Christmas Revelations, Speaking Of Communist China

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Christmas Revelations


There were more astonishing revelations about the full extent of the Deep State’s involvement with Twitter over the Christmas holiday weekend. 


Former Rolling Stone editor Matt Taibbi reported that the CIA, the Pentagon, the State Department and other government agencies were heavily involved in Twitter’s censorship regime. 


In fact, the frequency of contacts between government agencies and Twitter was “dizzying.” So much so, that Twitter employees had to create a “new system for processing/triaging them.” Curiously, Twitter’s employees referred to the CIA as “OGA” or “other government agency.”


And it wasn’t just Twitter. These intelligence/security agencies were also pressuring Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Reddit, Pinterest, Verizon, Yahoo and other platforms to censor information and opinions.


But the Twitter problem is media wide. The systemic censorship is obvious in that the “mainstream media” refuses to report these disclosures. 


Not that long ago, the liberal media would have been livid over government efforts to manipulate the media. But when it involves left-wing bureaucrats pushing left-wing narratives, suddenly the talking heads fall silent.


We now have overwhelming evidence of Big Government, Big Tech and Big Media working together to censor the American people and to censor the news of the censorship


But wait. . . There’s more!


Yesterday we learned how Twitter worked with the government to suppress debate and information about COVID that was inconvenient to official narratives, “No matter whether such views were correct or adopted abroad” in other countries.


For years now, libertarians and some conservatives have fallen back on the defense that Twitter was a private company enforcing its own standards. That defense has been totally shattered now. Twitter and other social media platforms were doing the government’s bidding. That is a blatant violation of free speech. 


The reason the Founders believed the freedom of speech was so important is because it’s only through free speech and free thought that you discover the truth. What Twitter and the government did by censoring opinions and discussions about what COVID was, where it came from and how to fight it was to delay our discovering the truth.


Remember when the “experts” had us wiping down our groceries in the garage when it was an airborne virus? Remember all the pressure to shut down schools and mask and jab children who were at virtually no risk of serious illness and death? 


Even now, Big Media and the Deep State have no interest in nailing down the origins of the virus – whether it leaked out of the Wuhan lab in communist China. Why is that? 


Big Government’s abuse of the First Amendment, the media and private companies for ideological purposes is a huge issue – 63% of Americans want it thoroughly investigated. 


Every conservative -- from Congress to the county commission -- should be pounding non-stop on the dangers of government censorship. As history clearly shows, that’s the real threat to democracy and to our constitutional Republic!




Speaking Of Communist China. . .


There’s a lot of debate in Washington about when communist China will make a move against Taiwan. Some think an invasion is imminent. Others think it will be several years from now. 


Over the weekend, communist China launched its largest incursion yet into Taiwan’s defense zone – more than 70 aircraft and seven ships were involved. 


Just as disturbing as the size of the force is the increasing frequency of these incursions. In 2020, there were 146 Chinese military “probes” of Taiwan’s defense zone. Last year, there were 969, and there have been more than 1,700 so far this year. That speaks volumes about Beijing’s view of America’s leadership or lack thereof.


But I think everyone is missing the bigger story about Taiwan that is happening right now. 


These forays aren’t just mere irritations. Communist China is a behemoth compared to Taiwan. It can rotate pilots, ships and aircraft and conduct these incursions day after day after day, as the numbers clearly indicate.


But Taiwan has no way of knowing when an incursion is just another probe or the beginning of a war. It has to assume the worst every time, scrambling jets and pilots, and it does not have the massive power that communist China does. 


Beijing is basically exhausting Taiwan’s defense forces. In fact, Taiwanese officials announced today that they are extending compulsory military service.


This is a form of psychological warfare, and it’s a hint of what China could do without ever invading. For example, Beijing could impose a blockade around the island. Meanwhile, these constant forays are bolstering a powerful peace movement in Taiwan. 


One of the arguments in Washington for the continued blank check to Ukraine is that if we fail to stand with Ukraine, it will encourage communist China to move on Taiwan. That may well be true. 


But what do you think the news stories that we are depleting our military reserves are accomplishing? That very fact, not to mention our own dependence on communist China, is likely encouraging Beijing to move sooner rather than later. 




R.I.P. Tom Minnery


Tom Minnery, a long-time friend and ally, tragically passed away last week while visiting family for Christmas. For many years, I worked closely with Tom as he served alongside Dr. James Dobson as vice president of public policy at Focus on the Family. 


He would later serve as president of the Family Policy Alliance and chairman of the board for the Center for Christian Virtue. Tom was also a founding board member of the Alliance Defending Freedom. 


In his early years, Tom served as editor of Christianity Today and worked with famed evangelist Billy Graham. Tom was a soft-spoken man, but he was a warrior for Faith, Family and Freedom. In 2002, he authored the book, “Why You Can’t Stay Silent: A Biblical Mandate to Shape Our Culture.”


Over the years, Tom and I were in many foxholes together, and I always valued his advice and counsel. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him, but I know he has been welcomed home to the words we all long to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


Please join Carol and me in praying for Tom’s wife, Deb, and the Minnery family.