March For Life, Cuomo's Incompetence, Government Hypocrisy

Friday, January 29, 2021
March For Life
Today is one of my favorite days of the year – the annual March For Life. Every year hundreds of thousands of people come to Washington, D.C. -- in January! -- to march for the sanctity of life. That tells you something about the dedication of the pro-life movement.
This year, however, is different. Like so many recent events, this year's March For Life is taking place virtually. But it has never been more important for pro-life Americans to make their voices heard, and our activism will not end today.
Sadly, the Biden/Harris Administration is already proving to be the most pro-abortion administration in history. But it is their policies that are extreme and divisive, and most Americans reject them. For example:
  • While Biden supports abortion on demand, 76% of Americans support "significant restrictions" on abortions. Only 15% believe abortion should be allowed at any time during all nine months of pregnancy.
  • 77% of Americans oppose the use of federal tax dollars to subsidize abortions overseas.
  • 58% oppose using federal tax dollars to subsidize abortions here at home through Obamacare, Medicaid or Planned Parenthood.
  • 70% oppose aborting a baby just because it has Down syndrome.
If Biden were serious about unity, there's plenty of common ground to be found in promoting pro-life policies. And I am pleased to report that 200 House Republicans have signed a letter to the congressional leadership urging them to protect the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding of most abortions. 
Unfortunately, today's so-called "progressive" movement will not tolerate any compromise on the issue of abortion. Last year, Joe Biden reversed his long-standing opposition to taxpayer-funding of abortion, and not one House liberaljoined their conservatives colleagues in supporting the Hyde Amendment.
More Extremism
Joe Biden has set a record for the number of executive orders and actions issued in the first days of a new administration. He's now up to 40, and even the New York Times says he's overdoing it.
Needless to say, he's covering a lot of ground, even going so far as to ban federal agencies from referring to the coronavirus pandemic as the "China virus" or the "Wuhan virus." Free speech, anyone? 
How deep does your ideology have to go that one of your first orders is to stop government officials from referring to a virus based on where it originated? This goes beyond political correctness. It's pandering to the Chinese Communist Party.
Just imagine the left's reaction if a virus had originated in Siberia and Trump issued an order banning references to the "Russian virus." There would be howls of outrage.
Meanwhile, someone in the Biden Administration has apparently decided to prioritize the jihadists at Guantanamo Bay. They will reportedly be vaccinated next week, even though many senior citizens are still waiting for their vaccinations. 
Will any reporter ask the White House why terrorist prisoners in Gitmo are getting the vaccine before Americans in nursing homes? This is left-wing virtue signaling of the worst kind. Whoever came up with this idea should be fired. 
If the Pentagon was operating properly, the secretary of defense would have delayed that order until every service member in the Armed Forced had been vaccinated. 
Cuomo's Incompetence
Throughout the past year, we were told that Donald Trump's incompetence was responsible for the coronavirus pandemic, even though he oversaw the production of multiple vaccines in record time. 
Meanwhile, one elected official was consistently held up as the ultimate example of competence: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. And while the media worshipped Cuomo, he was accusing the president of bungling and lying. 
In fact, just this week, Cuomo was on MSNBC bashing President Trump again, saying, "Incompetent government kills people. More people died than needed to die in COVID. That's the truth."
Well, Cuomo would certainly know all about that. He is speaking from his own experience.
He not only insisted, in the name of equity and non-discrimination, that nursing homes had to accept COVID patients, he lied about the number of nursing patients who died as a direct result of his incompetence. 
New York's attorney general released a damning report yesterday after discovering that Cuomo "cooked the books" to undercount the true number of New York's nursing home COVID deaths by as much as 50%.
Speaking of incompetent government, I must remind you that President Biden's nominee to be assistant secretary of the massive Health and Human Services Department also forced COVID patients into Pennsylvania's nursing homes. Every senator should oppose Dr. Levin's confirmation if for no other reason than that demonstration of utter incompetence.
Government Hypocrisy
The Capitol Hill Police and many liberal politicians are now demanding major security upgrades for their protection after the violence that broke out on Capitol Hill earlier this month. 
While that may not be an entirely unreasonable request, I was stunned by the call for "permanent fencing" around the Capitol. How many times have liberals told us that "fences and walls don't work"?
So, we can't have a fence or a wall to secure our border and preserve the safety of border communities, but members of Congress can have a fence for their safety. Gangs, criminal aliens and drug dealers can come into the country, but the American people have to be kept out of the Capitol.
Other Headlines
  • There has been a lot of speculation about Donald Trump's future plans. President Trump had a positive meeting yesterday with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, and he promised to remain active in support of Republican candidates in 2022.
  • Conservative governors and legislators are moving in several states to make election reform a top priority. We are working with allied organizations to ensure that "emergency measures" invoked during the pandemic are rolled back.
  • There is a growing backlash to the decision of the San Francisco School Board to purge the names of American heroes from area schools. An online petition seeking to reverse the board's decision has so far attracted more than 9,000 signatures. If you live in the immediate area, call the School Board at (415) 241-6000. Politely, but firmly, express your opposition and urge them to reconsider.