Biden's Bad Budget, The Left Is Driving Our Children Insane, Assaulting Free Speech

Friday, March 10, 2023

Biden’s Bad Budget


The behemoth $6.8 trillion budget Joe Biden just released should be laughed out of Washington D.C.  Thankfully, it has no chance of passing. 


The last budget President Trump released in February 2020 was $4.8 trillion.  Biden has declared that the COVID pandemic is over, yet he wants to spend 40% more than we were spending pre-COVID just three years ago!


I know budget debates can be boring and I don’t want to overwhelm you with a lot of mind-numbing and incomprehensible numbers.  So, here are the basic facts.


Biden’s budget includes, in the words of the Washington Post, “unprecedented tax hikes” of $5 trillion, and still grows the national debt by another $20 trillion.  That means Biden’s proposing massive tax hikes and massive spending increases.


In short, this is an anti-growth, anti-success budget.  If adopted, we would have some of the highest taxes in the world. 




Biden’s Insane Priorities


The insanity behind Biden’s budget is obvious in its priorities.


Biden wants to raise corporate taxes by 33%, including punitive tax hikes on American energy companies because you really want more pain at the pump, right?!


Biden wants to hire another 2,400 EPA bureaucrats.  But he only wants 350 more Border Patrol agents.  As usual, Biden has it exactly backwards.


We don’t need one more bureaucrat at the job-killing EPA.  But given the record illegal immigration his open borders policies have caused, we need thousands of new Border Patrol agents! 


Biden’s 2024 budget boosts the IRS by 15%.  That’s on top of the $78 billion for tens of thousands of new IRS agents that Democrats approved last year! 


And while Biden’s boosting the IRS by 15%, the Pentagon is getting a measly 3% increase.  That doesn’t even keep up with inflation, let alone keep up with communist China.


Speaking of Biden’s priorities, “climate” is mentioned in the budget 148 times.  “Environmental justice” is mentioned 25 times.  That’s more “Green New Deal” socialism.


“Equity” is mentioned in the budget 63 times!  That’s code for more racial quotas and leftist social engineering.


The “transgender” issue is mentioned eight times.  Why?  Because Biden thinks that’s a really pressing issue for our veterans!  But “fentanyl,” which is killing 100,000 Americans every year, is mentioned only twice.


And the abortionists at Planned Parenthood are praising Biden’s budget for the nearly $1.2 billion of your hard-earned tax dollars he’s giving them to ensure that even more innocent babies are destroyed here in America and around the world. 


America deserves better.




The Left Is Driving Our Children Insane


Vice President Kamala Harris addressed a climate conference in Florida this week.  During her remarks, she spoke about the “climate mental health” struggles that many children and younger adults are facing today. 


Harris said some young adults are worried about starting a family.  Why?  Because AOC says the world will be destroyed in 12 years.  That was five years ago, so we’ve only got seven years left.


This is insane!


Climate change isn’t causing mental health issues.  The left’s apocalyptic rhetoric is causing mental health issues!  That’s what the left has done to our children.  They’ve scared our kids to death. 


COVID hysteria did tremendous psychological damage to our children.  When they’re not explaining sodomy to kindergartners, they’re telling little kids that global warming is killing Santa’s reindeer


There is now an identifiable psychosis among children known as “climate anxiety,” thank you Al Gore!  It’s so bad that some universities are hiring special counselors and holding “climate stress therapy sessions” to help these college-aged “children” cope because they’re so depressed about the future due to “global warming.”


Even the liberals at Vox have tried to push back against this insanity.


But that’s not the only way left-wing lunacy has harmed our children.


Leftists have been telling our children that there is no God.  They’re simply animals with nothing divine or unique about their existence.  That’s causing mental illness because there’s a natural instinct in all of us to seek God. 


They’re telling our children that the country of their birth is evil, and that they are inherently racist.  The left is causing “racial hatred psychosis.”


They’re telling children that they are a birth defect, that they were supposed to be a different gender other than the one that was “assigned” to them by their bigoted parents.  The left is causing “gender psychosis” among our children. 


All of these mental illnesses come right out of the hell known as neo-Marxism.  Leftist policies deconstruct and destroy.  They’re do it to the most defenseless among us – our children.  They create fear and then demand more government to treat it.


For decades, the leftist culture has been attacking and deconstructing the family.  Women were told that they didn’t need men, that children didn’t need fathers.  Now, we’ve got millions of children being raised in fatherless homes, and they have suffered as a direct result. 


My friends, the division in America is far beyond “normal politics.” It’s not a normal debate among people who are all basically on the same page.  We’re not.  This a fundamental difference about the nature of the world and the nature of what a human being is. 


We’re not going to “bring everyone together.”  Only one side will prevail in the culture war that the left has been waging for years.




Assaulting Free Speech


As we have reported, Big Government, Big Tech, Big Media and the left generally are all in on assaulting the First Amendment and free speech. 


We saw it with the censorship of COVID information, the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, the Disinformation Governance Board (Biden’s Ministry of Truth), the media’s efforts to ban words and twist language, and, of course, the Twitter Files.


Two journalists involved in the publication of the Twitter Files testified before the House Weaponization of Government Subcommittee.  These journalists are themselves liberals, but they are intellectually honest liberals.  They report the truth, wherever it leads them. 


Democrats on the committee attacked and belittled them as “so-called ‘journalists’” and demanded that they reveal their sources.  That’s a direct violation of the freedom of the press, an attack on the First Amendment.


Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley was stunned, saying, “I never thought I would see this day when Democrats trash journalists for seeking to disclose government censorship.”


But the left is willing to use government power to smear liberal journalists who don’t toe the line.  They see the reporters as traitors who must be destroyed. 


What happened yesterday was a clear message to every reporter across the country and to students in journalism school:  “Know your place!  If you want a career in journalism, understand that the neo-Marxist agenda is more important than the truth.”




Other Headlines


  • The Senate passed a resolution overturning Washington, D.C.’s, radical crime bill by a vote of 81 to 14, exposing a major rift among liberal politicians and progressive activists.



  • A federal judge struck down Biden’s “alternatives to detention” policy for illegal aliens, saying it turned the southern border into a “meaningless line in the sand.”


  • A state labor board ordered some New York workers fired over COVID vaccine mandates to be rehired and given backpay. 


  • Gigi Sohn, Joe Biden’s radical nominee for the Federal Communications Commission, withdrew her nomination.  Sohn is so radical that her nomination failed to advance last year and this year because of opposition from Senate Democrats.


  • The Wyoming legislature approved voter integrity legislation that bans “cross-over voting” in primary elections.  This legislation was the result of Liz Cheney actively seeking support from Democrats in her 2022 Republican primary.


  • Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a Never Trumper and critic of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, announced that he would not run for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.  He may, however, run as a third-party candidate on a “unity ticket,” which Democrats fear would hurt Joe Biden.