A Big Night For America First, Left-wing Lies, Women Are Back

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

A Big Night For America First


Yesterday proved yet again that the most important endorsement any conservative candidate can receive is from Donald J. Trump. There's no one else who comes close in their ability to move the needle and impact elections. 


The big race everyone was watching last night was the Ohio Senate primary. J.D. Vance, author of "Hillbilly Elegy," won handily in a crowded field. 


Prior to Trump's endorsement in mid-April, Vance's campaign appeared to be on life support. He was struggling in the polls -- a distant third and barely in double digits. After Trump's endorsement, Vance shot up to the top of the polls. Last night, he won by eight points, 32% to 24% for Josh Mandel, the former Ohio treasurer who ran as a pro-Trump candidate.


Vance will face Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan in the November general election.


There were many in the media eager to report Vance's defeat today so they could trumpet the demise of the America First agenda and Trump's influence in the GOP. Well, I'm sure there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in newsrooms around the country as the liberal media were forced to report a very different story.


There were 22 primary races in Indiana and Ohio yesterday featuring Trump-endorsed candidates, and Donald Trump went 22-0. That makes him 55-0 for the year.


Speaking of Donald Trump, he's back on social media on his own platform, Truth Social. You can follow him at @realDonaldTrump. And you can follow me @garylbauer.




Left-wing Lies


The left is having a difficult time coming to grips with the reality that their stranglehold over the courts has been broken. The number of liberal politicians, Hollywood celebrities and cable news talking heads with their hair on fire yesterday at the thought that some babies will be saved from abortion was breathtaking. 


There truly is nothing more sacred to the left than the continued carnage of preborn babies. In fact, one liberal actually tweeted, "Let's be clear: The right to an abortion is sacred." 


But I want to address two left-wing lies that you've likely heard over the past 24 hours and will hear again and again in the days ahead.


First, multiple people are suggesting that if this leaked draft is in fact the final decision in the Mississippi abortion case, it represents "another right-wing blow against democracy." Actually, it's the exact opposite. 


A decision overturning Roe v. Wade promotes democracy by returning the issue to the people of the 50 states to decide what they want to do. It brings more debate and opportunity for the democratic process to work, not less with a big government, one-size-fits-all approach dictated by unelected judges.


Besides, the left insists that the American people overwhelmingly support abortion. Well, if that's true, then why are they so afraid of letting the people in the states have a say?


Second, Joe Biden lied through his teeth yet again. He suggested that the philosophy expressed in Justice Alito's draft opinion will result in all kinds of things being declared illegal, including contraception. Joy Behar fretted that it represents "fascism down the line." 


Others suggested it would lead to a ban on interracial marriage. Gee, someone might want to tell Justice Clarence Thomas and his lovely wife, Ginny. 


This is pure demagoguery. 


In his draft opinion, Justice Alito anticipated the left's absurdity. He specifically wrote, "Nothing in this opinion should be understood to cast doubt on precedents that do not concern abortion." 


Please pray for all the Supreme Court justices. But especially pray for the five conservative justices who are prepared to issue this decision. The left's extreme rhetoric and vitriol is putting them in great jeopardy of physical harm.


And please support American Values. This is the moment the pro-life movement has worked so hard to achieve. But the radical left is going on the attack. They will stop at nothing to preserve abortion on demand.




Women Are Back!


There were not enough cameras and microphones to accommodate every left-wing politician and commentator who declared the leaked Supreme Court decision an "attack on women." 


Vice President Kamala Harris issued a statement that mentioned "woman" or "women" four times. But attacking women is all the left has been doing for the last few years. 


It wasn't that long ago – 43 days to be exact – that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, Joe Biden's Supreme Court nominee, could not define what a woman is because the left is so insane. (She couldn't say when life beings either.)


That's why we have absurd things like pregnant man emojis and "Birthing People's Day" because "Mother's Day" leaves out all the "fathers" who might have babies. 


The left is leading a massive attack against one of the great achievements of the feminist movement – women's sports. They are allowing a man who claims to be a woman to compete against your daughters and granddaughters. They are breaking the hearts of young women all over the country, crushing their hopes and dreams.


The left is all in on attacking law enforcement, emptying prisons and electing pro-criminal prosecutors. The result is a massive spike in crime. Who's at the greatest risk of being victimized? The elderly and women. 


The left is all in on open borders, even though women and girls are the most exploited victims of human trafficking.


And because of the left's support for abortion on demand, tens of millions of baby girls never had a chance to draw their first breath. In fact, liberals won't even ban abortions based on sex-discrimination.


So, spare me the sanctimonious rhetoric about a "war on women." 




Whoops, He Did It Again


Sometimes Joe Biden's gaffes are dangerous, like when he called for regime change in Russia. Other times they're indicative of his mental state, like when he tells detailed stories that are just flat-out false. But occasionally they're very revealing. 


Yesterday, Biden must have caused screams all over the White House. While speaking to reporters on the White House lawn, he said that our Constitution gives women the right to "abort a child."


Well, there it is. What is being destroyed isn't just a clump of cells, but a little human being, "a child" as our president said. 


Unfortunately, for the radical left Biden went off-script. You're never supposed to say the word "abort." You say, "a right to choose." You're never supposed to say what "the choice" is -- an abortion.  And you never say that the thing being aborted is "a child." 


When pro-lifers say, "Abortion kills a baby," we're attacked for being extremists and for engaging in outrageous rhetoric. 


Thank you, Mr. President, for reminding America what this debate is all about – the killing of preborn children.




Happy Birthday, Israel!


Israelis have a unique way of commemorating Memorial Day and Independence Day -- they are observed back-to-back. It would be like Memorial Day in America being July 3rd with Independence Day, of course, on July 4th. 


Ceremonies marking Israel's Memorial Day began last night as Israelis honored the memories of more than 24,000 fallen soldiers, police officers and the civilian victims of terrorism.  


Tonight, Israelis will begin celebrating Yom Ha'Atzmaut or Independence Day.  In recognizing the modern state of Israel in 1948, President Harry Truman said, "I had faith in Israel before it was established, I have faith in it now."


Israel was promptly attacked by virtually all of its Arab neighbors.  Israel prevailed, only to be attacked again and again and again.  Yet to this day, 74 years later, Iran's leaders repeatedly vow to annihilate the Jewish state, and many Muslim states still refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist.


But in the midst of this hatred, Israel has thrived.  It has done so because of God's blessing, because of the determination of the Jewish people and with the strong support of the United States of America.