Election Results, Speaking Of Values, Pro-Abortion Terrorism

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Election Results


There were a number of interesting results from last night’s primary elections. Once again, Donald Trump’s endorsement remains a tremendous asset for Republican candidates. His endorsement record now stands at 129-8.


While former State Representative Katie Arrington, Trump’s endorsed candidate in South Carolina’s First Congressional District, fell short in her primary challenge to Rep. Nancy Mace, the results were very different in another key South Carolina contest.


The Seventh Congressional District is currently held by Rep. Tom Rice. Trump carried the district with 60% of the vote, but Rice was one of just 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump after he left office. The conservative voters of the Seventh District clearly felt Rice was out-of-touch.


Last night, Rice wasn’t just defeated, he was trounced by 26 points. The five-term congressman barely got a quarter of the vote in his primary against Trump-endorsed State Representative Russell Fry. Rice is now the fifth GOP incumbent who supported the second impeachment effort against Trump to either lose a primary or retire out of fear of losing. 


In Nevada, former Attorney General Adam Laxalt, son of the late-Sen. Paul Laxalt (one of Ronald Reagan’s closest advisers), easily prevailed in the Republican Senate primary. 


The media tried to make this contest a real horse race, suggesting it was a serious test of Trump’s strength and that his endorsed candidate might lose. Well, Laxalt won by 22 points. He will face Democrat Senator Catherine Cortez Matso in November.


The biggest surprise of the night came in a special election for the open 34th Congressional District in south Texas, where a Democrat incumbent retired early. 


At first glance, this heavily Hispanic district that Barack Obama won by 23 points and that Hillary Clinton won by 22 points would not appear to be competitive. But last night, Mayra Flores won the special election by eight points, becoming the first Republican to represent the Rio Grande Valley since Reconstruction.


One MSNBC analyst described what is happening in south Texas as a “political earthquake” and a “five alarm fire for Democrats.” He warned that these heavily Hispanic counties “will be voting like West Virginia.”


Flores ran as a strong pro-life, conservative. I couldn’t help but notice that she attributed her victory in this heavily Mexican-American district to God and to the “values of faith, family and freedom.” 


Dr. James Dobson and I popularized that phrase many years ago, and I am pleased to see more and more candidates embracing it today.




Speaking Of Values. . .


President Joe Biden is celebrating “Pride Month” today with a new executive order. Biden’s new order, among other things, directs various federal agencies to expand LGBTQ+ youth programs, including in the public schools. This is being done to counter state-level initiatives meant to bolster parental rights.


Once again, we see how the radical left is using the brute force of big government to force its morality on everyone, and to assault the family by driving a wedge between parents and their children.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently went on a bizarre cable TV show called “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and declared that men in dresses are “what America is all about.” She couldn’t find the time over the past month to bring up the legislation providing extra security for Supreme Court justices, but she had time for RuPaul and his drag queens. (See next item.)


She told the men in makeup, "With the midterm elections coming up, it is very important for people to make their voices and their vote heard.” I couldn’t agree more.



Sorry, Nancy, but America was not founded for drag queens. America was founded on the idea of ordered liberty under God. 


The founders would have been horrified by the idea that abortion somehow fit into the words they wrote in our Constitution. They would also reject the idea that the country they sacrificed their blood and treasure for exists for drag shows.


It’s no surprise that only 13% of Americans have a positive feeling about the state of moral values in the country today.




What Were They Thinking?


What were the 27 House progressives thinking yesterday when they opposed the bipartisan bill to provide extra security to Supreme Court justices and their families? 


There was an unprecedented breach of ethics at the court six weeks ago. Ever since there have been mobs protesting in front of the justices’ homes. There’s been violence against pro-life groups and churches. And one would-be assassin was arrested near the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


Who are the 27 politicians who don’t seem to care about the justices’ safety or that of their children in this atmosphere? 


Well, it won’t surprise you to learn that they are some of the most far-left members of Congress. This group would be comfortable serving in the legislature of communist Cuba or Venezuela. Yes, Marxism is alive and well in the halls of Congress. 


If something happened to one of the conservative justices, some of these people would be looney enough to applaud.




Pro-Abortion Terrorism


In the six weeks since Justice Alito’s draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked to the media, dozens of pro-life organizations have been flooded with death threats, vandalized, attacked or firebombed. 


Catholic leaders have been warned of credible threats against clergy. The office of a pro-life state representative and another crisis pregnancy center were firebombed this week. 


This pro-abortion terrorism is a national scandal and a crisis in its own way. Meanwhile in New York, the pro-abortion governor set aside millions of dollars to provide additional security for abortion clinics


I hope conservative, pro-life states take notice and provide additional security for crisis pregnancy centers. These centers serve women in need. They expose the lie of the abortion crowd that claims to champion “choice.” The left is constantly trying to shut down these centers that support the choice of life.


Pro-life organizations have been firebombed in four states – New York, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. Liberal elected officials in those states have generally not uttered a word of condemnation. 



ACTION ITEM: If you live in one of these four states, please call the Capitol Hill switchboard today at 202-224-3121. Ask your congressman and senators to email their statements condemning the violence against pro-life organizations. If they say they haven’t issued one, demand that they do so. 


I’d be curious to know what kind of response you get.