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Biden vs. Science, The Pentagon's Second Retreat, A Tale Of Two Phone Calls

Biden vs. Science


A Victory Lap, Our Taliban Partners, Biden vs. Gold Star Families

A Victory Lap? Seriously?


Virtually no one in America is proud of how we left Afghanistan. In spite of the heroism of 6,000 U.S. troops and the sacrificial deaths of 13 military personnel, Biden's Afghanistan fiasco has deeply demoralized the country. 


But our tone-deaf president angrily went to a microphone yesterday to do a victory lap around all the unnecessary pain, suffering and betrayal that he set into motion.


The Kabul Airport, The Dover Airport, The Fallout Begins

The Kabul Airport


Yesterday, just before 3:30 PM ET, the last of our heroic soldiers left Kabul.  The last American soldier to board the last U.S. flight out of Afghanistan was Major General Chris Donahue, commander of the 82nd Airborne Division.


The 300, Returning Home, The American Spirit

The 300


Kabul Update, Trump Responds, Biden's Eviction Crisis

Kabul Update


Afghan officials report that 169 people were killed in yesterday's attack at the Kabul airport. Among them were 13 U.S. military personnel. Eighteen servicemen were injured. 


Chaos In Kabul, All About Islam, What About The Americans

Chaos In Kabul


Biden Surrenders, America Last, Supreme Smackdown

Special Note


As you will read below, the damage the Biden Administration is doing to America is incalculable. American Values is fighting on more fronts than I can ever recall in all my years in Washington. 


We desperately need your help today!


Biden Surrenders, The Refugee Issue , Common Sense & Compassion

Biden Surrenders


This is a sad day, my friends. Joe Biden has surrendered to the Taliban.


It has been clear for days now that the Biden Administration so badly botched its Afghanistan withdrawal plan that it had no plans to safely rescue all Americans in the country by August 31st. And I'm not the only one saying that.


Biden's Bungled Retreat, Plummeting Polls, The Deep State Attacks

Biden's Bungled Retreat


As President Biden's botched withdrawal plan goes from bad to worse, the White House is in full damage control mode. The president who intended to continue his summer vacation was forced to address the nation again over the weekend.


Yet every time Biden speaks, he makes it worse. And administration officials don't even seem to be talking to each other. For example, Biden has repeatedly justified his hasty retreat by claiming that Al Qaeda is no longer in Afghanistan. He's wrong. 


Biden's Hostage Crisis, Today's Disaster Headlines, Alienating Our Allies

Biden's Hostage Crisis


I warned yesterday that we could be facing the worst hostage crisis in our nation's history. I thought about it some more, and it occurred to me that we are already facing the worst hostage crisis in our nation's history. 


Thousands of Americans are trapped in what is now enemy territory. Many are hundreds of miles from Kabul. And our own leaders are already talking about these trapped Americans as if they are hostages.