Kentuckians Drown, Pentagon Brass Mourns End Of Abortion

Monday, August 1, 2022

Kentuckians Drown, The Left Celebrates


The people of my home state of Kentucky have been hit with terrible flooding after torrential rain. Small rural communities in eastern Kentucky’s Appalachian foothills have been devastated. At least 30 people are dead, including four children from one family who were swept away by flood waters.


Sadly, in today’s America the left can’t let go of their hatred even when poor people are swept away in rushing floodwaters. Most of eastern Kentucky has been reliably Democrat ever since the Civil War. But in 2016, counties that had never voted Republican went overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. Elliott County, Kentucky, had voted Democrat in every presidential race since 1869. It voted for Obama twice. In 2016 Trump defeated Hillary Clinton 70.1% to 25.9%. 


Now the poor, mostly white residents of eastern Kentucky are “deplorables” to today’s leftist elites. They worship God, hate abortion and love America. So, when they were socked in the mouth by “Mother Nature,” the left ran to social media to spit on their graves.


It was all too much for Courtney Lucas, a lifetime leftist Democrat in nearby Pikeville, Kentucky. She was shocked and heartbroken to see her fellow leftists crap on her hurting neighbors. “These people got what they voted for,” said one “progressive.” “Maybe it’s God’s punishment for being a bastion of ignorance and regression,” said another. Each hateful dagger in the heart was “liked” by hundreds of other leftists. No doubt most of these progressives have, “Hate has no home here” signs outside their homes.


The socialist left is pushing America to the edge of a cliff. Its constant demonization of God-fearing Americans is evil, and it will eventually result in the unthinkable. In recent weeks, we have seen a leftist assassin come to Washington to kill conservative Supreme Court justices, churches have been desecrated, crisis pregnancy centers have been fire-bombed, and now poor Americans are being mocked before they have had a chance to mourn and bury their children. Remember these things the next time a Marxist/socialist calls you a bigot or a RINO tells you we need to “lower the temperature” and get back to bipartisanship. 




Pentagon Brass Mourns End Of Abortion


Our politicized Pentagon continues to do its best to undermine public confidence in our military. On Friday, the Biden Administration sent Pentagon officials to a congressional hearing to warn that states restricting abortion could hurt the military’s personnel crisis. How’s that? The Pentagon is worried that pregnant servicewomen stationed at bases in states restricting abortion might leave the military if they can’t abort their babies. (No word on whether “pregnant” servicemen will also leave.)


We are in a military personnel crisis. One of the main reasons for that crisis is the political leftist insanity being imposed on an institution that is built on traditional/conservative values. Military recruits overwhelmingly come from families where a close relative served in the past. Geographically, recruits disproportionally come from states like Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia. Military families don’t believe America is racist. They don’t believe men can turn into women. They tend to be religious. The left is at war with all these ideas. In addition, they just forced out thousands of servicepeople who would not take the COVID-19 vaccine. 


A study by the Ronald Reagan Institute shows that public trust in the “woke” military has plummeted. Thank God the public still loves the rank-and-file servicemen and women. 


It is worth saying again: If America’s enemies wanted to demoralize and weaken “freedom’s army,” they would do exactly what Biden/Harris and the socialist left are doing.