Biden's Quick Collapse, The Obama/Biden Legacy, Biden Takes On Mother Nature

Wednesday, September 8, 2021


Biden's Quick Collapse


A little over seven months ago, Joe Biden was sworn in as president of the United States, allegedly with the support of 80 million voters. He took office with sky-high approval ratings, pledging to unite the American people. 


Now just over seven months later, not only is his political honeymoon over, but he has collapsed in the polls. His approval rating is down to 41%, and polling shows that one in five Biden voters now say they regret their vote. What happened?


Well, the latest blow to Biden's presidency was the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. Not only were hundreds of Americans left behind, but so too was billions of dollars of U.S. military equipment. (See below.) 


But Biden's problems began well before that. He deliberately opened our southern border. Two million illegal aliens are expected to cross our border this year. Biden is widely seen as soft on crime, anti-police and against your right to own a gun for your protection.


He has engaged in an unprecedented socialist spending spree that created skyrocketing inflation. Last month, as experts were predicting more than 700,000 new jobs, Biden missed the mark by 500,000 jobs. Oops!


Biden said he had a plan to crush COVID. If he did, it failed -- 236,000 more people have died since he took office. So, he's unveiling a new COVID plan tomorrow. 


Last week, Biden ripped off his "moderate" camouflage. He admitted that he is pro-abortion during all nine months of pregnancy, and no longer believes that life begins at conception. So much for "following science."


Political experts say that Biden wants to change the subject from Afghanistan. But many Americans just want to change who's president.




About Those Weapons. . .


According to British media reports, Biden left the Taliban 22,000 Humvees, 64,000 machine guns and 358,000 assault rifles. 


As Donald Trump Jr. noted, "Whoever crafted Joe Biden's 'Build Back Better' slogan may want to remind Joe that they were referring to America and not to the Taliban Terrorists." Retired Lt. Col. Oliver North said recently that the Taliban is now the "best armed criminal enterprise in the history of mankind."


Sadly, the Taliban is now better armed, stronger and in control of Afghanistan. None of that was true one year ago. 


While there is some dispute regarding exactly how much U.S. weaponry was left behind, the Biden Administration and congressional liberals are doing their best to hide the figures


During a recent hearing of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) offered an amendment to force an accounting of U.S. weapons left in Afghanistan. But the liberal majority killed her amendment




The Obama/Biden Legacy


Yesterday, the Taliban announced its new government.  Not surprisingly, four of the five terrorist leaders that Barack Obama and Joe Biden traded for Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl were appointed to key posts. The fifth Taliban leader Obama released in 2014 was named a provincial governor.


The man in charge of the Taliban's equivalent of the FBI is Sirajuddin Haqqani. He's on our FBI's most wanted list with a $10 million bounty on his head.  In short, they're all terrorists. 


The State Department issued a press release yesterday expressing disappointment with this list of new Taliban officials. While concerned by "the affiliations and track records of some of the individuals," our diplomats were particularly upset by the lack of gender diversity given that none of the new Taliban ministers are women. 


I don't want to ruin the State Department's day, but I seriously doubt any of them are LGBTQI+ either. 


This is the natural inclination of the State Department bureaucracy. Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo kept it under control, but it's out in full force now with Biden and Blinken.




Biden Takes On Mother Nature


I know climate change is a hotly debated issue. Our hearts and prayers go out to those still struggling in the wake of Hurricane Ida. But after every major storm, the left and its media allies insist, "There's never been anything like this extreme weather." 


Joe Biden went to New Jersey yesterday and used the backdrop of the damage from Ida to push for his $3.5 trillion climate change/infrastructure bill, saying, "We don't have any more time." He also made some bizarre comment about tornadoes, but I digress. 


That got me thinking about the 1937 Ohio River flood that my parents used to talk about. Three hundred and fifty people were killed and one million were left homeless. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 killed 10,000 people. 


These examples of "extreme weather" occurred many decades ago, well before SUVs and the massive industrialization of the past 50 years. Was that global warming? 


Contrary to the claims of climate alarmists, research indicates that hurricanes have not been hitting the U.S. with greater frequency, and that "observational bias" likely plays a role in the number of "named storms." 


Nevertheless, the left is all in on crushing the American energy industry, dictating what kind of car you can drive and what kind of appliances you can use in your home. 


But is America really the problem? 


A recent survey of major world cities that are contributing the most to greenhouse gases found that 25 "megacities" produce 52% of all urban greenhouse gases. Guess what? Twenty-three of them are in communist China. 


The first American city that appears on the list is New York City, and it's 26th. Only four American cities appear in the top 50. 


The bottom line is that we are an insignificant part of the problem. But Joe Biden just sent John Kerry to negotiate global warming issues with the Chinese Communist Party, and the CCP not-so-politely refused to meet with him in person.


Every free market conservative in Congress, every free market governor and state legislator should be bringing up the fact that communist China is responsible for the vast majority of greenhouse gas pollution. 


Why aren't we telling woke American CEOs, who are all in on "sustainable investing," that it is no longer acceptable to do business in communist China, which is destroying the environment? 


Any politician, Democrat or Republican, who accepts money from companies doing business in communist China should be pressured to return that "dirty money" for a variety of reasons – genocide, human rights abuses, espionage or polluting the planet.