflect the Biden Administration's narrative about who their political opposition is. They are methodically labeling populist conservatives as the equivalent of terrorists.


Earlier this week, DHS warned against anyone voicing opinions online that the administration considers to be "conspiracy theories" or "misinformation" that might sow discord and distrust of the Biden regime, I mean U.S. government.  The alert bulletin seemed to mimic the left's talking points against conservatives. 


What else can we say about the DHS alerts?  They're still following the post-9/11 playbook in that they tend to be issued around holidays and big events.  And yesterday, DHS issued another alert related to the Super Bowl. 


Are radical Islamists targeting the Super Bowl?  I have no doubt that they would very much love to attack a venue with tens of thousands of Americans.  But, no, that's not what has Homeland Security worried.


Instead, they're warning that American truckers may target the Super Bowl by exercising their constitutional rights to stage a Freedom Convoy protest "at a specific location" near the big game. 


Why did this even warrant an alert by the Department of Homeland Security?  Truckers are not terrorists!  When did DHS bureaucrats start monitoring free speech events?  Probably around the same time that the FBI started spying on parents at school board meetings.


This is just another warning about the threat to liberty posed by the left and big government.


If, God forbid, there is an actual terrorist attack at the Super Bowl by America's real enemies, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas should be impeached for taking his eye off the ball, in addition to failing to secure our border from drugs and criminals.




Concerned Consumers



Big Media is trying to talk up the economy, desperately hoping to save Joe Biden's presidency.  But reality keeps intruding.  Consumer sentiment fell more than 8% in January to the lowest level since the Obama/Biden malaise in 2011. 


Inflation is at a record high.  Gas prices are skyrocketing.  And half the country doubts Biden's mental fitness at a time of war and serious economic crises. 


No wonder consumer sentiment is falling!




Hillary 2024?


Rumors in Washington keep circulating that Hillary Clinton will make another run for the White House in 2024.  I have no doubt that the reason for these persistent rumors is that Hillary's people are planting them, testing the waters to see how much support she may have.


After all, Joe Biden is on the fast-track to becoming a lame duck.  His approval ratings keep falling, and the American people do not want him to run again.  Hillary may be the most unpopular woman in America, but Kamala Harris is competing with her in that category.


Last year, Hillary famously gave her victory speech that she planned to give in 2016.  Maybe she was practicing for 2024.  Now she will reportedly deliver the keynote address at New York State Democrat Party convention.


We should never forget that it was Hillary and her cronies who contrived the dirtiest political trick in history.  She used foreigners to develop a fake dossier to smear Donald Trump. 


Unlike the January 6th demonstrators, whose protest fizzled in a matter of hours, Clinton's scheme paralyzed the government of the United States for at least two years. 


Multiple people who just wanted to serve our country were financially and professional destroyed.  Clinton's left-wing allies in Congress, in the Deep State and in the media were sowing discord day after day after day. 


Now people involved in her campaign are under investigation, yet Hillary still thinks she deserves the "big prize" of the Oval Office.  Instead, I hope Special Counsel John Durham gives her a term in the big house!




Other Headlines


  • The number of abortions in Texas fell dramatically after the state's new heartbeat law took effect.  Lives are being saved!


  • The Supreme Court overturned a lower federal court order blocking Alabama's redistricting plan from taking effect.  The high court's action upholds the authority of the Alabama legislature to draw its own political maps.


  • Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt announced new school choice legislation creating educational savings accounts that fund students instead of schools.



  • The Wellesley Public School system in Massachusetts agreed to a permanent ban on segregated student activities for so-called "racial affinity groups."  The agreement was the result of a discrimination lawsuit filed by concerned parents outraged over the school system's critical race theory instruction.