FBI Corruption On Display, Distraction & Division, More Left-wing Lunacy

Thursday, May 18, 2023

FBI Corruption On Display


The House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government heard critically important testimony from multiple FBI whistleblowers today. These men are heroes and patriots. 


They are decorated veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. They served in local law enforcement. They prosecuted child sex crimes, and protected us from terrorists. They received numerous awards from the FBI, even the “Employee of the Year” award.


But for having the courage to report clear abuses and the politicization of the agency to their superiors, they were all severely punished


They were suspended without pay. Their security clearances were revoked. The Bureau is even preventing these men from obtaining outside employment. The Biden Administration is destroying their families financially, and ruining their lives. 


They are making examples out of them to intimidate other agents and potential whistleblowers into silence.


One of the most egregious abuses that the whistleblowers exposed is how the FBI, under pressure from the Biden White House, was inflating domestic terrorism cases. Consider this example: 


·     Two buses with 140 people traveled from the Boston area to Washington, D.C., to participate in legally protected rallies on January 6th. 


·     But because two people from that group later entered the Capitol Building, the FBI’s Washington Field office ordered the FBI’s Boston office to launch domestic terrorism investigations on all of the remaining 138 people.


·     Thus, two cases of “domestic terrorism” suddenly turned into 140 cases.


This “process” was repeated by other FBI field office, so that one event in Washington, D.C., on January 6th, suddenly turned into hundreds of “domestic terrorism” investigations all over the country.


This intentional distortion of statistics to support Biden’s lies and demagoguery about “right-wing extremism,” “ultra-MAGA semi-fascism,” Christian nationalism” or whatever else he’s peddling is beyond disgusting. It’s sickening propaganda that would make Stalin or Goebbels blush! 


Of course, the “lamestream” media will likely ignore this testimony, proving yet again that we do not have a free and independent press. Our media is little more than the state propaganda arm of the Biden/Harris regime.


That’s why your support for our work to bring you these daily reports and to defend our values is so important. 


Please help me defend Faith, Family and Freedom in these difficult and challenging times!




Distraction & Division


While House Republicans were focused on exposing government corruption and abuse, progressives on the committee engaged in absurd distractions and revealed yet again their intent to divide the country.


They alleged that the witnesses were not legitimate whistleblowers. They whined about the committee’s rules and made repeated ridiculous parliamentary inquiries to waste time. 


But the opening statement of the ranking Democrat, Del. Stacey Plaskett (D-VI), was very revealing. It not only set the stage for the antics of her leftist colleagues, it also exposed the mindset of the left and why this very committee even exists at all. She said:


“This hearing is evidence that MAGA Republicans are a threat to the rule of law in America. . . This is defund the police on steroids.” 


She also attacked the witnesses as “threats to our national security, who out of malice or ignorance, put partisan agenda above their oath to protect this country and its national security.”


This is how the left now views conservatives – as threats to democracy, threats to America, as “domestic terrorists” who must be rooted out. 


Whether you’re a parent at a school board meeting, a pro-life activist. a conservative Catholic attending mass or a dedicated public servant -- You (and your values) are enemies of the neo-Marxist state and you must be crushed. 


That’s exactly how left-wing authoritarian regimes throughout history have always operated. And, as usual, they are accusing us of doing exactly what they are doing – defunding the police.


My friends, how do you compromise with that? Where’s the common ground with the intolerance that seeks to weaponize Big Government and criminalize politics?


On the bright side, it was refreshing to see Rep. Harriett Hageman on the committee representing the people of Wyoming, instead of Liz Cheney. 




The Real Threat


I have made this point before, but it bears repeating again: The real threat to democracy and to our constitutional Republic is not a few yahoos trespassing in Nancy Pelosi’s office or the business of Congress being delayed a few hours. 


Don’t misunderstand me: What happened inside the Capitol Building on January 6th was terrible. It never should have happened. And anyone who assaulted a police officer and destroyed public property should be prosecuted.


But that’s nothing compared to what the American people suffered through during the riots of 2020. 


Dozens of Americans were killed. Businesses and livelihoods were destroyed. Courthouses and churches were firebombed. Police stations were burned to the ground. The White House was attacked and scores of Secret Service agents were injured.


The left celebrated that violence. The media called it “mostly peaceful.”


No, the real threat to our Republic is the corruption of federal law enforcement and the arrogant abuse of power that House Republicans are now exposing. 


It’s a Deep State that thinks it gets to decide what truth is and who our leaders are.


America can survive riots. But we cannot survive corruption that undermines the rule of law, shreds our Constitution, makes a mockery of our elections and turns the “land of the free” into a police state.


Writing in the Wall Street Journal, retired FBI Special Agent Thomas Baker warns that the Durham report exposed “a cultural rot, not merely the work of a few bad apples.” 


He’s absolutely right. And we must get this right. America is at a tipping point. 


Whether this nation survives as a “shining city upon a hill” or goes the way of Sodom and Gomorrah will likely be decided over the course of the next 18 months.




Mixed Messages


Former DNC Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz went on MSNBC to explain why her party is all in on open borders and illegal immigration: We need vegetable pickers and construction workers. Never mind that employing illegal aliens is, well, illegal.


Meanwhile, Rep. Lou Correa, the ranking Democrat on the House Border Security and Enforcement Subcommittee, said this about illegal immigration: 


“It’s not about a number at the border. It’s about trying to figure out how we kickstart these economies around the world and how to get people to stay home.”


If a conservative said that, they’d be accused of bigotry and xenophobia!


But which is it: Do we need illegal aliens to “do the jobs Americans won’t do,” or do we need them to stay home? And exactly why is it the responsibility of American taxpayers to “kickstart” other economies around the world? 


This is just another example of the left putting America last. Our immigration policies should put American workers, not illegal aliens, first! We should be looking out for our economy, not everyone else’s!


Speaking of mixed messages and putting America last, Joe Biden just vetoed bipartisan legislation that maintained tariffs on Chinese solar panels, often made with slave labor. 


Progressives are trying to fundamentally transform the American economy by forcing so-called “green energy” on us. But “Beijing Biden” is doing his best to empower communist China by making us dependent on a communist enemy for energy. 




More Left-wing Lunacy


·     After an intense backlash, the Los Angeles Dodgers canceled a “Pride Night” appearance by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a virulently anti-Catholic group of drag queens. Whoever thought this was an appropriate act for Dodgers Stadium should be fired.


·     New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy suggested that he was willing to disobey the Supreme Court to ensure easy access to abortion pills in order to “save lives.”  Maybe someone should explain to the governor how these pills work.


·     A socialist on the Denver City Council wants to tax white-owned businesses and redistribute those revenues to black and brown-owned businesses.


·     Socialist Squad member Cori Bush just introduced legislation calling for approximately $300,000 in reparations for every black American. The Washington Post’s “race and ethnicity reporter” wrote a lengthy story on Bush’s legislation, as if her demand for $14 trillion (yes, that’s trillion with a “T”) in reparations was actually a serious proposal. I urge Speaker McCarthy to bring up Bush’s bill for a vote as soon as possible! Let’s find out how many politicians support this insanity.


·     Speaking of insanity, leftist bureaucrats in Massachusetts wants to put parents in jail if they don’t affirm their child’s gender delusions.


Young women at a University of Wyoming sorority are “living in constant fear” of the 6-foot-2, 260 pound transgender “sister” who has access to their living quarters and bathrooms. It’s bad enough that woke university officials are tolerating this, but why are parents and University of Wyoming alumni putting up with it?