Children At Risk Part II, Her Name Was Ella French, Are You A Slave To The Left

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Children At Risk Part II


As I previously noted, Dr. James Dobson and I recently taped two broadcasts for his Family Talk radio show. The occasion was the 30th anniversary of the publication of "Children at Risk," a book Dr. Dobson and I wrote together. 


In "Children at Risk," we warned decades ago about what was happening in our schools at the hands of radical secularists. We also warned about the rise of socialism and Marxism in America.


The second episode airs today. Click here for a list of radio stations that carry Dr. Dobson's Family Talk show. You can listen to the show online here, on the Family Talk app or on various podcast platforms. Let me know what you think.





Her Name Was Ella French


Write her name down now. Say it aloud. She was the 28-year-old Chicago policewoman who at 11:00 PM on Saturday night, along with her partner, stopped a car for a traffic violation. The thugs inside the vehicle opened fire and killed her. Her partner was shot three times, including in the eye, and is fighting for his life.


When George Floyd was tragically killed by a police officer, the event captured the country’s imagination and compassion. Dozens of U.S. cities saw demonstrations and riots. The defund the police movement went on steroids. 


Thousands, stoked by his memory, attended memorial services. Millionaire athletes said Floyd’s death was proof positive America is a racist nation and that the cops are white supremacists. Streets in several U.S. cities were renamed after George Floyd. Your grandkids will probably read about him some day in their social studies books. We were told over and over to “say his name.”


Ella French gave her life for the city of Chicago just a few days ago. Her name never entered the nation’s collective consciousness. In a few weeks she will be remembered and missed mostly by the people who loved her and whom she loved. No demonstrations for Ella. A memorial at the site of her death yesterday was attended mostly by fellow cops.


No athlete is citing her death as evidence of anything. No leftist reporter or elected official is apologizing for their anti-cop rhetoric that has created the conditions that are turning 2021 into a year of the Cop Killers. 


Remember her name. It was Ella French.  




Are You A Slave To The Left?


Are we peasants, serfs, or - even worse - slaves? Of course, we aren’t. 


But our leftist leaders increasingly act like we are. 


You probably noticed that Barack Obama went ahead and had his big birthday bash in Martha’s Vineyard.


Hundreds of people attended. They partied under a big tent with poor ventilation — and of course no one was wearing a mask. When the event came in for criticism, several media commentators pushed back by saying Obama and his guests are “sophisticated people.” You know, smarter than us regular folks.


The crowd that gathered were many of the same leftists who are telling us we have to mask up when we walk into a store or if your kid wants to have a birthday party with a few of her friends.


Then there’s Rashida Tlaib, the anti-Semitic congresswoman from Michigan. She is a terrible person. She attacked Senator Rand Paul for asking questions about the Biden administration’s COVID strategy and demanded he stop playing politics with COVID.  She made her point while wearing not one but two masks.


Then she was caught on video at a big wedding dancing unmasked in a crowded ballroom full of other unmasked people.


Congresswoman Cori Bush is the leader of a group of leftists who want to shrink America’s police departments by defunding the cops. Then we discovered she has four beefy guys who guard her 24 hours a day at the cost of $200,000 a year. Her message is, police for me but not for thee.


These liberal elites don’t even try to hide their double standards. They’re telling you how to live, restricting your freedom, shrinking the size of your life while they live “big.”


They are not kings, dictators, nor do they own us. And we are not their subjects, serfs or slaves. We are free men and women whose rights come from the King of Kings, the God of the universe, not from these blue-blooded tyrannical socialists.


More than anything right now we need to stand up, be strong, not falter and live like the free men and women we are. 




“Golden Boy” Cuomo Surrenders


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s announcement this afternoon that he will resign, effective in 14 days, is a colossal defeat for the left. One year ago, many liberal reporters, talking-heads and analysts were pointing to Cuomo and his daily COVID briefings as the model of leadership. Early in 2020, there was even talk of him entering the Democrat presidential nomination battle. Then a movement sprung up to make him Biden’s running mate. 


But then reality caught up. His resignation announcement today (effective in 14 days) results from the growing list of liberal women claiming he sexually harassed or criminally assaulted them. But the deadly scandal, which he must not be allowed to escape, was his ordering of elderly COVID-infected patients into New York’s nursing homes resulting in 12,000 deaths. There are multiple investigations pending as well as myriad lawsuits.


We will see how it all plays out, but I don’t rule out a comeback down the road. The left does not leave its wounded on the battlefield.