The Blame Game, Biden's Picks, Muppet Madness

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The Blame Game


While watching the financial news network CNBC this morning, I was surprised by how downcast the hosts were. Had something terrible happened? Yes. New coronavirus cases have surpassed last summer's peak. In seconds, they were attacking the unvaccinated, blaming them for threatening the economy. 


But communist China is responsible for this, not our fellow Americans. The communist Chinese unleashed this virus. And hundreds of thousands of Americans died as a result of communist China's deceit. 


Thousands of businesses were destroyed. Religious liberty suffered. Your child's education suffered. Yet, the first impulse of our media elite and left-wing politicians is to blame their fellow Americans.


By the way, CNBC continues to be a proponent of more trade with communist China. Maybe they could talk to their friends in Beijing and beg them not to send us another deadly virus. 


You had to watch for several minutes before CNBC got to the good news. While cases are going up fast, deaths, thankfully, remain low – about a tenth of what they were at the worst of the pandemic.


What explains the difference? Americans are making rational decisions. The elderly and those with serious pre-existing conditions have gotten vaccinated. The elderly accounted for the great majority of last year's COVID-related deaths. It's a lot harder now for people like Gov. Andrew Cuomo to kill the elderly in nursing homes. 


Experts note that the Delta variant in England appears to have peaked and is now declining. The evidence is overwhelming that we're just going to have to learn to live with COVID.


We cannot continue moving the goalposts. The objective cannot be that no one ever gets COVID again. If that becomes the goal, our schools will never reopen and we'll never get back to normal.




Biden's Picks


As I have said before, Joe Biden's radical appointments clearly expose the lie that he is a "uniter" and a "moderate." His latest appointments are no exception. 


As you know, I was a Trump-appointee to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). I served three years and my term ended in May. President Trump appointed me because I have devoted much of my career to defending the right of every human being to worship God freely. 


Last week, Biden filled my vacancy with Khizr Khan. He's a Muslim American, and that's fine. I served proudly with Nury Turkel, a Muslim Uighur. He worked closely with me to expose communist China's persecution of both Christians and Muslims. We were on the same side on virtually every vote.


Can we expect the same from Biden's appointment of Mr. Khan? Well, I don't know because Khan has no record on the issue of religious liberty. His only claim to fame is attacking Donald Trump when he suggested that we should pause immigration from countries that are known hotbeds of Islamic extremism. 


The headline from the left-wing Politico says it all: "Biden Nominates Trump Critic Khizr Khan To Religious Freedom Commission."


Sadly, Mr. Khan's son died while serving honorably in the U.S. military in Iraq. But Khan used his son's death to attack President Trump for trying to stop the same radical Islamists who killed his son. 


Maybe Mr. Khan will surprise me. I hope so. But I fear he will likely use this position to score cheap political points and advance the left's agenda.


Biden also announced the appointment of Deborah Lipstadt as the ambassador to combat anti-Semitism. She is a professor of Holocaust history at Emory University in Georgia.  


According to the Zionist Organization of America, Lipstadt compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, and she compared anyone questioning the merits of the last election to Holocaust deniers. As someone who has spent decades fighting anti-Semitism and Holocaust deniers, I find it offensive that Lipstadt was appointed to this important post. 


ZOA believes she is only interested in fighting anti-Semitism from one side of the political spectrum, and she has remained largely silent about anti-Semitism from the left and from radical Islam. 


So once again, Biden has taken government posts that should be non-partisan and appointed people to them who will use their power to demonize conservatives and advance the left's agenda.




Muppet Madness


Years ago, the left mocked conservatives for suggesting there was a "gay agenda" aimed at children. Today, the left openly promotes that agenda.


The latest example comes to us courtesy of the Muppet Babies, a Disney show aimed at children ages 4 to 7. In a recent episode, Gonzo (a male muppet) decides to go to a ball in a dress as the princess "Gonzo-rella." While some may get a chuckle out of this, it's actually quite serious. 


From the schools teaching our children that race is everything to the Muppet Babies teaching our kids that transgenderism is just another lifestyle choice, the left is all in on indoctrinating our children, while far too many Americans are still sleepwalking through the culture war. Conservatives must become woke about the battle we are in. 




About That Event. . .


You probably heard about the recent event in Massachusetts where a lot of vaccinated people got breakthrough COVID infections. This event was reportedly what caused the CDC to reimpose its latest mask mandate. 


Well, there's a lot about that event that no one at the CDC or the media told us. It was an annual gathering of gay men engaging in heaving drinking, drug use and promiscuous sex. In short, it was a bizarre model on which to base public health policy for the rest of the country. 


If you care to read more, you can at this link.


Speaking of COVID, today's dose of liberal "tolerance" comes from Kate Coyne-McCoy, a top official at the Rhode Island Democrat Party. Referring to Sen. Lindsey Graham's announcement that he has tested positive for the virus, Coyne-McCoy tweeted, "It's wrong to hope he dies from Covid right? Asking for a friend."




Cuomo The Creep


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo celebrated recently when the Justice Department let him off the hook for seeding nursing homes with sick COVID patients. It seems his celebrations were premature. Cuomo is still in a heap of trouble.


New York Attorney General Letitia James just dropped a bombshell report accusing him of sexual harassment. In her remarks to the media, James said:


"The investigation found that Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed current and former New York state employees by engaging in unwelcome and non-consensual touching and making numerous offensive comments of a suggestive and sexual nature that created a hostile work environment for women. . .


"The governor and his senior team took actions to retaliate against at least one former employee for coming forward . . . The investigators found that Cuomo's actions and those of the executive chamber violated multiple state and federal laws. . .


"This investigation has revealed conduct that corrodes the very fabric and character of our state government and shines light on injustice that can be present at the highest levels of government."


Stay tuned. We'll keep you posted.