Biden's Silence, We're All Cooked, Let Go

Friday, December 2, 2022

Biden’s Silence Speaks Volumes


Yesterday, President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron held a joint press conference at the White House.  As Biden was leaving the stage, an NBC News reporter, just 15 feet away, called out, “Sir, do you have a message to protesters in China? You spoke about [recent protests in] Iran.”


Reporters frequently shout questions at the president, and it can be difficult to hear them sometimes.  But that wasn’t the case yesterday, which made it all the more noticeable that Biden simply ignored the question.  Kudos to the reporter for asking. 


But I think we all know why Biden ignored the question, and it’s something we should all be concerned about.


The president refused to condemn the Chinese communist government for its brutal tactics against dissenters because it is more than likely that his son still continues to hold a 10% interest in an investment company that is controlled by the Chinese government. 


By the way, Hunter’s former business partners are now landing jobs in the Biden Administration. 




We’re All Cooked


Last night, Biden held a formal state dinner for Macron at the White House.  While it was all smiles for the cameras, there are some serious tensions between us and our European allies right now. 


In fact, the French government was so angry at Biden last year that Macron recalled the French ambassador to Washington – something which had never happened before!  (I don’t remember any nations recalling their ambassadors during Donald Trump’s presidency.)


Nevertheless, last night’s dinner was quite a meal.  The White House was cooking for the French after all.  But I couldn’t help but notice that the main dish was poached lobster. 


That didn’t go unnoticed in Maine, where America’s lobster fishermen are being crushed by the Biden Administration and its radical environmentalist allies.  It also comes on the heels of Whole Foods banning Maine lobsters from its stores in view of the administration’s harsh policies. 


Again, yet another group of hard-working Americans getting the back hand of America’s political and corporate elites.


But I think we can all identify with the lobsters. They are put into a pot where the heat is turned up, and once they realize they are on the verge of losing everything, it’s too late. 


That’s exactly what the neo-Marxists in control of the Biden Administration are doing to the American people!




“Let Go!”


When Biden welcomed Macron to the White House earlier in the day, the two leaders shook hands and the French president got a slight dose of what many prepubescent girls experience when they are in the presence of “Uncle Joe.” 


Biden held on to Macron’s hand for more than 40 seconds.  Macron tried at least twice to escape Biden’s grip with no success.  When you watch the scene, you can almost imagine what Macron must have been thinking, “Let go of my hand, grandpa!”




Speaking Of Uncle Joe. . .


Former President Barack Obama raised eyebrows for his remarks to an audience in Atlanta, Georgia, yesterday.  While talking about friends and family members we don’t always get along with, Obama said this:


“We all know some folks in our lives. . . they say crazy stuff. . . Uncle Joe, you know what happened to him. They’re part of the family, but you don’t give them serious responsibilities.”


Gee, I wonder who he had in mind when he said “Uncle Joe.” 


Of course, when it comes to Joe Biden and “serious responsibilities,” Obama has put it much more frankly before.




A Word About Year-End Fundraising


Like many of you, I get letters and emails from many good organizations at this time of year asking for financial support.  And I give to as many as I can.  But like a lot of people, I tend to get busy and put it off.  Then I find myself scrambling at the end of the year to write a bunch of checks.


I really have no excuse.  I know how stressful the month of December is for our staff here at American Values because year-end fundraising accounts for such a huge part of our annual budget.  (Maybe you’ve heard me mention that before!)


I know this has been a difficult year for many.  As always, we are trusting God to provide for our needs.  And we know how many times you have stepped up and stood with us in the past.  We never take your generosity for granted, and I can’t thank you enough!


Nonetheless, it is my responsibility to ask you as passionately as I can to not forget American Values this year.  I would be derelict in my responsibilities if I did not ask.


We believe we are doing essential work necessary to save America from the neo-Marxist onslaught that is attacking our children, our churches and our country. 


And we can only do it with your generous support.


So, as we begin the month of December and kick off the countdown to a new year, I want to prayerfully ask you to stand with us as generously as you can, so we can remain in the battle for Faith, Family and Freedom.


Thank you, and God bless you! 




Other Headlines


  • Senate conservatives are fighting to end the Biden Pentagon’s COVID vaccine mandate for military personnel and to restore dismissed service members with full back pay.


  • Kudos to Sen. Tom Cotton for putting woke corporate America on notice! It cannot continue to expect conservatives to protect businesses from the left if corporate America is going to push a radical left-wing agenda on workers.


  • Eighteen state attorneys general are resisting efforts by FedEx and UPS to track gun purchases.


  • The Biden Administration quietly conceded defeat on one of its radical transgender mandates.  This is a victory for religious liberty!


  • The state of Florida pulled $2 billion in funds from BlackRock over its radical woke ESG agenda.


  • More than 2,000 employers are resisting the demands of the woke left and vowing to respect the personal beliefs and free speech rights of their employees.