Carnage In Chicago, Biden Condemns The Country, Mitt’s Message

Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Carnage In Chicago


As normal Americans were celebrating Independence Day, death rained down on a parade in Highland Park, Illinois, an upscale suburb of Chicago. A 22 year-old aspiring rapper reportedly fired dozens of shots from the roof of a store shortly after the parade began. 


The shooting, which killed six and wounded at least 25, overshadowed the weekend of carnage in the city of Chicago, in which 71 people were shot and eight were killed, mostly in poor minority neighborhoods.


While most of the murders in Chicago will go unsolved, the likely murderer in Highland Park has been arrested. Of course, the terrible event was immediately politicized by the left. 


The Biden Administration, the media and left-wing activists once again demanded new laws to take away your firearms. Predictably, there are already efforts to somehow turn the killer into a creature of the right. 


For example, there are reports circulating that he once attended a Trump rally dressed as the “Where’s Waldo” character. If he attended a rally, it means nothing. John Wilkes Booth attended Abraham Lincoln’s second inauguration


The Highland Park shooter has face tattoos. That’s not typical of most conservatives. He is a white rapper, whose lyrics promoted nihilism and the idea that life means nothing and has no significance. 


He attacked a Fourth of July parade. Trump supporters were leading the ceremonies at Independence Day events all over the country. The left routinely denounces conservatives as “super patriots.” 


The only other people attacking the July Fourth were left-wing celebrities and politicians bemoaning the fact that there was nothing to celebrate in their view.


So, I’m making a wild guess that the shooter wasn’t a Christian. He wasn’t a member of the Federalist Society. I don’t think he was a neo-con or a paleo-con or a conservative of any particular stripe.


He’s just another sad example of the people we have increasingly seen in the streets of America. The anarchists owned the streets in the summer of 2020. Their goal is to tear down, destroy and intimidate. And they desperately want to see America burn.




Biden Condemns The Country


President Biden hosted a barbeque for military families on the White House lawn yesterday. His remarks to the troops and to the country were less than inspiring. 


Of course, he made a passing reference to the shooting in Highland Park, Illinois. Of course, he called for unity. He talks about unity a lot, but the country is more divided than ever because of his insane, radical policies.


At times, Biden’s speech took a dark tone. Of all days, he chose the Fourth of July to bash America. For example, Biden said:


“After doing the hard work of laying the foundation for a better future, the worst of our past has reached out and pulled us back on occasion. . .


“Liberty is under assault. . . In recent days, there’s been reason to think that this country is moving backward, that freedom is being reduced, that rights we assumed were protected are no longer. A reminder that we remain in an ongoing battle for the soul of America, as we have for over 200 years.” 


The left-wing media universally declared that this was a reference to the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision and the overturning of Roe v. Wade


So, on the Fourth of July, the president of the United States uses almost religious rhetoric to denounce the restoration of the right to life for preborn children as pulling America back to our “worst” past. 


He does this, ironically, on a day when death has owned another community at a Fourth of July parade and after weeks of attacks by violent, pro-abortion radicals. I wonder how many potentially deranged killers heard those remarks and thought they better go out and show this broken, evil country who’s really in charge.




Mitt’s Message


How did Senator Mitt Romney celebrate Independence Day? The former Republican presidential nominee chose July Fourth to publish an article in The Atlantic, a liberal rag, to say that if America chooses Donald Trump again, America will be over. 


Really, Mitt?


We have a president in power right now who is taking America down on all fronts, and Mitt Romney is more worried about Donald Trump?


Toward the end of his screed, Romney declares, “President Joe Biden is a genuinely good man.” 


Really, Mitt? This is the same Joe Biden who said that you would put black Americans “back in chains.”


Joe Biden is the most unpopular president in modern history for many obvious reasons. But the really decent guy Mitt Romney says Biden is a “genuinely good man.” 


Biden is doing everything he can to restore baby killing as a constitutional right. 


He is routinely demonizing the very people who voted for Mitt Romney. 


He is using the power of the federal government to force bizarre and outrageous philosophies into our schools that will poison the minds of our children. 


But Mitt Romney thinks the real threat to America is Donald Trump.


Good people are divided over the prospect of another Trump candidacy. I understand that, and that’s what the primaries are for. 


But some seem to think that the best option for the country is to get back to nominating people like Romney or Jeb Bush. I can’t say it strongly enough: That’s wrong! Wrong!  Wrong!


Joe Biden is right when he says we are in a battle for the heart and soul of America. He and the left are fighting tooth and nail to “fundamentally transform” America. 


But spineless RINOs are a big part of the problem! They don’t have the stomach for this fight and they are too quick to form circular firing squads. They are incapable of fighting the battle that is being waged. It’s like going to war with George McClellan in charge when we need a Ulysses S. Grant!




Stand With Israel


In an uncertain world, the one lasting alliance is the U.S.-Israel alliance. Pro-Israel Christians are the main reason why the United States is the most pro-Israel nation in the world. But with the Biden Administration attempting to resuscitate the failed nuclear deal with the terrorist regime in Iran, Israel needs our support now more than ever.


That's why I strongly encourage you to attend the 2022 Christians United For Israel Washington Summit. The Summit will be held July 17 – 19 in Arlington, Virginia, just outside the nation's capital. 


The Summit will feature sessions on combating anti-Semitism, Iran's threat to the Middle East and how pro-Israel activists can make a difference at the state level. 


There will be a Night to Honor Israel with remarks by Pastor John Hagee and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. And former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman will deliver the keynote address at the CUFI Partners Banquet.


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