The COVID Contrast, A Shocking Coincidence, Confronting Communist China

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The COVID Contrast


The Biden Administration, the radical left and their media allies are getting heavy-handed now with the American people over the coronavirus. Millions who face little risk from COVID, young adults for example, are being demonized by the left. Vaccine mandates and so-called "passports" are being imposed at certain jobs and businesses.


They're criticizing Trump supporters for being hesitant to get vaccinated. That's fake news. There are high levels of unvaccinated people among traditional Democrats too. Today, the CDC announced a new indoor mask mandate. That makes little sense for the millions who are already vaccinated. 


The big teachers' unions are going to make the upcoming school year a nightmare again. They want to mask little five year-old kids who are at virtually no risk at all. Governors who dared to reopen their states were called "Neanderthals." 


Contrast this hostility toward the American people with how the White House is treating communist China. This pandemic is entirely China's fault. But weeks go by without anyone in the Biden Administration criticizing, much less berating, communist China. Biden's too busy kicking American conservatives. 


The virus started in communist China, probably in the notorious Wuhan lab. Communist China lied about it, while allowing its citizens to travel and spread it all over the world. It cornered the market on needed medical equipment. 


Communist China is still refusing to cooperate in efforts to learn the truth about the origins of the virus. But I guarantee that if Biden talks about COVID today, he'll attack you before he criticizes communist China. 


Mr. President, stop attacking your fellow Americans, and start demanding accountability from the communist Chinese who did this to us!




A Shocking Coincidence


Georges Berges is not exactly a household name, but he's a very important guy in one very important household. He's Hunter Biden's art dealer -- the man with sole authority to negotiate prices with anonymous bidders for the "art" produced by the president's son.


We just learned that Berges has significant ties with . . . communist China. He travels to communist China multiple times a year, and is obsessed with gaining influence and credibility there. In a 2015 interview, Berges said:


"My plan is to be the lead guy in China; the lead collector and art dealer discovering and nurturing talent from that region. I plan to find and discover and bring to the rest of the world those I consider China’s next generation of modern artists."


He also parroted Biden's rhetoric, saying, "China's economy is transforming the global economy and everything is changing because of a rising China."


Of course, Berges is Hunter Biden's agent! 


Is this just a coincidence? We all know that Hunter Biden has troubling connections in communist China. There are widespread concerns that Hunter may be compromised in some way by communist China, perhaps explaining why his father's administration is so weak when it comes to dealing with Beijing. 


We reported yesterday that the Biden Justice Department was dropping the charges against five Chinese spies. And the White House is refusing to impose sanctions for China's latest cyberattack.


So, is it really just a coincidence that Hunter Biden has launched his new career as the next Michelangelo of "blow art" through an agent connected to communist China? 


Of all the people in the art world, it is beyond suspicious that this guy is Hunter's agent. 


It wouldn't be shocking at all if we eventually find out that the buyers of Hunter's art are wealthy members of the Chinese Communist Party.


Political corruption often involves funneling money into someone's campaign or trading favors in order to make an officeholder feel beholden to you. Hunter Biden's bizarre new art career goes way beyond that. 


If he sells millions of dollars of art to people from other countries who want influence in the Biden Administration, the money isn't going to the Biden reelection campaign or some foundation like the Clintons set up. It's going directly into the pockets of the Biden family! 


And it's happening at the same time that the communist Chinese just hired a Biden family confidant in Tony Podesta.




Confronting Communist China


Yesterday, we told you that Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman was in China for meetings to negotiate an eventual summit between President Biden and China's communist dictator Xi Jinping. 


For at least the second time now, Chinese officials berated American diplomats about our human rights record, and they also presented a list of "errors" we had to correct in our relationship with Beijing. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi incredibly said the United States needs "a good lesson" in how to treat other nations respectfully.


This is coming from the foreign minister of a country that is threatening to nuke Japan, that is threatening to invade Taiwan, that is threatening Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Vietnam. And not a word of objection for this communist lecture from the White House podium yesterday. 


When are American representatives going to push away from the table and say to the Chinese communists, "When you're ready to deal seriously, let us know. In the meantime, we're not going to let a racist, genocidal nation that is aggressively harassing its neighbors lecture us about anything!"




Liberal Priorities


The left is eagerly putting its radical reconciliation package together, jamming virtually every extreme idea they can into the bill, including a massive amnesty for illegal aliens. Now they are pushing a Civilian Climate Corps (CCC), sponsored by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


One advocate for the new CCC said, "The climate crisis is impacting every aspect of our lives. The only way we're going to fully combat it is if we fully transform every aspect of our society and economy as we know it." 


Modeled after FDR's Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps, the new Climate Corps will pay people $15 an hour to install solar panels, repair beach erosion and perform other green jobs. It will provide them with health care, child care and counseling services, and education grants of $25,000 a year. 


As the Wall Street Journal put it, the Corps is "part green jobs program, part behavioral hectoring squad, part social justice brigade, and part union recruitment effort."


Eighty House and Senate Democrats recently sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Schumer demanding this Climate Corps be included in the reconciliation bill. 


By the way, Joe Biden likes the idea and wants at least $10 billion for it. 


Rest assured, my friends, we are doing everything we can to ensure that AOC's extreme Climate Corps never gets a dime of your hard-earned tax dollars. We are working with friends and allies on Capitol Hill to expose this radical program and defeat the obscene reconciliation bill.




Biden's Crime Crisis


As I have often noted, media bias isn't just how the left spins the news. It's also what they refuse to tell you. Big Media seldom do stories on Biden's border crisis, and now they are doing their best to avoid mentioning the explosion of crime in liberal cities across the country. 


Seventy people were shot in Chicago over the weekend. A senior citizen was brutally beaten in Brooklyn. Former California Senator Barbara Boxer was assaulted and robbed in Oakland.  You would think that would make news. 


But Big Media are protecting Joe Biden and the "defund the police" progressives. ABC and CBS completely ignored the crime crisis on their broadcasts last night, while NBC devoted just 18 seconds to it.