Dobson vs. Biden, Poll Position, Enemies Of The People

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Dobson vs. Biden


As you know, I am also working with the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute (JDFI) as Senior Vice President of Public Policy.


Working with Dr. James Dobson, Founder Chairman of JDFI, and Joe Waresak, President of JDFI, we recently wrote a devastating letter (with sources) condemning the disastrous policies and radical agenda the Biden/Harris administration is imposing on the American people.


In a statement, the JDFI leadership declared:


“President Biden is facing growing calls to withdraw from the presidential race because of concerns about his diminished mental capacity. Our concern is the deficient and immoral policies that the Biden/Harris administration is implementing using the vast power of the federal government.”


Below is an excerpt from the beginning of the letter, which then goes on to identify several specific issues where Biden’s policies “are irrevocably damaging our country.”


“We write to you with grave concern about the radical agenda your administration is imposing on the American people. When you ran in 2020, a major theme of your campaign was to bring America together. Instead, your actions have indisputably divided the country.


“You and your most dedicated allies in Congress regularly demonize and dehumanize anyone who holds Judeo-Christian or conservative values, as well as anyone who dares to resist your agenda to deconstruct the morals, laws, and freedoms that have sustained our great Republic.”


I know you share many of our concerns, and I urge you to read and sign the letter here. And please share it with your friends and family members.


America is at a tipping point. Men and women of faith must make their voices heard in this critical decision year.




Kamala Goes Gaga For Gaza


While the headlines are fixated on President Biden’s decline, everyone needs to understand that should Democrats force him out, anyone who replaces him will be even more ideologically extreme.


The person most likely to replace Biden is Vice President Kamala Harris, and she is a screaming leftist. For example, in a recent interview with a left-wing media outlet, Harris was asked what she would say to the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, and anti-American college protesters who are demonstrating “against the destruction of Gaza.” Harris answered:


“They are showing exactly what the human emotion should be, as a response to Gaza. . . I don’t mean to wholesale endorse their points. But we have to navigate it. I understand the emotion behind it.”


That’s insane!


The appropriate “human emotion” response to Gaza should be to condemn the Hamas terrorists who slaughtered innocent Israelis, took Israelis hostage, and turned Gaza into a launching pad for attacks against Israel.


There is nothing to “navigate.” PERIOD.


Stop wasting our time trying to “understand the emotion behind” genocidal anti-Semitism!


Start kicking these radical terrorist sympathizers out of our country!




Poll Position


Several post-debate polls have been released in recent days, and the damage to Biden’s candidacy is clear. In fact, Donald Trump leads in 11 out of 12 polls conducted in the aftermath of the debate. And the 12th poll is a tie.


Three media polls – the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and CNN – all showed Trump beating Biden by six points. At this point in the 2020 campaign, Biden had a 9-point lead over Trump.


In addition, new Emerson College poll tested Trump against various potential Biden replacements. Trump beats them all.


  • Kamala Harris loses by 6.
  • Bernie Sanders loses by 6.
  • Al Gore loses by 5.
  • Hillary Clinton loses by 7.
  • Gavin Newsom loses by 8.
  • Pete Buttigieg loses by 10.
  • Elizabeth Warren loses by 10.
  • Gretchen Whitmer loses by 10.
  • Josh Shapiro loses by 8.


This was a national poll of people all over the country. But we don’t elect presidents based on the popular vote. What really matters are the seven battleground states – Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – that will determine the outcome in the Electoral College.


Polling shows Donald Trump is currently leading in all seven decisive battleground states.


And speaking of “battleground states,” New York may be emerging as another potential battleground. Perhaps that’s why New York Democrat Pat Ryan today urged Biden to step down, becoming the eighth congressional Democrat to do so.


Ryan’s comments come on the heels of Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) saying publicly that Joe Biden can’t win in November, the first Senate Democrat to publicly break ranks.




They Won’t Go


In spite of all the outside pressure, it seems pretty clear that the Biden family is dug in and won’t leave the White House.


Dr. Jill” doesn’t want to give up the special life she leads. She doesn’t want to go back to a slow life in Delaware. And there are reports that Hunter Biden is now the “acting White House Chief of Staff.”


There is a growing consensus that it is virtually impossible to push Biden out. But there is one scenario that is being whispered about that could force them out.


Imagine that a whistleblower inside the White House was to come forward and say, “I love Joe Biden. But this man has not been president for some time now. If the American people had any idea what was going on and the operation we had to smear anyone who asked questions, the country would be outraged.”


Short of that, I think Biden will survive the coup against his candidacy.




Enemies Of The People


Donald Trump was roundly condemned for referring to the left-wing media as “enemies of the people.” But their fake news, from the Russia hoax to labeling Hunter’s laptop as “disinformation,” was a tremendous disservice to the American people.


Well, however much you despise what we laughably call “the media,” the feeling you have is not strong enough for what they have done and continue to do year after year.


Multiple people in the media know what’s going on and have known. But they saw their job not as objectively reporting the news, but instead as protecting Joe Biden. So, they attacked anyone who tried to point out the obvious as “conspiracy nuts” or “pushing disinformation” until even they couldn’t deny it any longer.


Now, they have turned on a dime, and they are “shocked” to find Joe Biden in such poor health.




Trump’s Strategy


Stop for a moment and think about the headlines from the past few weeks. Ever since the June debate, the news has been dominated by the growing divisions within the Democrat Party.


The entire Republican Party is united behind Donald Trump, as evidenced by Nikki Haley’s statement yesterday. Haley formally released all her convention delegates and instructed them to vote for Donald Trump, saying this “is a time for Republican unity.”


I can’t imagine how depressed the Never Trumpers must be right now.


Donald Trump seems to have found a solid strategy lately. He is constantly being told what he must do by the GOP establishment and the consulting class. But his political instincts would appear to be much sharper.


Against the advice of many, Trump accepted that debate invitation that was clearly stacked against him. It was being hosted by hostile CNN. The Biden campaign dictated the rules. The moderators were known Trump-haters.


Trump went into the debate and did what everyone said he couldn’t do. He stayed calm, made his points, and let Biden melt down on national television. And he was relatively quiet in the following days.


Now, he is proving again why he is so different from establishment Republicans, who often sound like accountants. No offense to accountants. Your work is invaluable. But it doesn’t inspire a nation.


Trump did something no one else would do: He challenged Joe Biden to a golf match and pledged to give $1 million to a charity if Biden won. He also challenged Biden to a debate with no moderators – just the two of them outlining their visions for America.


Trump won the GOP nomination and the White House in 2016 because the American people were sick and tired of “politics as usual” and looking for something different. Donald Trump was an unconventional candidate who didn’t kowtow to the political establishment then, and he remains so today.