Blood On His Hands, Biden’s Message, Pence “Leans In”

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Blood On His Hands


Back in April, I wrote an opinion piece making the case for why Joe Biden deserved to be impeached -- just for his outrageous open borders policies alone. 


The shocking headlines about dozens of dead migrants found in the back of an abandoned semi in San Antonio, Texas, further highlights the fact that Joe Biden has blood on his hands.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott blasted the president. He said, “These deaths are on Biden. They are a result of his deadly open border policies. They show the deadly consequences of his refusal to enforce the law.”


Governor Abbott is absolutely right. There is nothing kind or compassionate about Biden’s open borders policies.  But it’s not just his immigration policies.


·     Joe Biden presided over more COVID deaths, even with the wide availability of vaccines, than Donald Trump did before the vaccines were widely available.


·     Before he left for Europe, Biden lashed out at the Supreme Court because it issued a decision that will save some babies from abortion on demand. 


·     From the carnage of crime-ridden neighborhoods to record drug overdoses driven by fentanyl from communist China, Joe Biden has blood on his hands.


The deaths of 48 migrants in San Antonio are the direct result of Biden’s policies. 


Throughout his campaign for the White House and from day one of his administration, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and progressive politicians have sent a clear message throughout Latin America and throughout the world that anyone who wants to get into America will get in. And they will be treated better than American citizens. 


The left is giving illegal aliens free healthcare


The left is giving illegal aliens free cell phones


The left is giving illegal aliens baby formula at the border. 


Illegal aliens will be flown or bused all over America. 


Left-wing local officials and their “sanctuary cities” are protecting illegal aliens. 


And as surely as night follows day, they will do whatever they can to give illegal aliens the right to vote and, ultimately, citizenship through a massive amnesty scheme.


If you don’t believe this is a deliberate effort to “fundamentally transform” America, you’re not paying attention. If you’re a conservative elected official who allows yourself to be intimidated by the “great replacement hoax,” it’s not a hoax.  It’s not a “white supremacist myth.” It is the policy of the left and they openly brag about it.


Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s “Secretary of Homeland Insecurity,” needs to be impeached. He routinely says that the border is closed and that it is under control. (Biden’s press secretary had the audacity to repeat that obviously false claim today.) 


Mayorkas is either lying or he is insane. In any event, he is clearly not enforcing the laws of the United States. 


If we don’t get control of the border, another 5 to 6 million more people who don’t know English and have few if any skills will be brought into America during the remainder of Biden’s term. 


This policy is not moral, decent or just to American citizens of all races. It is not moral, decent and just to the people being enticed to come here by the hundreds of thousands every month.




Biden’s Message


The “laptop from hell” is back in the news today. Evidently, Joe Biden left his son, Hunter Biden, a voice mail in 2018 about a New York Times report that had just broken. It was about a wealthy Chinese energy executive, Ye Jianming, who had cultivated Washington’s political elites, including the Biden family. 


The phone message tells us exactly what we already knew – that Joe Biden has repeatedly lied to the American people every time he insisted that he “never talked” to Hunter Biden about his business dealings. The left-wing media know he’s lying and they don’t care. 


By 2018, Joe Biden had already made up his mind to run for the White House. The Biden family was working overtime to haul in as much money as possible from every questionable source all over the world. They were getting millions of dollars from Russia, communist China and Ukraine


Wow!  Anyone ever heard of those three countries?


But back to the 2018 New York Times story. It’s very revealing that Joe Biden gets up every morning determined to attack energy companies. Not Chinese energy companies mind you. They paid the Biden family big bucks. No, he attacks American energy companies!


By the way, don’t forget that when the laptop first made headlines, with all this information on it, our elite intelligence community told us it was Russian disinformation. That accusation was in its own way Russian disinformation. 


Their lie was disinformation that helped defeat the one America First president who was blocking Russia’s plans and it helped to elect the one America Last president that our enemies are blessed to have in the Oval Office today.


I’m still waiting for those intelligence officials to issue a public letter of apology. 


Increasingly, it seems that current and former intelligence officials are being seduced by the radical left and are no longer trustworthy. It pains me to make such a statement since I have spent most of my life supporting them in their mission to protect us from our enemies. 


But in recent years, I have seen the FBI, the CIA and other intelligence agencies repeatedly abuse the powers given to them to target American citizens, undermine our duly elected leaders and to promote the leftist agenda.




Pence “Leans In”


While some Republican officials are trying to avoid the heated abortion debate after the demise of Roe v. Wade, former Vice President Mike Pence, to his credit, is doubling down on the sanctity of life.


Writing on Twitter last week, Pence declared, “We must not rest and must not relent until the sanctity of life is restored to the center of American law in every state in the land.”


This is consistent with his lifetime of advocacy for the sanctity of life, including his efforts to defund America’s leading abortion provider, the misnamed “Planned Parenthood.”


Pence is right. This is the time to “lean in” on life and to expose the left’s extremist position of supporting abortion on demand in all nine months of pregnancy.




Pelosi’s Elbows


Did you see Nancy Pelosi elbow that little girl? It happened during the ceremonial swearing in of Rep. Mayra Flores. I’m not surprised if you didn’t hear about it. It was a brief “flash in the pan” on social media.


But just imagine if a liberal Hispanic politician was being sworn into Congress and Speaker Newt Gingrich, John Boehner or Paul Ryan was caught elbowing a little Hispanic girl out of the way. What do you think would happen? 


We would be hearing about this for days! Every left-wing politician and pundit would instinctively know to run to a camera to blast the racist speaker.