Miles Apart, Righteous Anger, Not Their Best

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Miles Apart On The Border


Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump were both at the southern border today. They were not at the same location, however. They went to very different places more than 300 miles apart, and they are even further apart when it comes to immigration policy.


It’s not surprising to see these dueling appearances. Illegal immigration is now the top concern among voters.


In fact, after three years of Joe Biden’s open borders, a record number of Americans, including a majority of independents, now say illegal immigration is a “critical threat” to the country, and 62% of voters support impeaching Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.


It’s natural for Trump to go to the border. His 2016 campaign was built on the theme of securing the border. His signature issue was “Build the wall.” Joe Biden, on the other hand, has acted like there is no border.


When Biden took office, he immediately repealed all of Trump’s executive orders to secure the border. He issued an order stopping all deportations for 100 days. That sent a strong signal to migrants in Latin America that our immigration laws were not being enforced. Biden also stopped construction of the border wall.


And when Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent state law enforcement officers to secure some of the worst areas of the border, Biden ran to the Supreme Court to stop him.


Biden’s visit to the border today was nothing more than a photo op. He went to Brownsville, Texas, where there is nothing to see. Border Patrol agents in Brownsville average just 17 encounters per day with illegal aliens -- or “newcomers” as Biden now refers to them.


Donald Trump went to Eagle Pass, Texas, where 462 illegal aliens are crossing our border every day.


Ponder this for a moment: Biden’s open border policies enabled record illegal immigration every year of his presidency. What do you think he will do in a second term when he doesn’t have to run for reelection?


The best thing Biden could have done at the border today would have been crossing it into Mexico and seeking asylum!!




Righteous Anger


Every day we get new stomach-churning details about what happened to Laken Riley, a young Christian woman at nursing school in the middle of the state of Georgia. She was viciously attacked and murdered in broad daylight by an illegal alien from Venezuela.


The police have confirmed that in her struggle with this monster, she tried to call 911, but he stopped her. The police confirmed that he bashed her head so many times that he crushed her skull and disfigured her head.


Yesterday, Kelly Girtz, the mayor of Athens (another neo-Marxist demagogue), stood at a microphone and lectured the residents of his city about how there is no link between immigration and crime, and he told them to give migrants the respect they are due.


While I was encouraged that some people went to the mayor’s press conference to confront his left-wing agenda, I have to say I was a little disappointed that more people weren’t there.


If our constitutional Republic was healthy, the mayor would have had to cancel his event because thousands of angry residents showed up to express their righteous anger.


Meanwhile, Mayor Eric Adams is now having second thoughts about New York City’s sanctuary city status. But the leftist head of the city council is refusing to make any changes.


So, even with the whole city on tilt, business being driven out, crime that used to be in Venezuela now in Times Square, and the police under attack, the Big Apple’s progressives gave the finger, just like the cop-beating illegal alien, to New Yorkers.




Not Their Best


One of the things Donald Trump says repeatedly is that many countries are not sending us their best. They are sending us their worst. They are emptying their jails and sending their criminals to us. This is not some bizarre concept. It actually happened.


You may remember the Mariel Boatlift. Fidel Castro emptied his prisons and sent thousands of Cuba’s criminals to America. It was another huge scandal that contributed to Jimmy Carter’s defeat.


So, it’s happened before, and it appears to be happening now. Venezuela, which has a strong Hezbollah presence, has emptied its prisons and sent its criminals north. Not coincidentally, Venezuela’s murder rate is now the lowest it’s been in more than two decades. They sent their murderers here.


Looking at the actions of communist China, Iran, and other hostile nations, many people are worried that we are headed toward World War III. Headed? I think we’re already at war.


While there have been no official declarations of war, I believe communist China’s flow of fentanyl is an intentional act of war. I believe Tiktok is an intentional act of war to corrupt America’s youth. I believe Venezuela sending its criminals north is an act of war against the United States.




More Election Interference


Late yesterday, a Cook County judge ordered Donald Trump to be removed from the Illinois ballot. The judge wisely stayed her own decision, assuming Trump would appeal, and he is.


Progressives want you to believe that Donald Trump is a “threat to democracy,” another “Hitler,” a “con man,” and just a terrible human being. Of course, if you love Jesus and love America, they call you a “Christian nationalist.” If you think men can’t get pregnant, they call you “transphobic.”


It’s odd that those who claim to be “saving democracy” are so desperately trying to deny voters their democratic rights by kicking a leading candidate off the ballot.  


Here’s another example of election interference. The Department of Education just announced that it is using the federal work study program to pay college students to register voters and become poll monitors.


Translation: Your tax dollars are being used to register more young radical progressives and frustrate efforts to stop cheating.




How’s That Again?


Joe Biden had his physical yesterday. His doctor says Biden is “robust.” The White House press secretary says Biden didn’t have to take a cognitive test because he clearly doesn’t need it.


But just three weeks ago, Special Counsel Robert Hur said Biden was so mentally deficient he could not be indicted. No jury would convict him because of his mental limitations.


I have a headache!




Defending Faith, Family & Freedom


In this week’s “Defending Faith, Family, and Freedom” podcast for the James Dobson Family Institute, I share some highlights from former President Donald Trump’s powerful address to the 2024 National Religious Broadcasters convention. He warned about the growing threats to religious liberty and urged men and women of faith to boldly defend our values.