Left-wing Totalitarianism, Speaking Of Harassment, Pray Vote Stand

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Left-wing Totalitarianism


Joe Biden must be auditioning to be leader of a Third World dictatorship. His latest totalitarian move – turning the FBI loose on soccer moms – is beyond outrageous. Clearly, the real threat facing America is parents who care what their children are being taught in school. 


A major goal of education has always been getting parents to be more involved. Well, the left evidently doesn't want that anymore, and that should make us all very, very concerned.


It's easy to mock this latest episode of left-wing lunacy, but it's actually extremely serious. 


The left-wing National Association of School Boards wants parents outraged over critical race theory to be prosecuted as "domestic terrorists" under the Patriot Act. And apparently Attorney General Merrick Garland agrees with this insane idea. 


But as former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy notes, there is no legal basis for the FBI to investigate mere allegations of "harassment" and "threats of violence" at school board meetings. That's a matter for local law enforcement.


Nevertheless, Biden and his thoroughly politicized army of lawyers at the so-called "Justice Department" are urging local officials to call the FBI terrorist hotline the next time they feel threatened by angry parents. 


This is the same hotline you call if you "see something" and want to "say something." People used to report radical Muslims yelling "Allahu Akbar!" Now we're going to report moms and dads yelling, "Teach my kids real American history, not anti-American history!" Or "Stop trying to tell my son he's really a girl!"


Guess how many leftists will use that hotline to report the names of local conservative leaders and activists!


We can't underestimate the seriousness of what Biden and Garland have just unleashed. Day by day, America under the rule of the left increasingly morphs into something that looks disturbingly like communist China. Disagree with the party line and the state police are there to question you.


By the way, Merrick Garland has an obvious conflict of interest here. His son-in-law is the president of a consulting firm that makes millions of dollars contracting with school boards to push the left's radical agenda. The Department of Justice inspector general should launch an immediate ethics investigation into Garland's actions.




Speaking Of Harassment…


While Biden and his henchmen are getting ready to send undercover FBI agents into local PTA fundraisers, there is real harassment going on and Biden appears to be on the side of the harassers. I could be referring to Senators Manchin and Sinema, but in this case I'm referring to the Border Patrol. 


Armed militias working for the drug cartels are gathering on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande and they're mocking our border agents because they have been handcuffed by Joe Biden. 


The cartels are bringing in more drugs, killing more Americans. They're bringing in more young girls for sex trafficking. They're bringing in thousands of criminals. And Biden won't stop any of it because he thinks controlling our border isn't "compassionate." 


But how is allowing more drug overdoses, sex trafficking and crime being compassionate to the American people?


The miracle is that there is any American on our side of the Rio Grande willing to suffer this harassment, willing to be mocked by terrorists and drug dealers, while Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas investigates the Border Patrol and not the criminals!


It was good to see governors yesterday demanding federal action to control the border. But Biden is clearly not going to do it. Meanwhile, he's fundamentally changing America by changing the population of America. He is allowing an invasion of the country, using the poor and hurting people of the Third World as cover.


So, I say again to Governors Abbott and Ducey: It's not enough to demand action from Joe Biden. He doesn't care what you think. You're not going to get any help from this administration or this Congress. 


Biden's Department of Homeland Security is more worried about climate change than border security. This Congress is more interested in spreading socialism than it is in sealing the border.


But press conferences alone won't cut it. They may be useful in getting the public's attention, but they won't actually solve the problem. And we can't tolerate three more years of this.


You, Governors Abbott and Ducey, must do something to seal the border. Use state law enforcement. Use the National Guard. I know Texas is taking steps to build a wall on state property. That's a good start. Get it done! 




Yes, It's That Important


Here's why this matters. Our military and government elites have zero confidence in Western culture. Why do I say that? Because they're bowing to Sharia law on our military bases. Don't believe me? Well, I'm having a hard time believing it myself, but that seems to be the case.


As you know, tens of thousands of Afghans were brought into America during Biden's disastrous retreat from Afghanistan. Most are currently living on U.S. military bases, and none of them were vetted about their attitudes regarding Sharia law and Western values. 


Just consider this New York Times excerpt about the conditions at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin:


"Several young single women said they were verbally harassed by Afghan men because they were on the base alone. 'We were told, 'How are you here without your male family member? We won't tolerate this,' recalled Nilab Ibrahimy, 23. . .


"Ms. Ibrahimy took the issue to the U.S. military leadership, and the entire group of students was moved to another barracks housing mainly single women."


So, we segregated the women. 


If these Afghan men behave like that on a military base filled with U.S. soldiers, how do you think they're going to behave once they're free in your community? 


The appropriate response would have been to get all these Afghan men together and tell them in no uncertain terms that if they harass a woman for walking outside they're going to be on a plane back to Afghanistan before the day is over!




Pray Vote Stand


Today, I had the privilege of addressing the Pray Vote Stand Summit held at Cornerstone Chapel in Loudoun County, Virginia – ground zero in the war to reclaim our schools and save our history. 


I warned the audience about the threats to freedom we're facing from communist China abroad and from communists in our classrooms here at home. I told them how capturing Virginia – the state that gave us Washington, Jefferson and Madison – would be such a prize to the left. 


But nothing has encouraged me more than seeing the growing grassroots backlash from parents of all races against the left's radical agenda at local school board meetings in recent months. 


And Biden's outrageous, over-the-top reaction of getting the FBI involved in local school board meetings proves to me that the left is scared to death of "We The People" coming together to defend our country, our history and our values.


Instead of hundreds of fed-up people showing up at school board meetings, we need thousands of determined patriots to show up and take back our schools! If we do that, I know we can make America the "shining city upon a hill" that our founders meant it to be.


Thank you, my friends, for making our work possible, and for giving me this opportunity to defend faith, family and freedom!