Confronting Communist China, The Law And Order President

Thursday, July 23, 2020
Confronting Communist China
The radical left continues to stoke violence in cities across America, with Portland and Seattle being the latest examples. As the unrest intensifies, it’s easy to forget that our foreign enemies are working overtime to lay our country low. 
I am convinced that we’ll soon discover that countries like Iran, Russia and especially communist China have been fanning the fires of the extreme left in America. Why would they do that? It’s simple: A distracted nation is a vulnerable nation. 
Some are still in denial about China’s intentions. But we got more evidence this week of how serious they are at replacing the United States as the world’s premier power. 
As we reported yesterday, the Justice Department has identified two Chinese hackers who were engaged in a hacking campaign in the U.S. to steal information for the communist Chinese government. 
The hackers targeted high-tech manufacturing, medical device, pharmaceutical and defense companies. More recently, they probed the computer networks of companies developing Covid-19 vaccines and treatments.
The Justice Department handed down an 11-count indictment against the two Chinese nationals. It accuses the cyber spies of giving the Chinese government the personal data of dissidents, human rights activists and even Christian pastors living in the U.S., China and Hong Kong. 
This should serve as a reminder to Christian leaders to be aware that you may be targeted by America’s enemies, especially China. 
As the evidence grows that communist China is engaged in cyber warfare against us, we are being held back in our response by segments of American society that are still dreaming of great wealth by doing business with China. 
The NBA warned its owners not to criticize communist China. Disney self-censors its films before they are released in China to make sure they don’t reflect poorly on the communist government. Major U.S. universities continue to accept millions of dollars from China in exchange for access to our world-class educational institutions. And while many U.S. companies are trying to bring their factories home, others stubbornly believe they can still do business in China without losing their conscience. 
The Law And Order President
President Trump and Attorney General William Barr announced yesterday that they will soon send federal agents to Chicago and Albuquerque, New Mexico, to help local authorities combat rising crime in those cities. 
“Frankly, we have no choice but to get involved," Trump said at the White House event where he announced the initiative. “Politicians running many of our cities have put interests of criminals above law-abiding citizens.”
The program is named “Operation Legend” after a four-year-old who was fatally shot while sleeping in a Kansas City apartment last month. Hundreds of federal agents already have been sent to Kansas City to help combat a record increase in violence in that city. 
To give you an idea of how dire things have become in many of America’s cities, even Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a vociferous Trump critic, is reluctantly accepting federal help in her city. 
Pelosi And Biden Stand Up For China
Communist China is under fire from many directions right now. A lot of the growing hostility is due to the recognition around the world that the Chinese communists lied about the coronavirus which began in China and may have leaked from a Chinese bio-weapon lab. This is one of the reasons President Trump refers to the virus as the Chinese coronavirus.
This week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pointedly referred to the virus as the “Trump Virus.” Pelosi’s giving a gift to the Chinese communists. She is helping to bail them out from their current problems. They could not ask for a better aid for their propaganda machine. In fact, the communists have been claiming for months that the U.S./Trump are responsible for the virus. Pelosi should send the Chinese communists an invoice for her invaluable assistance. 
Not to be outdone, Joe Biden, whose family has greatly profited from their Chinese communist connections, jumped into the fray too. 
In a Zoom campaign appearance with three panelists, Biden said this:
"Look what he's [Trump] doing now. He's blaming everything on China. He's blaming everything on the Chinese... and people [U.S. voters] don't make a distinction, as you well know, from a South Korean and someone from Beijing…
"They [U.S. voters] make no distinction, it's Asian. And he's using it as a wedge."
I am not sure what that sentence exactly means, but it is clear that just like Pelosi, Joe Biden is angry that communist China is being blamed for the coronavirus.