Falling Below 40, The Fallout, The Transformation Of America

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Falling Below 40


No, this isn't an item about the weather or climate change, although it is about the changing political climate in America. 


In yesterday's report, I outlined the rough start to the Biden presidency – how in less than eight months Biden went from sky-high approval ratings and hopes of a return to normalcy to disaster and division.


As one columnist put it, "Joe Biden went full Carter faster than Jimmy did!" It took Jimmy Carter four years to wreck the economy and have a major foreign policy disaster. Biden did it in less than eight months.


Well, Biden's collapse continues. The latest Economist/YouGov poll is nothing but bad news for the White House. For example:


·     Biden's overall approval rating fell to a new low of 39%. 

·     Only 26% of Americans believe the country is on the right track.

·     Even fewer (21%) rate the economy as "good" or "excellent."

·     Only 25% of Americans view Biden as "moderate," while 52% see him as "liberal" or "very liberal."

·     58% of Americans view Biden as a "weak leader."

·     Asked if Biden could unite the country, only 17% said "yes," while 57% said "no."

·     Only 30% of Americans support Joe Biden's extreme, "no restrictions" pro-abortion position, while 70% of Americans favor banning or restricting abortion.




The Fallout


The fallout from Biden's catastrophic collapse and the frequency of his verbal gaffes is starting to unnerve White House aides and Democrat strategists. The left-wing media outlet Politico has published two unflattering reports in as many days about the "Biden-induced anxiety" that is gripping the liberal establishment.


For example, numerous White House aides reportedly mute televisions or turn them off rather than listen to the president whenever he speaks live. Why? Because they are terrified of what he might say.


Meanwhile, Democrat strategists are waking up at night, haunted by the "ghost of shellackings past." They remember 1994 and 2010, and they fear it's "deja vu all over again." Just consider these quotes:


"There's no good news here. This is all on his watch."


"When Biden was elected, it was supposed to be, 'Oh, the adults are back in the room to take charge.' It turns out, we can't do anything."


"It feels like the apocalypse sometimes when you wake up and turn on the news."




Biden's Big Endorsement


Joe Biden got a major endorsement yesterday, although I'm not sure it will reverse his plunging poll ratings. In fact, it could make them worse. 


Fort Hood jihadist Nidal Hasan expressed his full support for Biden's surrender in Afghanistan. Through his lawyer, Hasan issued a statement praising Allah and declaring, "We Have Won!!!"


This has not been a good week for Joe Biden. 


·     He was attacked by a left-wing senator.

·     His domestic agenda is in serious jeopardy.

·     His State Department was caught blocking flights for Americans stranded in Afghanistan.

·     And, in case you had forgotten about Nidal Hasan, he's back, praising Biden's humiliation of the United States at the hands of the Taliban.


Hasan is a reminder of what has been going on in our military for years. He was a "known wolf." He was a military psychologist who "counseled" troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan by telling them they were war criminals. 


Numerous soldiers reported his outrageous behavior, but no one higher up the chain of command dared to do anything about it.  They wouldn't act because the message even back in 2009 was that we needed more "diversity" in the military.


Well, I think we need more patriots, people who love America, in the military. That should be the goal – that our soldiers love America. But somehow the idea that "diversity is our strength" was allowed to trump patriotism, and a radical Muslim killed 14 Americans at Fort Hood. 




The Transformation Of America


I saw a report earlier this week that I just didn't want to believe – the National Archives put a "trigger warning" on the Constitution. We checked it out and, sadly, it's true. 


There's a "Harmful Language Alert" posted on the web page featuring the Constitution, warning of "content that may be harmful or difficult to view" and "may reflect outdated, biased, offensive, and possibly violent views and opinions." 


I'm sure it would be very illuminating if the "experts" at the National Archives would go a step further and highlight exactly which parts of the Constitution are "outdated, biased, offensive and violent."


The fact that this is happening at all is evidence of what has been happening to our children in our taxpayer-funded public schools and on our taxpayer-funded university campuses for too many years. 


The radical left is so confident that they have turned enough people against America that they think they can get away with labeling our founding documents as "outdated, biased, offensive and violent." (It also shows they are confident that this White House won't push back.)


My friends, this is not just a little thing. Little things have been done over and over again for decades, and now we're dying the death of a thousand cuts.


When the Marxist left says it intends to "fundamentally transform America," we have got to take them seriously!




Left-wing Hate


Larry Elder, the conservative black talk show host and candidate for governor of California, was assaulted yesterday while visiting a homeless encampment. 


What's most significant about the attack is that a white woman wearing a gorilla mask was the most aggressive in attacking a black man. Other intolerant progressives in the crowd could be heard yelling, "Get out of here, boy!"


So, let's do the usual infuriating mental exercise. 


Just imagine if any black politician – Cory Booker, Jim Clyburn, Keith Ellison – was attacked by a white conservative in a monkey mask while other conservatives yelled, "Get out of here, boy!" 


We would be in the middle of a 24/7 news cycle about the "explosion of white supremacy in America" that would push the American hostages in Afghanistan off the front pages. 


Regardless of political affiliation, this disgusting racist attack should outrage everyone!


But the "mainstream media" gave it a collective yawn, as if racism against conservatives is somehow acceptable. 


If the left didn't have double standards, it wouldn't have any standards at all.