The Fallout Continues, Speaking Of Wrong, Creating A Crisis

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The Fallout Continues


The fallout from Joe Biden’s meandering and unfocused “60 Minutes” interview continues.  As we noted in yesterday’s report, his inflation gaffe got the most coverage. 


By the way, the Pentagon has told our brave men and women in the military, whose pay is not keeping up with inflation, to go get food stamps.  That’s enough to make any patriot cry. 


But Biden made several problematic comments.  For example:


Biden said the COVID pandemic is over.  While the American people have certainly moved on, members of the military are still battling vaccine mandates.  New York just fired hundreds of teachers


Plus, the pandemic was Biden’s excuse for making hundreds of billions of dollars of student loan debt magically disappear.   


Biden made a serious gaffe about Taiwan, saying the U.S. would commit troops to defend the island if it was attacked by communist China.  This was the fourth time Biden has apparently shifted U.S. policy on Taiwan.  And every time an unnamed U.S. official has had to walk back his comments or correct the record. 


Who is this “unnamed official” who can overrule the president?  Did Hillary Clinton sneak into the White House through the back door?  Is it Jill Biden or Kamala Harris? 


Does the president even realize he was wrong? 




Speaking Of Wrong. . .


Joe Biden wasn’t the only one who made disturbing comments on “60 Minutes” this weekend. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi told the CBS News program that he wasn’t entirely sure about that whole Holocaust thing. 


Asked if he believed that six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, Raisi replied, “There are some signs that it happened. If so, they should allow it to be investigated and researched.”


Earlier this year, Joe Biden said, “We must reject those who try to deny the Holocaust or to distort its history for their own ends.  We recognize that, just as the Holocaust was an act of pure anti-Semitism, so too Holocaust denial is a form of anti-Semitism.”


Of course, I agree completely.  Every decent person does.


So, why is Biden allowing Raisi, who oversaw the executions of thousands of Iranians, to come into the country to address the United Nations this week? 


Why is Biden trying to reward this Holocaust denier with a new nuclear deal, giving the tyrants of Tehran billions of dollars in sanctions relief?


The only thing worse than a Holocaust denier is a Holocaust denier with nuclear weapons!




Creating A Crisis


In recent days, President Biden and his top officials have been telling the country that domestic terrorism rooted in white supremacy is the greatest threat to the country.  FBI whistleblowers dispute that, insisting that they can’t find the evidence to support the White House’s false narrative. 


Here’s the latest update on this brewing scandal:  According to Rep. Jim Jordan, the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, the FBI’s Washington office has ordered field offices around the country to open domestic terrorism investigations into individuals who were on the Capitol Hill grounds on January 6th. 


Keep in mind that the January 6th investigation is being managed by the FBI’s Washington Field Office.  So, why are they ordering other offices to launch duplicate investigations? 


Jordan says they are “cooking the books,” desperately trying to inflate the number of “domestic extremism” investigations.  “They’re willing to pull agents from child trafficking cases to foster this narrative,” Jordan told Tucker Carlson.


Rep. Jordan is demanding FBI Director Christopher Wray explain this “manipulative case-file practice” that allows the FBI to “create the illusion” of widespread threats when in fact they are all coming from the same source – the January 6th investigation.


If these allegations are true, the Biden Justice Department is deliberately smearing the country and fanning the flames of racial discord.  If this can be proven, it’s a national scandal that warrants impeachment.


And here’s a disturbing thought:  Biden has said repeatedly that domestic extremists are threatening our democracy.  What if he declares a national emergency around the idea that “domestic extremists” are threatening the November elections?  No doubt the January 6th Committee is getting ready to release its own “October surprise” in the form of a “bombshell report” right before the midterm elections. 


Conservative governors had better be prepared to quickly go into court to prevent Merrick Garland from nationalizing our election procedures.




Another Brewing Crisis


There’s growing alarm over a real brewing crisis -- the beer industry is facing a shortage of carbon dioxide. 


Evidently, much of the carbon dioxide used in the production of beer comes from the Jackson Dome, an extinct volcano in Mississippi, which has been experiencing significant problems with natural contamination.  Small breweries in some parts of the country are scaling back production as a result of this lost supply.


As someone who grew up in a town of 30,000 people with three breweries, I’ll just say this:  Biden may be able to survive the baby formula shortage, but if there’s a beer shortage all bets are off!




National Voter Registration Day


Today is National Voter Registration Day.  Voting is how we make our voice heard.  Your voice and your vote matters.  But you can’t vote unless you’re registered.


Voter registration deadlines are approaching fast in many states.  Please take a moment today to make sure that you and all your friends and family members are registered to vote.  You can do so quickly and easily at