The Left's Illegal Voters, Betting On Biden, NATO's In Town

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

The Left’s Illegal Voters


The House of Representatives will hold an important vote this week on commonsense legislation that everyone should support. The vote ought to be unanimous. But it won’t be.


Speaker Mike Johnson has put the SAVE Act (Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act) on the House calendar for an on-the-record vote. The legislation is very simple: If you want to register to vote, you must provide proof of citizenship because only American citizens should be voting in our elections.


But there is growing evidence that illegal aliens who are pouring across Joe Biden’s open borders are in fact registering to vote and voting.


This is a real problem, in spite of the left’s vehement denials. Just consider this excerpt from an Associated Press report this year about the voting controversy in Arizona:


“Arizona is required to accept the federal registration form, but anyone who does not provide proof of citizenship is only allowed to vote for president, the U.S. House or Senate. The federal form requires people to swear they are U.S. citizens, but there is no proof requirement.


“Federal-only voters have been a subject of political wrangling since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2013 that Arizona cannot require documentary proof of citizenship for people to vote in national elections. The state responded by creating two classes of voters: those who can vote in all races and those who can vote only in federal elections.”


The controversy in Arizona exposes a serious flaw in the 1993 Motor Voter law that forced states to allow people to register to vote, without proof of citizenship, at their local Department of Motor Vehicles office when they get a driver’s license.


Well, many states allow illegal aliens to get drivers’ licenses. They can check the “I’m a citizen” box, but there’s no check on whether they really are citizens or not.


How stupid is that?


This has been a major concern of conservatives for years – that “progressive” politicians are importing new voters through open borders. Of course, they deny it, but the evidence is overwhelming.


For example, some left-wing cities already allow illegal aliens to vote in local elections.

Just a few weeks ago, the House of Representatives voted on a bill to ban that practice in the District of Columbia.


While the bill passed, all the “No” votes came from “progressive” politicians.


Well, here we go again.


As the House is getting ready to debate legislation to stop voting by illegal aliens, the Biden White House issued a statement condemning the SAVE Act, and House progressives are being urged by their leadership to oppose it.


That tells you everything you need to know.


Meanwhile, the crowd promising to “save our democracy” wants to put you in jail if you dare to question the results of an election.




Betting On Biden


The chaos surrounding Joe Biden’s candidacy for president continues. Every day this goes on is a disaster for the left.


That said, if I were forced to bet, I would say that Biden will survive this revolt. There’s no easy path to push him out of the race, and there are very substantial obstacles in the way.


But I am increasingly frustrated with the pundits and talking heads who question how Christian conservatives can vote for a candidate if his personal life doesn’t necessarily meet the standards we would like.


The answer is simple: We’re not electing a pastor. We’re electing a president, and many of our biblical heroes were very flawed individuals. To put it more succinctly: policies matter more than personalities.


But no reporter is going to leftist leaders asking, “The American people overwhelmingly believe Joe Biden is incapable of governing. How can you continue to support him when you’re putting the country at risk?”


We all know the answer. Joe Biden is pushing policies the left wants -- open borders, out-of-control spending, climate change craziness, abortion on demand, trans insanity, and on and on and on.


That’s why they’re voting for him, and it’s just another example of the many double standards in American politics today.




NATO’s In Town


There is a big NATO summit starting today in Washington, D.C. Everyone is focused on whether America’s president can put two coherent sentences together and hold up through dinner. It’s a highly scripted event, so he should be fine.


By the way, the left relentlessly accused Donald Trump of undermining NATO. He did not. Trump told our “allies” to pay their dues.


If members of a club aren’t paying their dues and the club starts to suffer as a result of being starved for resources, the club president is not “undermining” the club by telling members to pay up. And sure enough, they started paying.


But the real story of the NATO summit is who these NATO nations are now. Recent European elections have dramatically changed the leadership of key allies.


In Great Britain, the Tories (the “conservative” party) were crushed in the election, largely because they failed to do what they said they would do.


Turnout was the lowest it has been in 20 years. But because of some odd election rules, the anti-Israel left-wing Labour Party now holds 63% of the seats in Parliament, even though it won just 34% of the vote.


Under a more logical system, the populist conservative party led by Nigel Farage would have won 94 seats. Instead, they have just five.


At the same time, France took a big lurch to the left. President Macron’s so-called “centrists” conspired with a Marxist/Islamist movement to block the National Rally, France’s conservative populist party.


Again, odd European election rules resulted in a bizarre outcome. The Marxist/Islamist movement, which finished second, ended up with the most seats in the French parliament, while the National Rally, which won the most votes of all the parties, finished third in the allocation of seats in the parliament.


Emmanuel Macron is still president of France for three more years, but his approval rating is an abysmal 26%. And the leader of this new leftist alliance, Jean-Luc Melenchon, is a radical pro-Hamas anti-Semite and one of the country’s most divisive figures.


Presumably, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be at the NATO summit. His approval rating is just 33%, and there’s speculation he may resign. He’s in the middle of a huge scandal involving the communist Chinese compromising members of Trudeau’s party.


I could go on, but here’s the bottom line: All these leftist leaders are hostile to America’s interests, and they are showing totalitarian instincts. They want to crush dissent and eliminate all opposition. They want corporations to do their dirty work and silence conservative voices.


And this is the NATO we are relying on if we send our sons to die in Europe.


Here’s something else to consider: Are we really supposed to believe that radical Islamists and French communists are going to be all in on fighting Russia in Ukraine?




The New Platform


The Republican National Committee’s Platform Committee released the 2024 GOP platform yesterday. It’s a very different document compared to past years.


The 2016 platform was 66 pages long. This year’s platform is 16 pages and is presented as a series of 20 easy-to-digest “promises” that outline Donald Trump’s agenda for the next four years.


Not everyone is happy with the changes to the pro-life plank. Would I change some of it? Of course.


But it does clearly state, “We proudly stand for families and Life,” and it goes on to reaffirm the 14th Amendment’s guarantees that “no person can be denied Life or Liberty without Due Process.”


I am unapologetically pro-life. I pray for the day when the Supreme Court finds a right to life in the 14th Amendment so that every child is welcomed into this world and protected by the law.


The reality, however, is that we live in a constitutional Republic, and the American people just aren’t there yet. We have seen this in clear votes, even in conservative states.


Voters whose top issue is abortion have a very clear choice. But it is important to remember that you can’t govern and you can’t legislate if you don’t win elections.