Government Liars, Election Interference, Mixed Messages & Bad Science

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Government Liars


Yesterday, Senators Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Josh Hawley (R-MO) released new information about the Biden Administration’s effort to form a “Ministry of Truth” that would censor online information. 


You may recall that these neo-Marxists euphemistically called it the “Disinformation Governance Board,” and it was going to be housed within the Department of Homeland Security. 


It was going to be led by a left-wing activist who was busted for spreading plenty of disinformation herself.  (She’s now a registered foreign agent, working to spread disinformation for some European outfit.)


America first learned about the existence of this dangerous board during congressional testimony by DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas at the end of April.  At the time, he told members of Congress that the board was in the early stages of formation and had not met yet. 


But according to Senators Grassley and Hawley that was a lie.  Evidently, the board had been meeting since early February and had been meeting weekly.  That’s not the first time Mayorkas has lied to Congress and the American people.  He should be impeached for perjury and incompetence!


The documents also reveal that DHS bureaucrats were working closely with Big Tech executives on what was described as “speech suppression.”


The Disinformation Governance Board may be gone, but we know that the Biden Administration has not stopped its efforts to suppress speech.


For all the left’s talk about how “authoritarian” Donald Trump was, the Biden Administration has proven itself to be a serious threat to fundamental First and Second Amendment liberties.


We must defend our values!




Election Interference, Too


Related to Biden’s efforts to suppress speech are the Deep State’s efforts to interfere in our elections by working with Big Tech.  Elon Musk is vowing to publicly expose everything he discovers about Twitter’s efforts to meddle in and manipulate our elections.


But Twitter wasn’t acting alone.  It was likely cooperating with elements of the Deep State. 


I can say that with confidence because Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has already admitted that the FBI warned him against publishing details about Hunter Biden’s laptop.  Now a former Twitter executive is also admitting that censoring the laptop story was “a mistake.” 


That “mistake” and the Deep State’s “speech suppression” clearly influenced the results of the 2020 elections.  This is a national scandal that deserves serious investigation, as do the Biden Administration’s efforts to undermine the First Amendment.


These admissions of “mistakes” from Zuckerberg and others are “CYA” tactics.  We have seen a version of this for years. 


It usually involved a prominent conservative getting taken down, and after a few days of outrage, Facebook or Twitter would issue a statement saying their algorithms made a mistake.  Right – blame the algorithms. 


But, of course, there were tens of thousands of conservatives who were regularly silenced or sentenced to “Facebook jail” who could not get enough attention to be restored to the platform.


Elon Musk is restoring previously banned Twitter accounts, and it’s been noted that conservatives are gaining new followers at twice the rate of liberals. 


Keep in mind that Musk is not banning liberals from the platform.  He’s not censoring people with different views from him.  That’s not why the left is so furious with him. 


What’s got them so upset is that Musk is merely allowing conservatives to speak at all.  He’s upholding the basic value of free speech that America has always stood for, and the intolerant, totalitarian left just can’t stand it!




Mixed Messages & Bad Science


A couple of months ago, Joe Biden declared, “The pandemic is over.” 


On Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci said the pandemic isn’t over.


Tuesday, Kamala Harris tweeted, “One shot, once a year -- that’s all most people will need to stay protected from COVID year-long.”


Yesterday, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra tweeted, “If it’s been over 2 months since your last [COVID vaccine] dose, make a plan to get one now.”


Whoever is in charge of messaging for the Biden Administration should be fired immediately!


Is the pandemic over or not?  Is it one shot, two shots, three shots or six shots?


And what’s the science behind this call for people to get jabbed every two months?


Some viruses (polio) are very stable.  One vaccination protects you for a long time.  Some viruses (COVID) are unstable and rapidly change.  COVID may even be mutating as a result of the vaccine. 


There’s a term for that – vaccine escape.  As mutating forms resist or escape the vaccine, the vaccines must be altered, which means the virus continues to evolve.


Ironically, the people being frightened into getting boosted every two months may be inadvertently putting the rest of us in danger.




The Useless U.N.


The United Nations General Assembly yesterday approved a resolution to celebrate Israel’s 75th birthday next May.  Surprised?  Well, that would be a surprising development indeed.  And that’s not at all what happened.


The resolution, which passed on a vote of 90-to-30 with 47 abstentions, is labeling the 75th anniversary as the “Nakba,” an Arabic word meaning “catastrophe” or “disaster.” 


That’s how the Palestinians refer to the founding of the modern Jewish state of Israel, and that’s what the United Nation’s just voted to recognize next May.


Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the U.N., blasted the resolution and shamed the delegates, saying:


“Try to imagine the international community commemorating your country’s Independence Day by calling it a disaster. What a disgrace.  The Palestinians’ lies must no longer be accepted on the world stage, just as this body must stop allowing the Palestinians to continue pulling its strings. I urge you all to stop blindly supporting the Palestinians’ libels.”


How does such a biased and dishonest resolution advance the cause of peace in the Middle East?  Of course, it does nothing to advance peace. 


And it shows once again that the Palestinians are not interested in making peace with Israel.  After all, how does one live side-by-side in peace with a “catastrophe”?


This is why the Trump Administration was right to cut off funding to the United Nations and the Palestinian Authority.  Both are corrupt and useless organizations that do virtually nothing to promote American interests or basic human rights.  But, of course, Biden has restored those funds.


Seriously, folks, China, Cuba, Pakistan and Venezuela are on the U.N. Human Rights Council.  What a joke!