Dobbs At Two, Personnel Is Policy, Pride & Priorities

Monday, June 24, 2024

Dobbs At Two


Two years ago today, the Supreme Court issued the Dobbs decision, overturning Roe v. Wade and ending the fantasy that our Constitution included a “right to abortion.” Ever since 1973, American women have been told about the so-called “right to abortion” and how important it is.


Countless women have been taught that the “right to destroy” a preborn baby makes them “free,” unlike the freedom of speech, the right to assembly, and the freedom of religion. Those rights, which actually are in the Constitution, have been diminished and undermined.


But the Biden administration is doubling down on abortion. It’s sad, but true.


Young women in any urban area are more afraid for their safety than at any point in their lives. Men are taking over women’s sports teams. Men are coming into their bathrooms and locker rooms. Men are demanding they be treated like women because they say they are women.


Young Jewish women can’t walk safely across a university campus in America today. For most young Americans, the idea of owning a home is laughable because Bidenomics is a bust and Bidenflation is busting budgets.


Joe Biden will try his best to keep the American people focused on abortion, but right now their top concerns are the economy, inflation, and illegal immigration.




Personnel Is Policy


Most Americans have no idea who the White House associate communications director is, nor should they be expected to know.


But, as I have mentioned before, there is an old adage in Washington: Personnel is policy. The people selected to work in the administration or in the White House have tremendous influence over policy formation and its implementation.


Here’s why this matters: Tyler Cherry just got a big promotion. The former communications director for the Interior Department now works as the associate communications director in the Biden White House.


Cherry is a radical left-wing activist. He has called for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be abolished. He compared modern-day policing to “slave patrols and lynch mobs.”


He cheered on Hamas in its 2014 war against Israel and called for the U.S. to stop weapons shipments to Israel. He defended anti-Semite Linda Sarsour.


And he is fond of wearing dresses and carrying a purse.


So, there’s yet another radical open borders, anti-capitalist, anti-police, anti-Israel, LGTBQ activist inside the Biden White House helping to formulate policy.


Over the weekend, Cherry claimed that his past remarks when he was younger “do not reflect my current views,” and he vowed to promote Biden’s agenda. Well, maybe Cherry has changed his views, but those past views bear a striking resemblance to Biden’s agenda.


Cherry’s views 10 years ago are revealing, but who he is and what he is doing today are more relevant. This is not the average homosexual man or woman in America. The people Joe Biden has elevated are the fringe of the LGBTQ crowd.




Pride & Priorities


While illegal aliens are raping and murdering American girls and women, “Border Czar” Kamala Harris celebrated “Pride Month” last week by hosting the cast of “Queer Eye” at the White House. Jonathan Van Ness, who claims to be “non-binary” and has a full beard, wore a dress and later spoke from the White House podium.


Now, in a White House where the president is only capable of working a few hours a day, I assume the vice president must be very busy. But while girls and women are being raped and murdered, Harris didn’t want to meet with girls and women, but with gay men and one man pretending to be a woman.


Harris thanked them for a “meaningful conversation” and “giving my office your stamp of approval.”


Like Dylan Mulvaney, Cherry and Van Ness are mocking women. They are doing the modern equivalent of “black face.” They are not women. They are not honoring women. They are mocking women. Yet, this administration claims to be “pro-women,” even as it elevates men who hate and mock women.



The women above -- Rachel Morin (left), Jocelyn Nungaray (center), and Laken Riley (right) -- were murdered, and, in some cases, raped -- by illegal aliens. The White House issued pathetic statements on the deaths of Morin and Nungaray. The statements failed to mention how they died, and the Biden administration failed to accept any responsibility for allowing their murderers into the country.


The men pretending to be women at the bottom are Tyler Cherry (left), who now works at the Biden White House, and Jonathan Van Ness (right), who was feted at the Biden White House.




Meloni v. Biden


If you had to name the two top priorities of the Biden administration -- they would be abortion on demand and whatever the LGBTQ crowd demands next. These are non-negotiable items with the Biden administration.


But these aren’t just domestic issues. Making things even worse is the fact that Joe Biden is pushing all of his extreme views on our allies around the world. And we are losing allies as a result.


In traditional cultures in Africa, the Middle East, and even Europe, they don’t want to go down the left’s road of destroying innocent preborn babies and mutilating children. But in America’s name and in your name, Joe Biden is threatening them.


At G7 summits, they generally issue a joint statement at the end reiterating their accomplishments and principles, so long as every G7 member agrees to every sentence. If anyone objects to a particular line, it doesn’t get included.


Biden wanted language promoting abortion and gender identity as human rights. But Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who graciously pulled Biden back to the other world leaders after he wandered away, blocked that nonsense. And Biden was furious.


So, this radical anti-life and anti-family language wasn’t included in the G7 statement because one conservative woman stood up and said, “No.” Remember that the next time you hear the media describe her as “far-right.”