Marxists On The March, Condemning America, Terror In Waukesha

Monday, November 22, 2021

Marxists On The March


In the aftermath of the Rittenhouse verdict, Marxists and revolutionaries took to the streets, using his exoneration as a match to try to set America ablaze. Make no mistake about it: They are Marxist and they are revolutionary. These radicals want a race war in America. 


In Chicago, they marched in the streets chanting, "The Only Solution Is Communist Revolution!" They attacked a police station in Portland, Oregon.


Dozens of these radicals went into a conservative, working-class neighborhood in New York City and trashed it. They vandalized homes, destroyed American flags and attacked a police officer. 


The next time some politician calls for more bipartisanship, let's start right here. Republicans and Democrats should all be condemning these Bolsheviks who want to burn America down. But that's not happening.


Sadly, a large number of people considered to be "normal liberals" took a seat on this "crazy train." Joe Biden said he was "angry and concerned" by the Rittenhouse verdict. (I bet he is. Biden is in big legal trouble as a result of that verdict. He slandered an innocent boy!)


Kamala Harris said she was "disappointed" with the verdict, adding that it shows "we still have a lot of work to do" to ensure a "fair" criminal justice system. 


Rep. Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, called the verdict a "miscarriage of justice" that set a "dangerous precedent." Nadler also demanded an investigation by the Department of Justice. Nadler's demand for a federal investigation of a jury verdict he disagrees with is a dangerous precedent!


But the "anger" and "disappointment" of Biden and Harris was nothing compared to the completely unhinged reaction of numerous commentators, athletes and movie stars.  


Colin Kaepernick condemned the entire American legal system, writing, "We just witnessed a system built on white supremacy validate the terroristic acts of a white supremacist. This only further validates the need to abolish our current system."


Some actually held up Rittenhouse's attackers as heroes. These leftists are taking the side of three white criminals against a 17 year-old boy! It's almost as if they would have preferred that Rittenhouse had died that night in Kenosha instead of his attackers. 


These leftist celebrities are cruel and insane. They have surrendered all moral authority.




Condemning America


There are too many examples of deranged reactions from the left to list here, but one summarizes them all.


After the verdict was announced -- not guilty on all counts -- MSNBC host Tiffany Cross labeled Rittenhouse "a little murderous white supremacist." Commentator Elie Mystal not only agreed with Cross's slander of Rittenhouse, he went a step further and condemned most white Americans, saying, "This is what a majority of white people vote for. A majority of white people are in favor of this kind of violence."


This is a disgusting, outrageous smear that should get Cross and Mystal fired. But it was indicative of what many leftists said this weekend. They used the Rittenhouse verdict to further the narrative that America is a white supremacist country and that white people generally are evil bigots.


While we're fighting hard to get critical race theory out of our schools, the entire country got one big CRT lesson from Big Media and social media over the weekend. 


The trial may be over, but the fallout continues. The Marxist revolutionaries in the streets are doing what they always do. But they're being aided and abetted by so-called "liberals" who are repeating a false narrative. They are creating an atmosphere in which truth doesn't matter and nothing but harm will come to all races.


Whenever events like the Kenosha riots or the weekend's terrorist attack in Waukesha occur (see next item), Americans of goodwill of all races come together and reject hate. Sadly, far too many anti-American leftists have burrowed their way into American liberalism. 


Tiffany Cross is a perfect example, and there are many others. The social media director of the DuPage County Democrat Party mocked the atrocity in Waukesha by linking it to the Rittenhouse verdict, saying, "It was probably just self-defense."  She also suggested that what happened in Waukesha was "Karma" for the Rittenhouse verdict. 


I am pleased to report that she has been forced out of her position.


While reasonable liberals reject the communist revolutionaries, far too many on the left entertain and stoke the false narrative that America is evil. For the sake of our country, they must reject this. They must stop telling young minorities that they are victims and that America has nothing to offer them. 




Terror In Waukesha


In my view, the attack yesterday in Waukesha, Wisconsin, was a terrorist attack. While police are not using that term, there is no other way to describe the carnage there. The suspect in the attack, Darrell Brooks, Jr., is a hateful bigot with a lengthy criminal record who just engaged in mass murder. 


This wasn't self-defense. By all accounts, it appears as though Brooks set out to kill a bunch of people at a Christmas parade, plowing his SUV at high speed into the crowd. 


Dispelling earlier reports that Brooks was fleeing the police, the Waukesha chief of police said there was "no pursuit" involved, and that Brooks "intentionally drove through barricades" to attack the parade.


Five people are dead and at least 48 are wounded. Among the wounded are 18 children, six of whom are in critical condition.


While Joe Biden was quick to comment on the Rittenhouse verdict, the White House issued no statement for hours following yesterday's atrocity in Waukesha.


It's being reported that Brooks was released on bail just a few days ago. The Milwaukee district attorney's office is launching an internal review to determine why his bail was "inappropriately low." 


That review should last about five minutes. This is going on all over the country thanks to the radical left-wing prosecutors funded by George Soros, who are supporting the insane demands of the ACLU and the BLM movement.


Calling Brooks a "career criminal" does not in any way edify the situation. He is a petty criminal because he is unemployable because he is a hater. He is the product of critical race theory.


From the worst chapters of our history, we know what white supremacists look like. They wore hoods over their heads and tried to intimidate people. Thankfully, that horrific chapter of our history is over. Unfortunately, we're now dealing with the CRT chapter of history. 




Biden, Congo & China


The New York Times has finally realized that Hunter Biden was up to no good. The left's flagship newspaper published a lengthy report this weekend about communist China's efforts to corner the global market on cobalt, a mineral essential to the production of electric vehicles. 


It turns out that Hunter Biden's company facilitated the $3.8 billion sale of one of Africa's largest cobalt mines from an American company to communist China in 2016. 


To be fair, this isn't new news. The conservative Washington Free Beacon reported on this sale in January 2020. As we know, Big Media deliberately ignored any criticism of Hunter Biden's business dealings. Now, they seem to be giving Hunter a second look. Better late than never, I suppose.


But don't miss what's going on here. The younger Biden gets rich helping communist China monopolize "green energy" resources, while the older Biden wages war against our energy industry. The end result of Joe Biden's energy policies is to make us dependent on the Chinese communists rather than our own sources of energy. 


Talk about putting America last!