The Divider In Chief, The Missing Suppressed Voters, Division & Diversion

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Divider In Chief


Joe Biden campaigned on a promise to unite the country.  His misleading speech in Georgia yesterday proved what a hollow promise that was.  Biden's remarks were nothing but lies, distortions and division.


He said that if you oppose left-wing efforts to nationalize all elections, giving even more power to Washington leftists, you're a "domestic enemy of the United States." 


He compared conservative critics of his massive power grab to the segregationists of the 1950s.  He demanded senators think about what side of history they are on, saying:


"Do you want to be the side of Dr. King or George Wallace?  . . . Do you want to be on the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?"


Well, Jefferson Davis and George Wallace were Democrats.  Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln were Republicans, and Joe Biden praised George Wallace in the past. 


It's really rich seeing Biden using Martin Luther King to attack conservatives.  The whole point of King's work was to create a country where we are judged based on the content of our character, not the color of our skin.  That's exactly what conservatives believe, and the exact opposite of what today's progressives believe.


Yesterday, Biden declared, "I will defend the right to vote [and] our democracy against all enemies — foreign and, yes, domestic." 


I assure you when he said "domestic enemies," he wasn't referring to radical Islamists.  He meant you and me -- anyone who opposes the socialists who run his administration. 


We know that because the FBI just announced the formation of a new domestic terrorism unit, and the administration is also reportedly building a database of religious objectors to Biden's vaccine mandate. 


Another way I know he doesn't mean radical Islamists is because he just approved the release of five Islamists from Guantanamo Bay prison, men with blood on their hands. 


The last time Biden did that was during the Obama/Biden Administration, and the men he freed then are now members of the Islamist Taliban government, thanks to Biden's horrible retreat from Afghanistan.  Maybe the Taliban had some more government positions they needed to fill.


By the way, the Biden Administration announced yesterday that it is sending another $300 million to Afghanistan, which will prop up the Taliban regime.  Maybe these five terrorists he just freed can take the money "home" to Afghanistan with them.




A Tale Of Two Education Secretaries


Betsy DeVos made history during her time as education secretary.  She had to be under 24/7 protection by the U.S. Marshall Service due to a record number of threats from the radical left, all because she and her family strongly believed in educational choice, a very popular issue.  So, federal agents were assigned to protect her because of the left's hate.


Now we have a new education secretary under Biden, Miquel Cardona, who does the bidding of the teachers' unions and their radical left-wing allies.  He doesn't need federal agents to protect him. 


Remember that outrageous letter from the National School Boards Association (NSBA) accusing concerned parents of being "domestic terrorists?  Well, we just learned that Cardona asked for it on behalf of the Biden White House.  The NSBA gleefully complied, and you know the rest.


There was no "domestic terrorist" threat, so the Biden Administration had to invent one!


The federal agents who used to protect Betsy DeVos from radical leftists are now tracking you and other parents who simply want to stop radical leftists from teaching our children to hate America. 


Just another reason why two-thirds of Americans believe our country is on the wrong track.




The Missing Suppressed Voters


The entire progressive movement and their media allies are promoting a narrative that conservatives are suppressing the vote, that they have been doing so for years and are accelerating their efforts.  Biden calls the commonsense election integrity measures some states have enacted "Jim Crow 2.0."


We live in a country where people are able to demonstrate when they're unhappy.  They have marched for social justice.  Later this month, those who despise abortion, include me, will march in Washington, D.C., and there will be counterdemonstrations by pro-abortion advocates.


But according to the progressive left, millions of minorities are being prohibited from voting.  Really?  Where are the victims of voter suppression? 


Where are the massive crowds in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New Orleans and St. Louis saying they couldn't vote?  Where are all the people on the Sunday talk shows saying they were denied a chance to vote?


As the Wall Street Journal noted, "In 2020, the Census Bureau says, black voter turnout in Georgia was 64%, compared with Massachusetts's 36%."  So, why is the Biden Justice Department suing Georgia instead of Massachusetts? 


Even CNN's Jake Tapper was forced to concede that "[Liberals] only complain about strict voting regulations in red states . . . and not in [blue] states."


The left insists that Trump's questions about 2020 are a hoax. But they parrot the idea that millions of minority Americans are unable to participate in the political system because of voter suppression.  That's absurd.  We elected a black president twice with record minority turnout. 


There are dozens and dozens of black mayors in cities all across America – in Atlanta, Baltimore, Birmingham, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, New Orleans, New York City, Richmond, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.


As the respected numbers cruncher Michael Barone notes, "If anyone has been suppressing votes, they haven't been doing it very well," as turnout has increased by more than 50 million voters over the past 20 years.


The idea that minority Americans are disenfranchised is a hoax on the same level as the Russian collusion hoax!




Division & Diversion


Joe Biden took office pledging to crush COVID.  He failed.


He was all in on his massive "Build Back Broke" bill.  But in all the time he pushed that obscene, socialist spending splurge, it never registered as a major issue Americans cared about. 


COVID is a top concern.  Inflation is top a concern.  Crime is a big worry.  The supply chain crisis is a big concern.  The border crisis is a big concern.  Biden's botched handling of Afghanistan and general weakness on foreign policy is a big concern. 


Yet, all the left was talking about was a massive, $5 trillion socialist wish list.  But now that's lost, too.


Inflation is still a huge problem.  We've got growing shortages and the supply chain crisis is getting worse.  Yet, what has Joe Biden been talking about lately?  January 6th and voter suppression. 


Are the American people worried about either of those issues?  No.  In fact, polls show Donald Trump would defeat Joe Biden in a hypothetical rematch today. 


I have never seen an administration so intent on pushing an agenda so disconnected from the concerns of the American people.  This is a deliberate effort to divide the country, and divert attention away from the administration's growing record of failure on every major issue.




Looking Ahead


I am often asked by grassroots activists and reporters what Donald Trump and Mike Pence will do in the weeks and months ahead.  Making predictions is a tricky business. So, I thought I'd tell you what I am doing!


I am currently serving on former President Trump's Faith Advisory Board and the Advisory Board of Advancing American Freedom (AAF), a public policy group founded by former Vice President Mike Pence. 


In short, I will continue to do what I have always done – offer advice and counsel to top conservatives so we can stay united and achieve great victories for our values and our country.


Thank you for standing with me!