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Teaching Our Children, Fighting The Globalists, Remembering D-Day

Teaching Our Children


Kowtowing To Communist China, We're Winning, What Is A Woman

Kowtowing To Communist China


After The Fall, Embracing The Radical Fringe, Punishing The Poor

After The Fall


House Passes Debt Deal, Confronting Communist China, Pride Goes Before The Fall

Breaking News


The Debt Limit Deal, Taking On Target, The Left’s Assault On Normalcy

Debt Deal Advances


The Debt Limit Deal, Taking On Target, The Left’s Assault On Normalcy

The Debt Limit Deal


After a couple of weeks of hard negotiating, President Joe Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy came to an agreement over the Memorial Day weekend on raising the debt limit. Serious members of the Freedom Caucus and many of the best conservatives in Congress are upset by this deal


Capitalists Gone Crazy, Communist China Strikes Again, DeSantis DeFlated

Capitalists Gone Crazy


What in the world has happened to corporate America?


Graham’s Warning, McCarthy’s Message, Ron Is Running

Graham’s Warning


More Biden Corruption, The Disappointing Dodgers, Throwing Shade On The Sunshine State

More Biden Corruption


It’s clear from the Durham report and from several unfortunate recent events that the once iconic FBI has been hijacked by left-wing ideologues and weaponized against conservative Americans. 


If the Bureau isn’t attempting to run interference for progressive presidential candidates, it’s smearing Donald Trump, spying on concerned parents and conservative Catholics or persecuting pro-life activists! 


Our Silly President, Debt Ceiling Showdown, More FBI Corruption

Our Silly President