Hamas & America, The War On The West, Drain The Deep State

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Hamas & America


The Hamas massacre in Israel on October 7th unleashed something horrible right here in the United States.  We’ve seen things take place since October 7th that were unimaginable on October 6th. 


After a massacre of Jewish women and children in Israel -- simply because they were Jews -- there was a massive outbreak of bloodthirsty anti-Semitism here in America.  Pro-Hamas demonstrations, with calls for genocide, erupted in our cities and on our university campuses. 


Jewish students were forced to hide in their dorm rooms.  (See below.)  Officials in major cities instructed Jewish residents to hide in their homes and stay off the streets at night because it wasn’t safe for them to be out. 


Students at a New York City high school rioted and attempted to hunt down a Jewish teacher in order to harm her.


But it doesn’t stop there.  As Christians, we are targets, too.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is just a “Jewish problem.”


Pro-Hamas mobs crashed the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and a children’s Christmas pageant in Ypsilanti, Michigan


Last night, pro-Palestinian demonstrators tried to shout down Speaker Mike Johnson during a Christmas celebration on Capitol Hill.  They even disrupted Rosalynn Carter’s funeral


Tonight, anti-Israel extremists are threatening to shut down the lighting of the Christmas tree in New York’s Rockefeller Center.


Radical Islamists have a saying, “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.”  In other words, once the Jews and the Christians have been annihilated, the whole world will kneel to Allah. 


So, what we’re seeing in Israel and in America today shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.  The effort to erase Jews from the Holy Land is an effort to erase Christianity, too.  If there were no Jews in the Holy Land, then our Bible is a lie. 


Wake up, my friends.  Judeo-Christian civilization is under attack!




The War On The West


Earlier this week, Tucker Carlson interviewed Steve Bannon about the riots in Ireland and the root causes of the unrest.  In the course of their conversation, they zeroed in on the left’s radical ideology that simultaneously promotes contradictory things.


For example, the left is constantly pushing death through abortion, euthanasia and sterilizing transgender surgeries for children, which result in population decline. 


Then these same neo-Marxists / globalists advocate for open borders using the native population decline as justification for mass immigration from Third World countries as “replacement workers.” 


Except there is just one big problem:  These new workers (and voters) often don’t share the same values as the native population they are replacing.  There’s no denying that uncontrolled mass immigration is partly responsible for the explosion of anti-Semitism we have seen in recent weeks.


Yet when conservatives in America and Europe object to uncontrolled immigration and point out that the left is attempting to “fundamentally transform” a country by replacing the native population with one more friendly to the left’s agenda, they accuse us of “racism,” “xenophobia” and say we’re “pushing conspiracy theories.” 


Of course, if you object to abortion, you’re a “misogynist.”  And if you defend Judeo-Christian values, you’re “a Christian nationalist.”  They don’t want a debate; they want to shut down all debate.


This was a very important exchange between Carlson and Bannon.  We can’t be afraid to discuss this and say it because it is happening!  Western nations are being “fundamentally transformed” by mass migration and radical demographic change.


And, as I have repeatedly argued, this isn’t “xenophobia.”  As a sovereign nation we have every right to control our borders and decide who comes into our country. 


We also have an obligation to ensure that we are not importing hate and that our immigration policies are not creating an undue burden on taxpayers or creating a local or national security crisis that harms American citizens. 


That’s not “bigotry.”  It’s common sense.




Campus Hate


A disturbing study on campus anti-Semitism was just released by the Anti-Defamation League.  Conducted with Hillel International and College Pulse, the study found that nearly 75% of Jewish students have personally experienced or witnessed some form of anti-Semitism on campus this academic year. 


As a result, 55% of Jewish students are concerned about their physical safety on campus today.  And less than 40% of Jewish students feel comfortable sharing their Jewish identity and their views on Israel with other students.  We are becoming Berlin in the 1930s.


This atmosphere of hate has been festering for a long time at our “institutions of higher learning.”  I’ve been warning about the growing pervasiveness of anti-Semitism on the progressive left and within academia for years. 


Its roots are two-fold.  This hate is imported with student visas and is nurtured in a toxic brew of neo-Marxist ideologies, including the ludicrous notion that the world is divided between the oppressed and the oppressors, where America and Israel are evil oppressors and Osama bin Laden and Hamas are “the good guys.”




Drain The Deep State


Israel is America’s most reliable ally in the Middle East and one of our best allies in the entire world.  So, it’s worrisome to see a top CIA official posting pro-Hamas, pro-Palestinian images on social media. 


Sadly, this isn’t an isolated incident. 


A senior lawyer at the Department of Veterans Affairs posted a video mocking the Israeli hostages.  And there was a near revolt at the State Department recently after hundreds of Foggy Bottom bureaucrats objected to Joe Biden’s initial show of support for Israel at the beginning of this war.  (Here and here.)


And don’t forget the Iranian influence operation that is working throughout the Biden Administration.


Memo to the GOP, the pro-military, pro-CIA, pro-FBI party:  These institutions have been hijacked by the radical left right under your nose! 


Your voters are now being identified as “the enemy.”  Don’t believe me?  Check out this disgusting post by former Bush CIA Director Michael Hayden.  That’s right – Bush’s former CIA director!


This administration has weaponized federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies against Americans.  They are not hunting down jihadists, but grandmothers at the Capitol Building.  They’re not looking for communist Chinese spies, but are instead spying on conservative churches and parents at school board meetings. 


You can’t keep reflexively supporting government funding bills while turning a blind eye to what the Deep State is doing. 


Your priority must be getting these institutions under control and back to what they were meant to be.  Otherwise, if Gen. Hayden and his ilk gets their way, patriotic Americans – your voters – are going to increasingly be treated as if they are America’s “enemies.”




2024 Update


Yesterday we told you that former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley had been endorsed by the powerful Koch network.  It’s a huge boon to her campaign, and the fight for second place in the GOP primary between Haley and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is really on.


A recent video by the DeSantis campaign, which I must admit “leaves a mark,” is getting renewed attention as Haley gains momentum.  It goes after Haley on several issues that conservatives care deeply about, including transgender insanity, communist China and immigration.


The video is effective, and raises serious questions about Haley’s positions on critical issues.




Thank You!


Thank you to everyone who generously donated to American Values on Giving Tuesday!  Your support gave us a strong start to our critical year-end fundraising efforts, which will begin in earnest next week. 




Family Talk


Tune in to Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk radio show today for part one of a presentation I recently delivered on the dire state of our union.  This isn’t “morning in America.”  Difficult days are ahead.  Our country is in crisis! 


This is not the time for “sunshine Christians and summer pastors.”  Men and women of faith must work harder than ever before to save our country from the neo-Marxist left.


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