Clueless On Crime, Caught Red-Handed, Whoopi's Whopper

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Clueless On Crime


There's another funeral today in New York City for a police officer killed by a thug.  In Texas, they are mourning a deputy sheriff gunned down by an illegal alien.  In Stockton, California, they are mourning a firefighter who was shot and killed while trying to put out a fire. 


Recent polling shows that the growing crime wave is the top concern among voters, tied with inflation.   But the Biden White House is clueless.  Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently laughed off the concerns of Americans worried about "soft on crime" policies, by rhetorically asking, "What does that even mean?"


Asked to clarify her comments yesterday, Psaki tried to turn the tables by claiming that Republicans voted against additional funding for police in last year's stimulus bill.  That's false. 


Republicans opposed the left's wasteful spending in part because it wasn't specifically earmarked for law enforcement.  The extra money was discretionary spending.  Even the liberal Washington Post gave Psaki "three Pinnochios" for that lie.


But no amount of gaslighting is going to confuse the American people – 64% of the public disapproves of Biden's handling of crime.




Caught Red-Handed


I want to recommend Peter Schweizer's book Red-Handed again.  It is well worth reading. 


In addition to the ways in which the Biden family has been compromised by communist China, Schweizer describes how former members of Congress have lobbied for communist Chinese companies deeply involved with Chinese military and intelligence agencies. 


I am sorry, but not surprised, to tell you that a majority of the offenders are Republicans.  This is the same phenomenon that we have seen with Neil Bush, George W. Bush's brother. 


The list includes former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner, former Republican Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, and former Senators Barbara Boxer (D) and David Vitter (R).  Boxer and Vitter lobbied for Hikvision, a Chinese company that specializes in surveillance technology.  


Communist China is the biggest surveillance state in the world.  Half of all the world's surveillance cameras are in communist China.  Yet, Boxer and Vitter weren't troubled by lobbying on behalf of the main company making the cameras.  Vitter's firm was paid $70,000 a month for his work on behalf of Hikvision.


I once debated Trent Lott on whether we should give "most favored nation" trading status to communist China.  As you know, we eventually did because the elites in both parties, as well as Wall Street, thought it was a great idea that would bring liberty to the Chinese people. 


It was the biggest foreign policy blunder in American political history, and we are still paying the price.  Not only did trade with communist China gut the manufacturing base of the American heartland, it dramatically fueled the rise of communist China as a global military power.


And while former members of Congress are lobbying for communist Chinese companies, China is aggressively stealing technology from American companies.  According to FBI Director Christopher Wray, the Bureau now has 2,000 active investigations into Chinese espionage efforts, with a new investigation opening every 12 hours. 


Speaking at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library yesterday, Wray warned that the threat posed by communist China has "reached a new level – more brazen, more damaging than ever before, and it's vital – vital – that all of us focus on that threat together." 


He added, "There is just no country that presents a broader threat to our ideas, our innovation, and our economic security than China."


When will communist China's apologists on Wall Street, in our major sports leagues and in the halls of Congress apologize to the American people?  Their wrong-headed decision to send our factory jobs to Beijing increased communist China's power in exchange for slave-made goods being sent here. 




Whoopi's Whopper


Anyone watching ABC's "The View" yesterday was left shocked by Whoopi Goldberg's latest display of utter ignorance.  Goldberg declared, "The Holocaust isn't about race. . . It's about man's inhumanity to man." 


Even Joy Behar tried to explain to Whoopi that the Nazis saw the Jews as an inferior race.  Another co-host noted that it was about the Nazis "going after Jews and Gypsies."  Goldberg responded, "But these are two groups of white people. You're missing the point."


I have no idea what point Goldberg was trying to make.  The whole conversation started over a dispute about a book in a school library.    


But it was a bizarre demonstration of a phenomenon on the left called "intersectionality."  Ben Shapiro, Alan Dershowitz and others have written about intersectionality and how it forces groupthink on the left, where all issues must align. 


If you care about civil rights and social justice for minorities, according to intersectionality, you must also be pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel.  It is because of intersectionality that Jews often get banned from "gay pride" marches. 


Intersectionality is why the Black Lives Matter organization accuses Israel of "genocide" and supports the anti-Semitic boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. 


It's why many BLM protesters chant anti-Israel slogans.  It's why radical environmentalists won't work with Jewish groups on voting legislation.  Unless you're an ally of every left-wing cause, you can't be an ally of any left-wing cause.


Many leftists are only interested in anti-Semitism if they can somehow tie it to white supremacy.  If a Muslim storms a synagogue and takes worshippers hostage, there's an immediate effort to downplay any connection to Jews and anti-Semitism. 


Whoopi Goldberg, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will never denounce America's leading anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan, because that would offend the left's intersectionality playground. 


Whoopi has apologized for her comments and will keep her job on "The View."  But her comments were racist, anti-Semitic, disgusting, ignorant and proof of just how sick much of the woke left really is.


Sadly, she's not alone.  Amnesty International is out with another outrageously biased report smearing Israel as an "apartheid state."  The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations blasted the report as a "libelous document" that seeks to "demonize and delegitimize the Jewish and democratic State of Israel."




The Freedom Convoy


As you know, thousands of truckers in Canada have driven their rigs to Ottawa, the capital of Canada, to protest the oppressive COVID regime there.  The government is forcing truck drivers to get vaccinated or quarantine after each trip across the border, even though they work largely on their own. 


The Canadian media initially tried to ignore them, hoping the protest would fizzle.  But it didn't.  Then Canadian officials tried to demonize them. 


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau initially denounced the truckers as a "fringe minority" with "unacceptable views."  Then they played the race card.  They have even tried to play the "January 6th card," suggesting that the truckers were headed to Ottawa to overthrow the Canadian government.


But Trudeau had a very different tune just two years ago.  At the beginning of the pandemic, he was praising truckers, and urging Canadians to "Thank a trucker" and to "help them however you can." 


Sadly, we've seen left-wing politicians here turn against our first responders over vaccine mandates.


The smear campaign against the Canadian truckers is exactly what the left and its media allies do to every conservative movement that threatens their power.  They did it to the Tea Party movement.  They did it to the MAGA movement. They do it to the pro-life movement.  They do it to the pro-family movement. 


Do these truckers look like a threat to liberty?


Throughout the West, in Europe and here in North America, the left's goal is the same.  It is to smash any conservative opposition.  They don't want any demonstrations by people like us. 


In far too many western nations today, freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly and the freedom of religion is increasingly under siege by the left and under threat of being stamped out, just like freedom has been stamped out by our "trading partner," communist China.