Biden's Weakness, Witness Tampering, Trump's Trials

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Biden’s Weakness


It’s rare for European nations to adopt a stronger foreign policy position than the United States. So, it is worth taking note when it happens, and it is happening right now.


There are disturbing reports that the Biden administration is pressuring our European allies, especially Britain and France, to back down when it comes to Iran’s nuclear program.


To say that Tehran’s pursuit of weapons of mass destruction has continued unabated during the Biden presidency is a severe understatement. Joe Biden has enabled Iran’s pursuit of weapons of mass destruction by repeatedly lifting sanctions and providing the ayatollah’s rogue regime with billions of additional dollars.


So much so, in fact, that our European allies are increasingly alarmed by Iran’s growing nuclear capabilities, and, according to the Wall Street Journal, they fear that Biden “lacks a strategy for dealing with Iran’s nuclear advances.” 


Keep in mind that Biden is leading the international pressure on Israel while he lifts sanctions on Iran and pressures Europe to stand down. Why? Administration officials are reportedly concerned that additional pressure on Iran might make the regime “more volatile.” Really?


Iran has assassination teams in America trying to kill members of the Trump administration. Iranian operatives are crossing our wide-open southern border. Tehran funds and cooperates with virtually every terrorist group in the Middle East. Things could really get bad if the mullahs became erratic and volatile! (That’s sarcasm, of course.)


The Biden administration lives in fear of every enemy and, in almost every case, thinks our allies are the problem.




Witness Tampering?


Joe Biden was in Delaware for part of the holiday weekend. Sunday night, he visited his first son’s (Beau’s) widow who had an affair with his second son (Hunter). The White House insists that the president went to visit Hallie Biden because the anniversary of Beau Biden’s death was approaching.


This morning, however, some commentators said they could find no evidence during the past three years of his presidency that Joe Biden visited Hallie around this time. Is it possible that there was another motivation for his visit? Well, something else is also approaching.


Hunter’s trial on felony gun charges starts next week.  Hallie Biden is a key witness in the case, and her testimony is expected to be damaging to Hunter.


Can you imagine the media’s reaction if Donald Trump paid a surprise visit to a witness in any of his cases?


By the way, Hunter Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and President Joe Biden were all at a White House event last week.


So, Hunter, who could create some serious problems for his father if he “spills the beans,” the attorney general who is currently prosecuting Hunter, and Hunter’s father were all at a social gathering together.


That’s perfectly normal, right?




Targeting Alito


As we have reported, leftist politicians launched a smear campaign against Justice Clarence Thomas in an effort to force him to recuse himself from major cases. In recent days, the left has expanded that effort to a new target: Justice Samuel Alito.


If you aren’t aware of the controversy surrounding Justice Alito, the left is attacking him over a flag he flew at his beach house last year – the Appeal to Heaven flag.


Sen. Dick Durbin, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) have demanded that Justice Alito recuse himself from any and all upcoming cases involving Donald Trump. They are also demanding a meeting with Chief Justice John Roberts. Durbin and Whitehouse are being pushed by leftists like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


Let’s be absolutely clear about this: These left-wing politicians are attempting to intimidate the Supreme Court, the one branch of government they do not control.


This is a serious effort, but I don’t believe Thomas or Alito will succumb to it. But it will set the stage for the left to claim later, when a decision from the Supreme Court doesn’t go their way, that it is an illegitimate decision.


So, the louder they get in accusing others of “threatening our democracy,” the more they step up their efforts to threaten our democracy, which is based on three co-equal branches of government.




Hijacking History


If anyone went online to learn what the Appeal to Heaven flag was, they likely visited Wikipedia and got a legitimate history of the Revolutionary War-era flag that was a symbol of American independence.


But once the attack on Alito began, the Wikipedia entry was altered to suggest that the Appeal to Heaven flag is now a symbol of the “far-right” and “Christian nationalism.”


This is a good reminder, just in case any of us have forgotten, that we are living in a controlled society reminiscent of 1984 or Brave New World, where history instantly changes depending on whatever narrative is needed.


Two weeks ago, few Americans could correctly say what the Appeal to Heaven flag was. But at least they could look it up and learn that it was a symbol of freedom. Now, the left claims it is a symbol of hate, just like the Betsy Ross flag and the Gadsden flag. I’m sure George Washington would be very surprised.




More Leftist Ignorance


We just got more evidence that the left doesn’t know our history and doesn’t care, and that their hearts don’t beat the same way as the rest of us when it comes to love of country.


Representatives Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Cori Bush (D-MO) obviously confused Memorial Day with Veterans Day. Veterans Day honors those who served in uniform. Memorial Day is a time to memorialize those who died in service to our country.


Both Omar and Bush put up social media posts referring to all those who wore the uniform. After a tremendous backlash, their ignorance of history was erased, and they put up statements that referred correctly to Memorial Day.


I seriously doubt that either congresswoman actually wrote those statements. I assume their young staffers are responsible for the gaffes. But the people who work for these leftists don’t have a clue.


I’m sure Omar could give you a detailed history of every Islamic holiday on the calendar. It’s the American holidays that so many leftists are ignorant about.




Trump’s Trials


Closing arguments began this morning in Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial. There are all kinds of leaks that Judge Juan Merchan’s instructions to the jury will be just as rigged as the whole trial has been.


There are also reports that Joe Biden is planning to exploit the verdict, no matter what it is. Biden will make a statement on national television telling the American people that the legal system has worked and we must respect the decision. This would show how he is on the side of “democracy.”


But we all know the game Biden is playing. If Trump is found guilty, Biden will say that anyone who objects to the verdict is defying the legal system and “threatening democracy.” If the jury’s decision goes Trump’s way, then Biden looks magnanimous.


Meanwhile, the left’s stormtroopers, the trained Marxist radicals who are brought out whenever they are needed to intimidate the American people, are standing by and ready to create turmoil whenever they get the signal.


Don’t forget that the left hired people to infiltrate Trump rallies and start fights so people would associate violence with Trump.




Parental Rights Under Siege


A federal appeals court recently suggested that families in Montgomery County, Maryland, have no right to protect their children from graphic LGTBQ sex-ed courses that violate their faith-based views. The decision is outrageous and dangerous.


To be clear, the 2 to 1 decision only involved a request for an injunction against the Montgomery County school system’s “no opt-out” policy for these courses. It was not a decision on the legal merits of the case.


But it doesn’t bode well that the court saw nothing at all wrong and no reason to intervene against government bureaucrats indoctrinating young children on such fundamental and personal matters.


Once again, this demonstrates just how important the Supreme Court majority is, even though it cannot possibly hear every case.


It also demonstrates the importance of seriously vetting judicial nominations. Sadly, one of the two judges in the majority was a George W. Bush appointee, while the dissenting judge who supported the parents was a Trump appointee.