Life vs. Death, The Double Standard, More Bidenflation

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Life vs. Death


Thanks to a leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court, America is in the midst of a great national debate over abortion. That debate has revealed some tremendous ignorance and confusion.


"God killed His son, so why can't I abort my baby?" That was the shocking sign carried by a young female protester, furious that her "right" to destroy a preborn baby was in jeopardy. 


That sign is all the evidence needed to demonstrate that we are in a spiritual battle more than a constitutional struggle.


Satan is a powerful force in a fallen world. But only God can create life. If you don't believe the first line of Genesis, then the rest of it is meaningless. Satan can only destroy life with his lies and there's no better example of that than the abortion culture in America.


God did not kill His son. Our sin did. But Christ died on the cross voluntarily in a life-affirming act. He endured ripped flesh and spilled His blood so that the sin of fallen mankind could be washed away by the perfect, sinless lamb. 


Christ died for us, including that young woman with her vile sign. Jesus defeated death and rose from the grave so that all of us, even that deceived girl, have an opportunity for eternal life.


All of the broken bones, all the ripped flesh and all the spilled blood of 62 million aborted babies since 1973 are an abomination to our God who said, "I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses.  Now choose life, so that you and your children may live."


Pray for those lost babies. Pray for the exploited women. Pray for the justices of the Supreme Court. And pray for the United States of America.




The Double Standard


Another day has gone by now and there is still no action by Attorney General Merrick Garland to enforce the federal law that prohibits demonstrations (intimidation) at the homes of federal judges. 


Today, the radical pro-abortion movement intends to demonstrate outside the homes of all six conservative justices. There is no doubt what the purpose is – to intimidate them. To make them fearful for their safety and the safety of their families.


Meanwhile, there are still Americans rotting in Washington, D.C., jails because they demonstrated at the Capitol more than 16 months ago. The full weight and power of the federal government was brought down on these defendants. There is a major committee on Capitol Hill using that boisterous demonstration to demonize the entire conservative movement.


Attorney General Garland very quickly mobilized the FBI to silence concerned parents at school board meetings. Those protests are allowed under federal law. 


What federal law does not allow is the intimidation of federal judges. Where is the FBI now? 


The reason I am bringing this up again isn't because it's another progressive-induced irritation. No, it's more evidence of what half the country has felt for a long time, and why many Americans voted for Donald Trump. It's the obvious double standard of justice in America – one system for the left and one system for everyone else. 


Left-wing rioters can burn whole cities and destroy monuments to America's history in the name of social justice, and they're supported by major media outlets and praised by elected politicians. 


Charges against left-wing demonstrators are frequently dismissed. (Here, here and here.) But conservative demonstrators are demonized and destroyed – even truly peaceful protesters like Nick Sandmann or Mark and Patricia McCloskey. 


That's unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. It will destroy our country.


Our republic is in grave danger when the left can freely threaten and intimidate our federal justice system but conservatives who question the extent of fraud in the last election are censored and banned from social media.


Let me remind you that President Biden is all in on this double standard. The White House insists these are "peaceful protests." But these protests are illegal. It is against federal law to protest at a judge's home in an attempt to change or influence their actions, which is exactly what these demonstrations are all about!


You don't have to smash their windows or break their doors down. The mere act of a mob gathering at their home is an unacceptable and illegal act of intimidation.


And what do you think would be happening right now if conservative parents were demonstrating outside the homes of liberal school board members, protesting critical race theory or insane gender lessons in the schools? 


That actually is allowed under the law, but I guarantee you in some areas of the country those demonstrators would be arrested.




More Bidenflation


Yesterday, President Biden declared that taming inflation – a problem he created – was his "top domestic priority." He's clearly failing.


Today's inflation report for April once again shocked all the so-called "experts" who were expecting signs of significant improvement. Instead, inflation remains sky high at an annualized rate of 8.3%. 


  • Airline ticket prices are up 33%. 
  • Energy costs are up more than 30%. 
  • Food costs are up nearly 11%. 


Because of Joe Biden's failed policies, most Americans are now worried about maintaining their standard of living.  That's not surprising because their standard of living really is slipping away. Real wages for American workers over the past year are down 2.6%. 


Yesterday, Biden blamed COVID, Putin, the oil industry, "ultra MAGA" – everything and anyone but himself for inflation. When asked by a reporter if his policies were responsible for skyrocketing inflation, Biden said, "I think our policies help, not hurt." 


But the American people aren't buying it – 60% of voters blame Biden for America's inflation crisis.  


In fact, liberals are starting to panic. Polling shows that Joe Biden's approval ratings are underwater in 90% of the country, including his home state of Delaware where only 40% of residents approve of Biden's job performance.




Trump Wins Again


Donald Trump waded into the West Virginia primary where redistricting forced two GOP House incumbents into one seat. Rep. Alex Mooney was the clear conservative, and was endorsed by Donald Trump. 


The other incumbent was Rep. David McKinley, who was endorsed by Sen. Joe Manchin because he was one of just 13 House Republicans to vote for Biden's trillion-dollar infrastructure boondoggle. McKinley was also one of 35 House Republicans who voted for Nancy Pelosi's January 6th commission. 


The media coverage on the primary eagerly predicted a Trump loss, depicting the primary as a matchup between the former president and the popular long-time Democrat senator and former governor. Two-thirds of the new district was made up of McKinley's old seat, giving him the "home-field advantage." 


But with Trump's endorsement Mooney won big – 54% to 36%. 


Trump's record is now 58-1 in the 2022 primaries. The lone loss came in Nebraska last night, where Trump's endorsed candidate narrowly lost the primary for governor.


That said, I can't think of any other figure in the GOP – not George W. Bush, not Karl Rover, not Mitt Romney – who could rack up such an impressive record of victories. 


By the way, nobody seems to want Joe Biden's endorsement. He's made only four – yes, just four – endorsements as president.