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America Last, Joe In Jeopardy, A Hedge Of Protection

As we noted yesterday, pallets of baby formula have been discovered at detention facilities along the southern border while American stores shelves are empty and parents coast to coast are panicking.

America's baby formula crisis is quickly becoming a symbol of Biden's "Make America Last" administration. No formula for your babies, but illegal aliens are first in line.

Of course, the Biden Administration claims they are required by law to provide illegal aliens everything they need – whether it's free health care, free hotel rooms, free lawyers, free travel, free education or free baby formula.

But when Joe Biden took the oath of office, he swore to protect and defend the American people, not the people of the world who broke our laws by entering the country illegally.

Biden's Formula Crisis, The Left's Pro-Abortion Extremism

America's baby formula crisis is continuing with no end in sight. It's almost impossible to imagine the anxiety that parents with newborns, as well as pregnant women just days away from their due dates, are feeling right now knowing there may not be an adequate food supply for their infants.

There are stories emerging all over the country of desperate moms and dads driving for hours, burning Joe Biden's $4.50 a gallon gas, trying to find a store with baby formula for their infants.

Life vs. Death, The Double Standard, More Bidenflation

Life vs. Death


Thanks to a leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court, America is in the midst of a great national debate over abortion. That debate has revealed some tremendous ignorance and confusion.


"God killed His son, so why can't I abort my baby?" That was the shocking sign carried by a young female protester, furious that her "right" to destroy a preborn baby was in jeopardy. 


That sign is all the evidence needed to demonstrate that we are in a spiritual battle more than a constitutional struggle.


Pro-Abortion Extremism, Biden v. Scott, Scott v. Yellin

Pro-Abortion Extremism


With the full blessing of the Biden White House, Senate liberals are attempting to pass federal legislation to codify Roe v. Wade, creating a nationwide abortion law. 


The bill, which is expected to be voted on tomorrow, is called the Women's Health Protection Act. It has nothing to do with women's health or health care.


BREAKING NEWS, Maher's Revelation, Another Biden Crisis

BREAKING NEWS – Supreme Court Compromises On Abortion


I bet that headline got your attention! 


No, the conservative justices haven't backed down from Samuel Alito's draft opinion. (Not yet at least.) A Washington Post story over the weekend confirms that the conservative majority needed to "overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey remains intact." 


A Left-wing Insurrection, President "Unity" Suddenly Silent, Biden's Bad Economy

A Left-wing Insurrection


Biden's Basket Of Deplorables, Speaking Of Extreme, The Senate Appeasement Caucus

Biden's Basket Of Deplorables


A Big Night For America First, Left-wing Lies, Women Are Back

A Big Night For America First


Yesterday proved yet again that the most important endorsement any conservative candidate can receive is from Donald J. Trump. There's no one else who comes close in their ability to move the needle and impact elections. 


The big race everyone was watching last night was the Ohio Senate primary. J.D. Vance, author of "Hillbilly Elegy," won handily in a crowded field. 


The Culture War Explodes, Compromising The Court

The Culture War Explodes


The great cultural conflict that is rending America is a war. Thank God it is usually not violent. But occasionally it has been, as we saw in the summer of 2020. Sadly, the risk of it becoming more violent grows every day. 


Make no mistake about it, my friends. The left is out to conquer the America that our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us. They intend to replace it with an authoritarian socialist regime in which any dissenting voices will be smashed, isolated and punished.


The Biden Bump, Biden's War, Homeland Insecurity

The Biden Bump


I spent the weekend monitoring the news, and heard far too many GOP consultants and politicians talking about how they're going to sweep everything this November.  As the campaign season goes, we're still early in the first quarter, but they're already spiking the football!