Killing The Economy, Smearing Trump, Biden’s Radical Appointees

Monday, October 17, 2022

Killing The Economy


As you know, there are growing concerns about President Biden’s mental acuity.  There are fears he could be suffering from age-related issues.  The latest Harvard/Harris poll finds that 68% of Americans believe Biden is “too old” to be president and 55% have doubts about his fitness for the job.


Maybe there’s another theory that explains his bizarre behavior.  We know how much this president loves ice cream.  While eating a large ice cream cone yesterday, Biden declared that the economy is incredibly strong and that inflation isn’t a major problem in the United States. 


Really?  The American people don’t share Biden’s rosy outlook.  The Harvard/Harris poll found that:


  • Only 27% of Americans felt the economy was on the right track.
  • Just 35% approve of Biden’s handling of inflation.
  • 57% felt their financial situation was getting worse.
  • And 84% believe we are either in a recession now or soon will be.


Well, maybe Biden just had a major brain freeze – you know that paralyzing pain when you eat something really cold really fast. 


Sadly, many Americans are feeling a lot of economic pain right now from Bidenflation and it’s about to get worse.  Bank of America is predicting that come January we will be losing 175,000 jobs a month, which is what the Biden Administration is planning to do. 


Biden’s Federal Reserve is in an inflation mess caused by his massive, socialist spending.  They have to get out of this mess, but there’s only one way – to kill the economy with high interest rates.


While Biden is claiming that everything is fine, his plan is to destroy two million jobs next year.  That’s the purpose of high interest rates – to kill job growth in order to crash the economy. 


So, every bad housing report and every bad employment report is music to their ears because that’s the only way to stop the inflation crisis that Biden created.




Smearing Trump


Donald Trump has been out of office for nearly two years, but the left-wing media is still obsessed with him. The latest example comes from the left-wing hacks at the Washington Post.


The Post ran a story yesterday that attempted to smear Trump as anti-Semitic with a headline that read, “Trump Attacks American Jews. . .”  The story went on to accuse the former president of leaning on an “anti-Semitic trope.” 


As the late, great Paul Harvey used to say, “Now, the rest of the story.”  Here’s what Trump wrote on social media:


“No President has done more for Israel than I have.  Somewhat surprisingly, however, our wonderful Evangelicals are far more appreciative of this than the people of the Jewish faith, especially those living in the U.S.  Those living in Israel, though, are a different story - Highest approval rating in the World, could easily be P.M.! U.S. Jews have to get their act together and appreciate what they have in Israel - Before it is too late!”


Trump was not “attacking” American Jews.  He was simply encouraging them to be more pro-Israel.  I have found it odd that when I speak at Jewish events, I am usually the most pro-Israel person in the room. 


Of course, American Jews ought to be more enthusiastic in their support for the nation of Israel -- the only Jewish state in the world.  Of course, evangelical Christians should be more vocal in their support, too. 


All Americans should support Israel because our nations are the twin pillars of Judeo-Christian civilization.  We have been linked since the founding of the modern state of Israel, and our founders were inspired by the ancient nation of Israel to found America on biblical principles. 


When the founders declared that our rights are endowed by our Creator, they meant the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus. 


Progressive politicians and activists regularly attack the nation of Israel and say plenty of anti-Semitic things.  The Washington Post is either silent or it covers for the left’s growing anti-Semitism.  But when Donald Trump urges American Jews to be more pro-Israel, the Post says Trump is anti-Semitic!




Speaking Of God. . .


A study by the American Bible Society finds that fewer and fewer Americans are reading the Bible.  Surprisingly, the study found a massive decline during the pandemic – a time when you might expect people to re-engage with their faith. 


Whatever the cause, this is bad news for America.  We should want our citizens and our elected officials to read the Bible and believe it.  If they did, there would be less crime on the streets and less corruption on Wall Street and in the halls of Congress.


Politicians would be less likely to lie to voters, and social media might be a better forum for real connections and honest debates. 


Politicians and students would be less likely to embrace socialist policies and more likely to come up with ways charities and the private sector could help the poor. 


We would all know that the solution to racial prejudice is that we are all made in the image of a loving God, who believes every individual of every race, background, ability, born, pre-born and near death is worthy of dignity and respect.


As Ronald Reagan warned years ago, if we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then America will be just another nation that has gone under.




Biden’s Radical Appointees


Last month, we reported that Kelisa Wing, a Biden top diversity officer, was under investigation for potential anti-white bigotry.  Wing works in the Pentagon agency that is responsible for providing the curricula to the children of our military personnel worldwide.


An investigative report by Fox News has now discovered that Wing promoted a book that libeled 9/11 first responders as “menaces of nature.”  And Wing is pushing this garbage on the children of our military heroes!


It shouldn’t surprise anyone.  It turns out that Wing co-authored her own book on defunding the police!




Poll Position


I want to revisit the Harvard/Harris poll mentioned above.  There’s not much good news for Biden, as the American people increasingly blame his policies for their pain at the pump and the grocery store. 


  • According to voters, the top three issues by importance are:  Inflation, the economy, and immigration.


  • On major issues like crime, the economy, inflation and immigration, Biden’s approval rating ranges from 39% to 35%.


  • 55% of voters say Biden’s policies are responsible for skyrocketing inflation.


  • 62% say Biden’s energy policies are responsible for high gas prices.


  • 80% believe it is more important to achieve energy independence and lower gas prices, while 20% support high gas prices to fight climate change.


  • 65% of voters say Biden should support deregulation and other policies to boost domestic energy production, while 35% say he should ease sanctions on enemy regimes like Iran and Venezuela.