Monday, August 3, 2020

Monday, August 3, 2020

Burning Bibles

The ritualistic burning of American flags continued in Portland over the weekend. I know you understand that a hallmark of the left, whether its kneeling professional athletes or neo-Marxists in the streets, its to disrespect and burn the American flag.

Well, now the left is sending a new signal. Bibles were also thrown onto the bonfires in Portland this weekend. That shouldn't surprise anyone. The left burns what it hates. 

We have already reported how they have attacked churches and synagogues, vandalizing them and, in some cases, burning them to the ground. All of it happened while the major media and virtually the entire leadership of the progressive movement are completely silent. 

It's one thing to say that the demonstrators should remain peaceful. It's something completely different to ignore the regular attacks on houses of worship and now Bibles. After all, the social justice warriors are always telling us, "Silence is violence."

You'll remember that the left and its media allies were more furious and vitriolic about Donald Trump walking over to a church in Washington, D.C., to defend religious liberty than they were about the fact that left-wing arsonists the night before tried to burn the church down.

When I say "neo-Marxists," I'm not trying to be provocative. A lot of what we see in today's "woke" left is Marxism, plain and simple. Whenever adherents of Marxism have taken power, it has meant pain and suffering for many people, but particularly for Christians and Jews. 

Marxism, believing in no God other than the state, has resulted in tens of millions of deaths in the old Soviet Union, communist China, Cuba, North Korea -- wherever it has put down roots.

First it burns Bibles. Then it burns churches. And then they burn Christians.


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Left-wing Lunacy

It seems Jerry Nadler isn't the only member of Congress who thinks Antifa is a myth. Rep. James Clyburn, a member of Nancy Pelosi's leadership team, was on Fox News yesterday morning. To my amazement, Clyburn denied that there has been violence in Portland, and he also denied comparing federal law enforcement officers to the Gestapo.

Meanwhile, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently conducted her own examination of the statues in the Capitol Building and determined that they all uphold patriarchy and white supremacy. 

As an example, she highlighted the statue of Father Damien of Hawaii, whom she condemned as a colonizer. "This is what patriarchy and white supremacy culture looks like," AOC declared.

For the record, Father Damien was no colonizer. He was canonized by the Catholic Church for his work with Hawaii's lepers. He was recognized by Queen Lili'uokalani of Hawaii in 1881 for his "heroic and distinguished service." Father Damien died of leprosy in 1889. 

But to AOC his legacy is one of patriarchy and white supremacy.


Putting America First

President Trump took action today to put American workers first. He signed an executive order this afternoon preventing federal agencies from laying off American workers and outsourcing their jobs. 

The president's order comes as the Tennessee Valley Authority recently announced it was outsourcing many tech jobs to foreign workers, and as the coronavirus has put millions of Americans out of work.

The Trump/Pence Administration has been aggressively prosecuting companies that discriminate against American workers in favor of foreign workers on temporary visas.

Polling continues to show that President Trump's immigration policies are very popular with the public. For example, the president recently signed an order instructing the Census Bureau to exclude illegal immigrants from its reapportionment count, which determines the number of representatives each state gets in the House of Representatives. 

Seventy percent of Americans agree with president that only citizens and legal residents should be included in the reapportionment count. But, predictably, the left is suing to block the president's action.


Trump Takes On TikTok

Key senators and the Trump Administration have been methodically trying to identify exactly what Chinese-linked tech and social medial companies operating in the United States are collecting on U.S. citizens. We have warned parents about one particular Chinese app owned by ByteDance called TikTok

The visible part of TikTok is a cute platform popular among tweens and young adults in which people post dance and music videos, among other things. But the Trojan horse of TikTok is literally sweeping up everything you and your children are doing on that app, including facial recognition data.

The president has talked about banning TikTok. But some are concerned that there are still enough left-wing judges on the courts who would block it. Plus, others are worried about a "million tween march" on Washington.

So the president is taking the approach of having an American company buy TikTok and sever all connections with communist China. Microsoft is reportedly interested, and the president has given them 45 days to negotiate a deal.

Kudos to Senators Rubio and Cotton as well as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for elevating this issue. It's just the beginning of a long decoupling from communist China that must take place for the sake of our national security.

Bibles burning in Portland. 

Socialists distorting our history.

Chinese communists spying on our country.

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