A Big Bad Bill, The Protests Continue, About That Lab

Monday, August 2, 2021

A Big, Bad Bill


The bipartisan infrastructure bill was finally made public over the weekend, but only after it was leaked to Breitbart News. It's 2,700 pages long. It is humanly impossible for any U.S. senator to read the entire bill before the expected vote this week. I don't have to remind you what that has meant over the years in terms of surprises that are buried deep in these legislative monstrosities. 


Of course, any Republican senator who supported this "deal" has a reason to promote the good parts of the bill while downplaying anything the Democrats want or that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want. 


Here's an obvious example of the games being played: The bill has a "Buy American" provision to benefit American workers, which makes perfect sense since this is being paid for with taxpayer money. 


That allows Republicans to say, "We're supporting the America First agenda." It allows Democrats to say to union workers, "See, we care about the working man, too."


There's just one little problem: After directing the projects to go to American firms first, it has three exceptions that Joe Biden could drive an 18-wheeler through, if he could drive an 18-wheeler, which he says he did.


·     If there are insufficient materials for any particular project, then additional materials can be purchased overseas. Well, why wouldn't there be enough American-made products? Because in recent years, under administrations of both parties, 60,000 American factories were shut down and sent to places like communist China. 


·     Another loophole says that if American-made products aren't satisfactory, they can be purchased overseas. Many politicians say it, but I actually believe that given a level playing field, American workers will produce better quality products than any Chinese "serf." But "quality" is a subjective standard that can be easily abused.


·     Finally, if buying American significantly increases the costs, the provision can be ignored. Well, supporting an American family costs more than a slave in the Xinjiang province, so "Buying American" will raise costs. Then build fewer projects if that's what we have to do to ensure they are built by American workers and supplied with American products. 


By the way, several commentators have pointed out that Donald Trump wanted an infrastructure bill. He repeatedly went to Capitol Hill to make the case for it. But the Democrats made it clear that they would not provide a vote for any major legislation because they didn't want him to have any legislative victories. 


And guess who else was squeamish about it? Just a dozen or so establishment Republicans (here and here) who are now working with the Biden Administration to pass a massive infrastructure bill. You can't make this stuff up.




The Protests Continue


Most American Olympic athletes are proudly pro-American and they respect our flag during the national anthem. We shouldn't forget them and we should encourage them. I guarantee they are being berated by the radical left on social media for supporting our country.


But there remains a cadre of athletes who are eagerly awaiting their chance to betray America. For example, Gwen Berry, who was infuriated by the national anthem during her qualifying competition, insists that the Olympic Games are about "my fight" and that one of her goals is to "represent oppressed people" when she's on the platform. 


Raven Saunders, a member of the U.S. Shot Put team, raised her arms and crossed them at the wrists. She explained to reporters that it symbolized the intersection of where all oppressed people meet. 


Pretty soon those of us who are not woke may need a guide so we can identify exactly what oppression an athlete is protesting. For example, kneeling means this, the clenched fist means this, the crossed wrists mean this and so on. 


I know none of these folks are on my daily report, so I'm going to point out something I'm confident they won't read or act on. They're not on U.S. territory. China and North Korea aren't that far away. There are international officials all over Tokyo who would be more than willing to protect these ingrate athletes if they choose to make a big move, meaning if they choose to defect from the U.S.


Just think about it from their perspective -- what a black eye for America if half the U.S. women's soccer team, a shot putter and a hammer thrower all decide to go to a communist "paradise" where they would really feel at home. 


If that happened, America would have another Fourth of July celebration, only this time it would be in the middle of August.




About That Lab


Republican members of the House Foreign Affairs have released additional information that strongly suggests COVID-19 originated in the Wuhan lab


Among the new details is the fact that after just two years of operation the lab sought a massive overhaul of the air safety and waste treatment systems. There's no obvious reason that the facilities would need such an upgrade so soon unless they were conducting very dangerous research.


In addition, our satellites picked up increased traffic to area hospitals in October 2019.  Internet searches for symptoms similar to COVID-19 exploded around the same time.

Something clearly happened.


Wuhan also hosted the 2019 World Military Games in October. Press reports from the games indicate that it was held much like the Tokyo Olympics – with no fans – and that Wuhan, a city of 11 million, was a "ghost town."  


Moreover, athletes from several nations became unexpectedly ill and, according to the House GOP report, "four countries that sent athletes have confirmed the presence of COVID-19 in November and December of 2019, before the outbreak became public."


Curiously, Nancy Pelosi and congressional liberals have no interest in investigating the origins of COVID-19, and no interest in holding communist China accountable for 600,000 American deaths. 




Biden's Border Invasion


We've been reporting on the growing scandal at the southern border. Record numbers of illegal aliens have been pouring across the border since January. The numbers are hard to imagine. 


Well, we don't have to imagine anymore. Fox News captured drone video of 1,000 migrants being detained under a bridge in Mission, Texas, just across the Rio Grande River. See the video here.


Share this video with your friends and family members. Make sure they understand what is happening at our southern border. But understand that this isn't just a one-off event. 


At least 6,000 people a day – each and every day – are crossing the border. And the Biden/Harris Administration is letting it happen.