Children At Risk Part I, Olympics USA Beats Communist China, Globalism’s Harvest of Hate

Monday, August 9, 2021

Children At Risk Part I


As I previously noted, Dr. James Dobson and I recently taped two broadcasts for his Family Talk radio show. The occasion was the 30th anniversary of the publication of "Children At Risk," a book Dr. Dobson and I wrote together. 


In "Children At Risk," we warned decades ago about what was happening in our schools at the hands of radical secularists. We also warned about the rise of socialism and Marxism in America.


The first episode airs today. The second episode airs tomorrow.  Click here for a list of radio stations that carry Dr. Dobson's Family Talk show. You can listen to the show online here, on the Family Talk app or various podcast platforms.




Olympics USA Beats Communist China


The Summer Olympics officially ended yesterday, and I have great news for you — which, oddly, you may not have heard.


The great news is, the United States won!


And we did it in dramatic fashion — by edging out communist China. Not only that, our athletes, except for a few, showed pride in and love for our country.


Throughout the Olympics, the United States was winning in total medals won. But we were in second place to China in the number of gold medals won.


Going into the last day of the games, communist China had three more gold medals than we did with only a few events left.


But American athletes rose to the occasion and won four gold medals on the final day — giving us 39 gold medals to communist China’s 38.


The U.S. also easily triumphed in the total medal count — 113 total medals to China’s 88.


Many Americans may have bought into the idea that the Olympics are not about countries but only about individual athletes. Well, certainly the athletes are central. But make no mistake about it — the Olympics are a peaceful competition among nations.


Virtually every nation in the world understands that. If communist China had prevailed the national celebration there would have been unrestrained. But our elites keep telling us it’s inappropriate to display our national pride during the Olympics. Thus, the media, for the most part, downplayed our victory. 


In 1936, American sprinter Jesse Owens, a black man, competed in Hitler’s Berlin and defeated the Nazi “Aryan” athletes. His victory was important.


At the height of the Cold War in 1980, the U.S. hockey team made up of amateurs went out onto the ice and defeated the mighty Red Army team of the Soviet Union. Our country erupted in a spasm of patriotism. The reaction was a forerunner of the patriotic wave that would lead to Ronald Reagan’s victory in November.


Today we face a genocidal communist China that believes they represent the future, and we represent the past. They intend to be the world’s number one power. It matters that we just beat them. Take a moment and celebrate.




Globalism’s Harvest of Hate


Today’s “sacrifice” on the altar of left-wing lunacy is Father Olivier Maire, a 60-year-old French priest. Father Olivier Maire was stabbed or beaten to death (accounts vary) by Emmanuel Abayisenga, a 40-year-old illegal migrant from Rwanda. 


On July 18, 2020 Abayisenga confessed to setting fire to the historic 15th century Nantes Cathedral. He was recently released from prison and placed under “judicial control” which ended up being no control at all. He promptly murdered the priest. 


Western elites continue to sing the praises of globalism while churches and synagogues burn in Europe. Here there are attacks on churches and Christian statuary virtually every week. In Canada over 40 churches in recent months have been targets of arson. 




Walkout Wednesday


While there's strong support for the COVID-19 vaccines, America was built on freedom and Americans cherish their individual liberty. So, it's not surprising that there is strong and reasonable opposition to overbearing mandates, whether they're coming from Big Government or big business, the White House or the Waffle House. 


Americans don't like being told what to do! 


Unfortunately, there is a growing push for mandates, whether it's New York City's "VAX PASS," certain companies requiring their workers to be vaccinated or schools requiring children to wear masks.


If you've had it with the obnoxious bureaucratic dictates, take a stand for freedom! Join the Walkout Wednesday protests this Wednesday, August 11th, at noon.  Click here for more information.