ICC Absurdity, Biden's Blunders, Trump's Trials

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

ICC Absurdity


Yesterday, we reported on the outrage triggered by the decision of the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) chief prosecutor to seek arrest warrants against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli defense minister.


I was also struck by the absurdity of the ICC citing Bibi Netanyahu as a war criminal while the entire world – including the Biden State Department – offered condolences on the death of the president of Iran, who was nicknamed “The Butcher of Tehran.”


Would we have sent condolences to Germany if Hitler had died?


Ebrahim Raisi was responsible for the mass executions of thousands of Iranians whose only crime was wanting freedom. There was no penalty for him. His murderous acts got him promoted in the Islamic Republic, and Joe Biden repeatedly rewarded Raisi’s government by lifting sanctions against Iran.


Speaking of sanctions, Donald Trump imposed sanctions against the ICC when it attempted to go after U.S. troops in Afghanistan. But Joe Biden repealed those sanctions. I am pleased to report that Speaker Mike Johnson is taking steps to restore them.




Netanyahu Responds


As expected, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasted the International Criminal Court in a blistering statement. Here are some excerpts of his remarks.


“The outrageous decision by the ICC prosecutor, Karim Khan, to seek arrest warrants against the democratically elected leaders of Israel is a moral outrage of historic proportions. . .


“Israel is waging a just war against Hamas, a genocidal terrorist organization that perpetrated the worst attack on the Jewish people since the Holocaust. . . Now, in the face of these horrors, Mr. Khan creates a twisted and false moral equivalence between the leaders of Israel and the henchmen of Hamas. . .


“The prosecutor’s absurd charges . . . are merely an attempt to deny Israel the basic right of self-defense. . . He is callously pouring gasoline on the fires of anti-Semitism that are raging across the world. . .


“Israel will wage our war against Hamas until that war is won. Because ‘Never Again’ is now.”


Netanyahu is absolutely right. The ICC’s actions have justified every radical Islamist and anti-Israel extremist who has spewed hatred the streets of every major world city or occupied college campuses in support of Hamas.


It is a sad testament to the moral bankruptcy of these globalist institutions when they can’t defend a democratic state against a terrorist organization.


Thankfully, the vast majority of Americans are not so confused. Consider these findings from the latest Harvard Harris poll:


  • 79% of Americans support Israel over Hamas.
  • 74% support Israel’s current military operation in Rafah.
  • 69% believe Israel is doing its best to avoid civilian casualties.
  • 66% believe a ceasefire should only occur after all hostages have been freed and Hamas is removed from power.
  • 56% believe Biden’s threats to withhold weapons from Israel emboldens Hamas.




Biden’s Blunders


Joe Biden is having a rough start to the week. During a speech Sunday before the NAACP in Detroit, Biden claimed to be Mike Pence, saying that he, Biden, was “vice president during the pandemic.”


Now, the White House says that Biden really meant to say “recession,” as in the 2008-2009 Great Recession. So, he’s reading the teleprompter, sees the word “recession,” but says “pandemic” and doesn’t correct himself. And we’re supposed to feel better about that?


But there’s more.


He continued by saying that Barack Obama sent him to “fix Detroit,” adding, “Well, the poor mayor, he’s spent more time with me than he ever thought he’s gonna have to!” Then he turned and shook hands with Mayor Mike Duggan, who was sitting next to Biden as he was speaking.


There’s just one problem. Duggan wasn’t elected mayor until 2013 – five years after the recession ended!


But wait. . . There’s more!


At a Rose Garden event yesterday, Biden slurred his way through a speech celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month. He attempted to recognize Hamas hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin, saying he was “here with us today” in the White House Rose Garden.


Except he wasn’t. Goldberg-Polin is one of five Americans still being held hostage by Hamas.


The American people are increasingly alarmed by Joe Biden’s failing condition. The Harvard Harris poll also surveyed Americans about Biden’s age and fitness for office as he seeks a second term. Here are the results:


  • 63% of Americans say Biden is “too old” to be president.
  • 54% say he isn’t “mentally fit” to be president.
  • By a 21-point margin, Americans say Biden’s condition is “getting worse.”
  • 59% say that a president in his condition is “potentially dangerous” for the country.




Trump’s Trials


Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial is coming to a close. Alvin Bragg’s prosecution team concluded its arguments yesterday, and this morning, Trump’s defense team rested its case. But not without more explosive details that deserve attention.


During cross-examination yesterday, Michael Cohen admitted that he stole tens of thousands of dollars from the Trump Organization. That revelation caused CNN’s legal analyst to point out that Michael Cohen’s larceny was a more serious crime than Trump’s alleged false bookkeeping.


Yet it’s Trump who is on trial, demonstrating once again that this is not a legitimate judicial proceeding but a political persecution.


And we got further evidence of that in the way the biased judge harassed one of the defense’s main witnesses, Robert Costello. Judge Merchan repeatedly cut Costello off, sustaining virtually every objection from the prosecution, while he let Stormy Daniels prattle on and on about totally unrelated salacious details.


Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, who knows a thing or two about courtroom proceedings, said he’s never seen anything like Merchan’s “outrageous” and “absurd” behavior, adding, “The judge went berserk.”




The Left’s Lawfare


Trump’s trials in Manhattan and Washington, D.C., are raw, disgusting examples of “lawfare.” They are blatant abuses of the law by the neo-Marxist left to destroy conservatism, make conservatism illegal, and instill fear in conservative elected officials.


For obvious reasons, virtually every defendant associated with the Trump administration charged in Washington, D.C., has requested a change of venue. They are almost always denied.


Defendants request changes of venue because they have good reason to believe they won’t get a fair hearing. It’s obvious that Trump or anyone associated with him will not get a fair trial in Washington or Manhattan.


By the way, the Harvard Harris poll found that 60% of Americans believe Trump’s trials should have been moved out of left-wing areas like Atlanta and Manhattan in order to avoid bias.


Here’s another example of the left’s lawfare.


Leo Bozell, the son of Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell, was just sentenced to 4 years in prison. The Bozell family is an iconic conservative family. Leo’s grandfather was a speechwriter for Barry Goldwater and married the sister of William F. Buckley, Jr.


The New York Times had a field day with his conviction, branding him a “Conservative Family Scion.” Leo, however, has nothing to do with politics. He’s a construction worker who lives in a small Pennsylvania town.


But he voted for Donald Trump, felt the election was stolen, and that’s why he came to protest in Washington, D.C., on January 6th.


For those who say, “Well, they entered a government building illegally,” the same is true for hundreds of anti-Kavanaugh demonstrators. His confirmation hearings were also official government proceedings to fill one of nine seats on the Supreme Court.


The radical leftists who descended on Capitol Hill to prevent Kavanaugh’s confirmation violated every rule of a constitutional republic. They intimidated people. They assaulted Christian women who were here to pray for Kavanaugh.


They stormed the Capitol, attempted to break into the Supreme Court, harassed senators, and disrupted the confirmation hearings.


No one was charged under RICO conspiracy statutes. No one was charged with obstructing official proceedings, as the January 6th protesters were.