Biden's Collapse Continues, GOP Circular Firing Squad, Bannon's Battle

Monday, November 15, 2021

Biden's Collapse Continues


The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll is bad news for Joe Biden and congressional Democrats. Seventy percent of Americans say the economy is doing poorly, and Biden's approval rating has collapsed to 38%. 


Among independent voters, it's just 35%. And in eight battleground states with key Senate races next year, Biden's approval rating is even lower – 33%.


The poll finds that Republican candidates are now favored by 10 points -- 51% to 41% -- over Democrats for control of Congress in the 2022 elections. That's a record margin for the GOP in 40 years of polling by the liberal media outlets. Independent voters prefer Republican candidates for Congress by an 18-point margin.


But that's not all. 


CNN reports that there are increasing rifts within the White House between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, with both camps blaming the other for their poor poll numbers. There is even speculation that Biden may try to push Harris off the 2024 ticket by nominating her to the Supreme Court if Justice Stephen Breyer can be persuaded to retire.




The GOP Circular Firing Squad


So many things are going well right now for the conservative movement. But some people in the GOP seem willing to sink the whole boat if they can't take the party back to the old days when Republicans were expected to lose gracefully. 


There's a group of NeverTrumpers in the House of Representatives who continue to openly attack Donald Trump -- Liz Cheney, Anthony Gonzales and Adam Kinzinger. If they continue working with Nancy Pelosi and the January 6th Committee to attack the MAGA movement (see next item), many conservatives may find it hard to trust the GOP with their votes in 2022, and the polls today will mean nothing.


Then there is the strange silence of some GOP leaders, including, I'm sorry to say, even George W. Bush. The former president still has not said one word about the Russia collusion hoax. We now know that the entire effort was orchestrated by the Clinton campaign, its allies in the Deep State and the left-wing media to take down Trump and reverse the 2016 election. 


I'm told that former President Bush reads this daily report. If he does, I hope he'll have enough class as a party elder to say publicly, "No president of the United States should ever have done to them what was done to Donald Trump." 




Bannon's Battle


Steve Bannon was arrested today after he was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate with the January 6th Committee. It's just the latest example of the two systems of justice in America.


There hasn't been a contempt of Congress case since 1983, and that tells you something. The charge is almost never prosecuted, especially against Democrats. 


Obama Attorney General Eric Holder was charged with contempt of Congress in 2012. Nothing happened. Infamous IRS official Lois Lerner was charged with contempt of Congress in 2014. Nothing happened.


Bannon's indictment comes on the heels of Biden's Justice Department targeting parents at school board meetings. 


It comes on the heels of the FBI raids against the journalists of Project Veritas


It comes on the heels of a 17 year-old boy in Kenosha, Wisconsin, being put on trial for his life against people who would have killed him if they could have. 


It comes as hundreds of political prisoners are still being held for the "insurrection" that never happened on January 6th. (January 6th was a demonstration that got out-of-control -- not an armed attempt to overthrow the government.) A Washington Post analysis last week found, "The vast majority of the roughly 650 people federally charged in the riot were not part of far-right groups or premeditated conspiracies to attack the Capitol."


All of this and more taken together is tearing this country apart. 


So-called "progressives" are telling half of America, "We will demonize you. We will marginalize you.  We will destroy anyone you elect to represent you. And we will throw you in jail." There is no greater threat to the Republic than that message.


Meanwhile, Joe Biden, Liz Cheney and her fellow RINOs are wagging their fingers at Donald Trump and demanding conservatives be civil.




COVID Controversies


The country remains deeply divided over the coronavirus, but it shouldn't be at this point. The evidence is clear that the Biden/Harris regime is not following the science. They are using the disease to grow their power and shrink our civil liberties. 


For the past several months, the CDC inexplicably stopped updating the figures of how many people have had the virus and recovered. There's no explanation for that except one: If we know the figure, it will become obvious that their narrative that the virus has a mortality rate of nearly 2% would be completely wrong.


Under pressure, the CDC quietly updated the figures last week. They now estimate that 146 million people in the U.S. have had the virus and recovered. The latest death toll is about 750,000. That means the mortality rate is nowhere near 2%. It's not even 1%. It's about 0.5%. 


But the propaganda pushed by the Biden regime, Big Media and social media has been so effective that 36% of the country believes the mortality rate is 5% or more.


It's not just that. The "follow the science" crowd completely ignored a major part of the scientific handling of a disease -- how many people have effective immunity because they got it and recovered. We now know that's at least 146 million people. But the CDC refuses to say that these people have immunity. 


In fact, the CDC was recently forced to admit that it has no evidence of any cases of unvaccinated individuals with natural immunity transmitting COVID to another individual after they were reinfected. What?!  The CDC is supposed to be the gold standard of research on questions like that. 


Fortunately, we do have that research from Israel, and it shows that people who have had COVID and recovered have levels of immunity 27 times greater than people who only got the vaccines. Not just 27% greater, but 27 times greater!


It all begs the question, why are those 146 million people being told they can't go to work, go to school or go to a restaurant unless they get vaccinated? The science suggests they're better protected than the vaccinated are.


A third example of how the country is off the rails is the all-out push to vaccinate children.  Many countries around the world are not doing that.  Taiwan just suspended its program of vaccinating children for COVID.


Fourth, the FDA is reportedly getting ready to recommend booster shots for everyone. But they're not going to reconvene the advisory committee to evaluate the order, they're just going to do it. That sounds like someone is playing politics with the science. 


The advisory committee embraced boosters for the elderly and those with compromised immune systems but refused to universally recommend them. Why is Joe Biden so hellbent on getting everyone jabbed again and again and again?


In related news, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals gave the Biden/Harris Administration a withering rebuke Friday. The court's unanimous decision dismantled Biden's vaccine mandate on constitutional, statutory and procedural grounds. Here's how the Wall Street Journal editorial board described the decision:


"This judicial smackdown is so overwhelming that it's fair to conclude the Administration gave only passing thought to the law.  It acted for political reasons, but even that has proven to be a mistake.  The White House panicked amid the Afghanistan fiasco and Delta variant breakout, but it missed how resistant millions of people are to government orders regarding their health."


In other words, Biden did what the progressive left always does: He employed coercion to take away our rights.