The Chaos Continues, From Heroes To Zeroes, Liberal Victims Of The Progressive Mob

Monday, June 8, 2020
The Chaos Continues
The cultural chaos unleashed by the progressive movement and the "mainstream" media continued over the weekend. Here are some examples and my brief thoughts on each. 
Please share this report with friends and family members who you think may benefit from a fuller understanding of the left and its goals. Don't waste your time with diehard liberals. But if you know of anyone who is on the fence, encourage them to consider the consequences of what the left is demanding.
From Heroes To Zeroes
Three weeks ago, House liberals passed the HEROES Act. It was a $3 trillion bailout for bloated, progressive cities. They called it the "HEROES Act," claiming it was intended to prevent police officers, fire fighters and nurses from losing their jobs due to urban budget cuts. 
Fast forward three weeks and the progressive movement is now demanding that we abolish police departments. For many progressives it seems cops went from being heroes to zeroes in three weeks.
Liberal Victims Of The Progressive Mob
One of the reasons the French Revolution ultimately failed is that it turned on itself. The radicals could never be radical enough. Here are some examples of the progressive mob turning against their liberal enablers.
  • Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey stood before a crowd of demonstrators . After confessing his own "brokenness," whatever that means, the crowd demanded to know if Frey supported defunding the police department. He answered "No." Frey was forced to leave the event as the crowd turned on him, chanting "Go home, Jacob! Go home!" and "Shame! Shame! Shame!" A veto-proof majority of the Minneapolis City Council is ready to defy him.
  • Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C., used taxpayer money to rename a street a block away from the White House as "Black Lives Matter Plaza." But that's not all. She also had "Black Lives Matter" painted in huge yellow letters on the street.  She was immediately attacked by the BLM movement for engaging in tokenism. Sunday, demonstrators went to the next block and painted in huge letters, "Defund The Police," an explicit demand of the BLM movement. Bowser refused to say whether she would use public funds to remove the vandalism on public streets.
  • New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and other local politicians used brute force to stop people from having funerals to say goodbye to a departed loved one. Now they are encouraging tens of thousands of people to congregate in the streets. That is beyond hypocrisy. It is cruel.
  • The editorial page editor of the New York Times was forced to resign over the weekend because he allowed an opinion piece written by a conservative senator to run in the paper. Nobody resigned when the Times ran an op-ed from a Taliban leader.
  •  Author J. K. Rowling is being denounced by the left for having the audacity to defend biological truth. 
We Must Hold The Line
Most rational people agree that defunding the police is simply insane. But some so-called "moderates" are moving to cut police budgets. That's insane too. We can't let that become the centrist position. 
Our urban police departments are already having trouble recruiting officers. We need more officers, more training and fewer officers working double shifts. 
Any politician who declares their support for decreasing police budgets in these times should not be taken seriously as a rational individual to lead any branch of government at any level.
Sadly, three more officers were shot over the weekend. One was killed.
The Thin Blue Line must hold!
By the way, the assailant who stabbed one police officer in the neck and shot two others in New York yelled "Allahu Akbar" as he carried out his attack. That reminds me: Why hasn't anyone reported on the role the sizeable Somali population of Minneapolis played in the riots that destroyed or damaged over 500 businesses in that city?
Keep in mind that the same forces that want to defund the police also want to defund the American military and disarm you as well. They would leave us defenseless against thugs at home and abroad. 
What's It All About Anyway?
We have been told that the demonstrations are about racial justice. That is certainly true for many good people who marched to protest the horrific death of George Floyd. 
But it is revealing that the Lincoln Memorial, our monument to the Great Emancipator, was vandalized and had to be surrounded by National Guard troops to prevent further damage. 
It is revealing that the World War II Memorial, dedicated to the men and women who defeated real fascists, was vandalized and had to be protected with armed guards. 
It is revealing that the mob in London over the weekend called for burning down Western Civilization and attacked a statue of Winston Churchill.
The left wants to fundamentally transform America. Into what exactly? It wants to tear down Western Civilization. And replace it with what? 
Yes, the culture war is very real, my friends.