Biden's Drone Disaster, Diversity Won't Defend Us, Free Speech Under Siege

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Biden’s Drone Disaster


There was an incident yesterday over the skies of the Black Sea, which is bordered by Ukraine and Russian-occupied Crimea. Gee, what could possibly go wrong? 


An unmanned Predator drone was buzzed by Russian fighter jets, which reportedly dumped fuel on the drone, forcing it to crash.  We’re now racing to recover the drone before the Russians do. 


Biden’s Pentagon, which is really concerned about climate change, berated Russia for behaving in an “environmentally unsound and unprofessional manner.”  Seriously. 


It’s an outrageous incident, and yet another result of the weakness Joe Biden has demonstrated every day since he occupied the Oval Office.  Somehow, we have got to survive the next two years.


The war drums are beating loudly today.  But I have the same concern I have always had:  If Joe Biden and the Pentagon leadership could not successfully withdraw from Afghanistan without 13 Americans being killed and hundreds being maimed, why are we so eager to go to war with a nuclear power under this leadership team? 


Every day that goes by, we are getting closer to an even worse incident that could trigger World War III under Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and “Thoroughly Modern” Milley.  

Does anyone seriously believe this team could handle it?


Call me crazy, but I don’t want to lose World War III. 


We should be insisting on peace negotiations.  They will undoubtedly result in an unsatisfactory outcome for all sides.  But it would buy us time until we can get a real commander in chief in the White House who will clean out the rot at the Pentagon (see below), and launch a crash program to rebuild our military.




Diversity Won’t Defend Us


Many people have been laughing at the Russian military lately.  But a recent announcement from the Air Force should have us looking in the mirror.


The Air Force is going on a major recruiting campaign.  But it’s not looking for new pilots.  It’s hiring diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) officers at air bases all across the country.  These “jobs” could pay as much as $180,000 a year.


If you have to go to war, you want to be sure that your pilots check all the politically correct boxes, right?  No word yet as to whether they will insist that our pilots represent 72 mythical genders the left believes in.


By the way, it’s not just the Air Force.  The intelligence community is all in on this nonsense, too.  Remember this insane ad?


Ronald Reagan’s mantra of “Peace through strength” has been replaced by “Diversity is our strength.”  But “diversity” isn’t going to defend us.  This diversity, equity and inclusion ideology is going to kill us all, if it doesn’t destroy our economy first.




DEI Dominated Failing Banks


In the wake of the Great Recession, some suggested that it never would have happened “If Lehman Brothers had been Lehman Sisters.”  The implication being that the financial system nearly collapsed 15 years ago because it was too male, too straight and too white.  It was nonsense then and it is nonsense now.


We’re learning more every day about the financial institutions that have gone under in recent days, and it is obvious that these institutions were dominated by leftist ideology. 


Silicon Valley Bank’s board of directors had only one member with any significant banking experience.  In addition to being major donors to Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the other board members merely checked various DEI boxes.


The bank also gave more than $73 million to the “trained Marxists” of the Black Lives Matter organization. 


I’m sure the depositors worried about losing everything were really grateful for such a diverse board.  No doubt that made them feel at ease as they pondered bankruptcy. 


But thanks to Biden’s bailout of this left-wing bank, they don’t have to worry about losing a dime!


New York-based Signature Bank is another one that bit the dust a few days ago.  One of its board members was Barney Frank, the former chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and co-author of the Dodd-Frank Act that supposedly fixed everything after the 2009 banking crisis. 


Last year, Signature Bank paid Frank more than $300,000 for his “expertise” on the board of directors.


Signature Bank was just as left-wing as Silicon Valley Bank.  This past October, Signature Bank’s CEO co-hosted a seminar with a “genderqueer trans masculine” consultant to teach the staff how to “Know Your Pronouns,” including “ze” and “hir.” 


Signature Bank’s employees may have mastered made up pronouns.  Unfortunately, they didn’t know much about preserving their customers’ assets.   


The funny thing about incompetence and sin is they are by definition “diverse” and “inclusive” because all types of people are vulnerable to them.




Free Speech Under Siege


The fascists were out in force last night, this time on the campus of the University of California, Davis.  They harassed, threatened and attacked police officers, while trying to stop Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA from speaking on the campus. 


Instead of maintaining order, university officials, once again, actually stoked the disruption. 


Just hours before the event, UC Davis Chancellor Gary May, posted a video condemning Kirk as a “proponent of hate” and an “advocate of violence.”  May urged students to “neutralize and negate” the influence of TPUSA on campus. UC Davis leftists understood their marching orders. 


It is reminiscent of when radical students and university administrators on German campuses joined together to burn books written by Jewish authors in the 1930s.




Faith Under Siege


Last month, a Christian high school in Vermont forfeited a game in a girls’ basketball tournament rather than compete against another school that had a biological boy (a transgender player) on its team. 


In a statement, the Mid Vermont Christian School said:


“We believe playing against an opponent with a biological male jeopardizes the fairness of the game and the safety of our players.  Allowing biological males to participate in women’s sports sets a bad precedent for the future of women’s sports in general.”


That’s not a controversial statement.  In fact, the overwhelming majority of Americans agree. 


Well, common sense and public opinion don’t matter to the left.  The Vermont Principals’ Association announced this week that Mid Vermont Christian School is banned from future tournaments for “violating the association’s policies on race, gender and disability awareness.”


In related news, Raymond Zdunski, an employee of a New York educational agency, was fired several years ago for refusing to attend a “compulsory cultural competency” training program.


“Cultural competency” is a favorite code word of the Marxist DEI ideology.  Because all white people are inherently racist and bigoted, your local DEI commissar will reeducate you on how to properly think, speak and act in all situations.


The training session was ordered because another agency employee was undergoing a gender transition.  So, this session likely had a heavy emphasis on LGBTQ issues, and everyone else was being forced to learn how to accommodate the transgender employee. 


Zdunski sued and lost his case last year in federal court.  In his ruling, the Obama-appointed judge declared that the educational agency “recognizes gender expression and sexual orientation as protected classes on equal footing with religion.” 


Zdunski’s appeal was just rejected by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.


But something tells me that there would be no mandatory training sessions if a Christian employee converted to Judaism or if an Islamic employee converted to Christianity. 


So, religion is not “on equal footing.”  To the contrary, “gender expression” is clearly being held up as a superior right over the First Amendment’s expressly stated right of religious freedom.   


There it is, folks.  A Christian school was “canceled” for its values, and a Christian employee was “canceled” for his values. 


Is this the kind of society we’re going to leave to our children and grandchildren, one where Christians are unwelcome and unemployable?


To pastors and men and women of faith who say they aren’t interested in government and public policy: WAKE UP!


You don’t have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines anymore.  Government is very interested in you, and the left fully intends to make Christians kneel in submission.


Stand with me as we fight for Faith, Family and Freedom!