The Left's Hate, Brennan Piles On, Trump vs. Trudeau

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Left's Hate

The Tony Awards are supposed to be about Broadway theater shows.  But like every other institution dominated by the left, they were all about politics and all about hating Donald Trump.  Our cultural and media elites are consumed with hate and that hate was on full display at the Tony Awards last night.
Robert De Niro is a talented actor.  But when you get a glimpse of his heart, you see a very disturbed individual.  He came out on the stage last night to introduce Bruce Springsteen.  But he couldn't resist the opportunity to bash Trump before a national audience.  Here's what he said: [WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE]
"I'm going to say one thing: 'F--- Trump!'  It's no longer 'Down with Trump.'  It's 'F--- Trump.'"
The audience roared its approval and gave De Niro a standing ovation. 
The president of your country, my country and De Niro's country is getting ready to sit down with a tyrant who has repeatedly threatened to fire a nuclear missile at the United States and our allies. 
And Robert De Niro thinks that this is the moment to bask in the applause of other leftists not by criticizing Kim Jong Un, but by screaming expletives at Donald Trump.  The verse in Luke comes to mind:  "For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of."
Here's something to ponder:  Suppose De Niro had said, "F--- Kim Jong Un, that Nazi-like dictator who killed Otto Warmbier and has hundreds of thousands of people locked up in prison camps."
Would that audience have roared its approval?  I doubt it.  I suspect there would have been a round of boos.  What does that say about our Hollywood elites?
Their applause for De Niro's disgusting outburst also speaks volumes about their disrespect for the American people who put Donald Trump in office.
Brennan Piles On
De Niro is just an actor who can play a part in a movie.  But former CIA Director John Brennan did his version of "F--- Trump" when he tweeted this over the weekend:
"Your wrong-headed protectionist policies & antics are damaging our global standing as well as our national interests. Your worldview does not represent American ideals. To allies & friends: Be patient, Mr. Trump is a temporary aberration. The America you once knew will return."
Think of the implications of those words on the North Korean government. 
A very important deep state official who has served in multiple administrations is essentially saying, "You don't have to deal with Trump.  Just hold out a little longer and we'll have another president like the last one who allowed you to develop nuclear weapons."
And what exactly are those "American ideals" that Brennan so proudly defended during his years with Obama? 
Was it the global promotion of abortion?  Was it an "American ideal" to trade five jihadists for a traitor?  Was it an "American ideal" to give billions of dollars to the terrorist regime in Tehran?
Was it an "American ideal" to redefine marriage, undermining thousands of years of Judeo-Christian values?  Was using the national security apparatus of the country to spy on a presidential campaign an "American ideal?"
Regarding the specific situation that led to Brennan's outburst, virtually every recent president has been quite willing to leave our borders wide open and trade away U.S. jobs in order to gain favor from our allies.  This president is putting America first.
Trump vs. Trudeau
Canadians are wonderful people.  Canada and the United States are allies.  Canadian troops have served bravely alongside U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.  We celebrate those Canadian heroes.  In many respects our countries are almost "married."  But, as you know, we often argue with the people we love. 
That said, the U.S.-Canadian relationship is mutually beneficial.  Canada has benefitted tremendously from the protection of the American nuclear umbrella.  They have let their own military decline dramatically because they know that if any foreign power tried to harm Canada, it would have to deal with the United States. 
How badly has Canada allowed its military to decline?  It has no functioning blue water navy
Donald Trump doesn't think it is fair for a country that we protect to impose 270% tariffs on American farmers. 
By the way, Justin Trudeau has made a fool of himself the few times he's stepped onto the world stage.  Many Canadians have been embarrassed by him.  That may partly explain why Canada's most populous province smashed Trudeau's party and elected its first center-right government in more than a decade.