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More Open Borders Victims, Trump Gets It, Defending Faith, Family, & Freedom

More Open Borders Victims


It’s happened again. An innocent American was brutally murdered by two illegal aliens from Venezuela. Tragically, the victim in this case was a 12 year-old girl in Texas.


Poll Position, Biden vs. Obama, Fauci's Follies

Poll Position


Earlier in the week, I urged readers not to put too much faith in the presidential polling at this point. So much can change between now and November. Well, the latest Fox News poll offers a cautionary tale.


Biden’s Latest Amnesty, We Must Secure The Border, The Neo-Marxist Threat To Freedom

Biden’s Latest Amnesty


The Biden administration’s ideological commitment to open borders is stunning. On the day when the arrest of an illegal alien who raped a 13 year-old girl was making headlines, Joe Biden announced a new amnesty for at least 500,000 illegal aliens.


Intelligence Insanity, The War On Normalcy, The Persecution Continues

Intelligence Insanity


There is growing resistance to the left’s woke insanity. We saw it last year in the tremendous backlash against Bud Light and Target.


I am also hearing more liberals say they are done with today’s “progressive left” because it has just gone crazy. The latest example is what’s happening during -- drum roll – “Pride” month.


Biden's War On Women, Hollywood Loves Biden, Trump & The Black Vote

Biden’s War On Women


Rachel Morin, a mother of five, was out hiking in Harford County, Maryland, north of Baltimore, when she was brutally murdered by an illegal alien. She was the second woman in two years to be killed in Harford County by an illegal alien. This is happening far too often. Some incidents make the news, some don’t.


Trump To D.C., Supreme Disappointment, Meanderer-In-Chief

Trump To D.C.


Former President Donald Trump came to Washington, D.C., yesterday to meet with Republican members of Congress to bring the Republican Party together.


Trump praised Mitch McConnell. He jokingly asked Marjorie Taylor Greene if she was being nice to Speaker Mike Johnson. That was likely Trump’s way of telling her, “Hey, it’s an election year. We’re all on the same team.”


Another Terrorist Arrested, Contemptuous Garland, He Can't Swin

Another Terrorist Arrested


Around 1:30 AM yesterday morning, New York City police officers pulled over an SUV with obstructed license plates.


When officers searched the vehicle, they found an arsenal of weapons: a loaded gun with nine loaded magazines, NYPD gear including body armor, knives, handcuffs, a blow torch, and a Metropolitan Transportation Authority vest. Needless to say, the driver, Judd Sanson, was arrested.

Biden's Border Threat, Rising Religious Bigotry, Hamas Is Evil

Biden’s Border Threat


Hunter Guilty, No Remorse, The Culture War

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty


Hunter Biden was found guilty today on three felony gun charges. It would have been an egregious example of what is called “jury nullification” if the jurors deliberately ignored the facts of the case and refused to convict.


It was crystal clear that Hunter lied about not being on drugs when he filled out a federal form in order to illegally purchase a gun.


What Happened In Washington, Biden's Bogus Order, Biden's Green Military

What Happened In Washington